Oh My Gosh!

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Did someone say sleep, what is that? I have to say this week I am lacking sleep in real life.  This week has been such an incredible busy one with some highlights and oh my goodness some embarrassment! 

Lets start with the bad and get that out of the way first, then I will feel much better! I attended my first ever casting today for a fashion show on second life. I prepared 3 quick change folders, the note card as instructed and got nicely dressed and teleported over. I was not sure what to expect, but thought hey it can't be worse than Miss Universe Second Life, and I have done two live auditions for that now. Oh my how I was wrong. It was a great, great learning experience and something I will never forget. We were called in groups of 5 and then were asked to move to stations, first was the quick change station, which I thought beauty, I have done this at class, a photo shoot I will be fine. How wrong I was! For some reason my items did not load and every item that was trying to attach itself was being timed out! I nearly died of embarrassment and I didn't know what to do. I clicked on my HUDDLES really quickly to make sure I was at least standing properly and it froze, would not move! I couldn't believe it, but finally after three attempts my items started to appear and I felt a little better! Oh well what can you do haha! I then moved with my group to the catwalk station. I thought ripper, I have done this and practiced and practiced at InStyle so I will be OK. Oh no... the catwalk was different from the ones I had walked on. Down the left, pose in the centre and then walk back up the right... luckily I managed to do this without one problem, or without hitting the invisible barrier.. with a perfect pose. Thank goodness! Now I know, I will not be selected for one of the spots for the show from the live casting, but I am looking at it as a wonderful learning curve, the chance to better myself and it was great to see and meet all the people there. They release the names tomorrow, for the show so I can't wait to see who made it!

I attended the Second Life Miss Universe, live auditions last night, well 10am on Second Life, but for me it was 3am! These were the September auditions and seeing I had been called to the August ones as well, I at least knew what to expect. The women were amazing, the walks perfect and the dresses simply stunning! Everyone looked fantastic and I was nervous
 as hell, I really did not want to stuff up my walk. Luckily I managed to fight against the horrific lag, and not fall off the catwalk, and land in Frolic Mills lap. My teacher from InStyle was there, and she told me I did a great job, so that was relieving to hear! I was so happy to just be selected for the live casting, but unfortunately did not make it to the next round! I posted a photo so you can all see what I chose to wear :)  I will be watching from now on in to see who wins Miss Universe 2009! Go Girls!! 

My money is on Chalice Carling - Go the Aussies! 

I finished InStyle Fashion Agency, Modeling School this week and am very much looking forward to Graduation on the 27th. The InStyle Training Graduation Show is on the 27th of September from 12pm - 2pm. I am so so excited about it! I have to say I have been so impressed with the classes, the teachers and all the practical theory. It has been fantastic. For anyone interested in becoming involved in the Second Life fashion industry. It is a great place to learn what it takes to become a model. Believe me I put all my runway theory to fantastic use this week, and I would not have been able to do it without being taught properly! So thank you so so much InStyle Fashion Agency! I can not recommend them enough! I will post some photos of the Graduation for everyone to see!

I have all so had a great time with some friends this week, hanging out, exploring new places,  and of course shopping! I have spent sometime with a special friend this week, and I have really really enjoyed it. No one makes me laugh like they do. They have held my hand through some of the tough stuff this week, and been so supportive and helped me immensely and they have no idea what it has meant to me, so to that person, thank you and I really really appreciate it! XoXo                              

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