What a week - Can't wait for the next!

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What a week this week has been for me on Second Life. I have had some amazing experiences and visited some sensational spots for some shopping...ooo and some more shopping. I have been spending a heap of time reading a heap of the online blogs for fashion designers and other models in Second Life and I have to say my respect and admiration of them is only growing. 

I decided after becoming a JCNY showcase model and a Pre-Finalist For SL Miss Universe, that I had better actually get some official training for being a model. I only knew that I loved shopping, I loved fashion and I have a crazy obsession with photography. I didn't know how to do all the things that these "Proper" models on Second Life knew how to do. I decided to research some of the agencies with the help of my beautiful best friend and we came across quiet a few. 

I ended up deciding to apply for InStyle Fashion Agency. InStyle Fashion Agency is one of the most well known professional fashion agencies on the grid, managing more than 35 professional models, and who;s modeling school is in high demand due to the training and photography services which they offer. InStyle Fashion Mall also brings some of Seconds Life's finest fashion  together in the one place. For the premium shopping experience. Which face it we all love. 

InStyle Fashion Agency has a fantastic website worth checking out, not only for it's fantastic information about their modeling school, but also the services they offer, their models, calender to keep up to date with all the important dates and some brillant sections for fashion reviews, fashion shows and fashion trends. The garment Rack, Blog is a must read for any serious Second Life shopper. Take the time to go and check out the site..

Luckily enough I was selected for an interview for Instyle, and I arrived quiet nervous after failing to teleport several times. The interview process was insightful to not only see and meet professionals in the business but to also meet other inspiring models and to see where they are coming from and what they have achieved. Everyone was lovely and the members of staff at InStyle were more than accommodating to any of our questions we had.

Then this morning i received a lovely instant message from Tenna at InStyle to say that I had been selected to undertake the InStyle Modeling School Program. I was so excited and thrilled, as there are just so many gorgeous women out there in the metraverse! The tuition includes a two week course, which starts tomorrow for me. We are instructed by experiences model instructors  and I can not wait to meet them. The course covers some interesting areas such as, Industry realities, Runway theory and practice and Casting and interview preparedness.

Now all I need to decide is what to wear to the first day of classes *giggles*

I was also lucky enough this week to have a photo shoot with Adonaira Aabye this week in Second Life. My best friend showed me her photography on Flickr and I was taken back by how gorgeous it was. She said she had arranged a photo shoot with her so of course I had to do the same. I am keen as to see hers when she gets them as I am sure she will looking stunning and I am so looking forward to getting the photos back in 2-3 weeks and I will be posting them all for you to look at when i get them. In the meantime check out her Flickr site as she is just amazing and her photography is breathtaking. 

I'll keep you posted with what happens this week and I am also going to publish a blog tomorrow on some fantastic skins I have found lately.. xoxo and happy shopping!

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