Elegance SL Wrap Up!

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Elegance SL has concluded with a fantastic finale, with three gorgeous models chosen as the top three. I have to say it was a great pleasure to enter into and participate in this contest. All the models were just lovely and I had a ball. I loved how we had to style our own outfits and we really got a chance to show off our abilities at putting together a complete look. I was amazed at the looks some models put together, the detail and overall look of all the models was just outstanding! They really amazing at what they do, their creativity shone!

The Best of Italian's Elegance SL Competition began with a great show with the theme of "Sex And The City," and with a theme like that you know it was totally hot! Elegance SL was all about the models sense of styling, their taste, their concept of "Elegance" and how they applied it in different circumstances. The 15 contestants for this round were...

Alexiaa Allen
Angel McMullen
Butterfli Sorbet
ByteDreams Slade
CandiO Contepomi
Chamonix Boudreaux
Elena Ewing
Emmerald Clarity
Gloria Gabe
Hillary Bloch
Jae90 Nizna
Jennaa Loire
Juliane Ames
Kat Msarko
Katime Vacano

At the end the 5 to move onto the finale were.

Jennaa Loire
Butterfli Sorbet
Gloria Gabe
Elena Ewing
Katime Vacano


The Best of Italian's Elegance SL Competition moved on with a second night of selections. The theme for this night was "La Dolce Vita." 15 contestants participated and showed SL how true elegance, fashion sense, and poise will counted heavily in this competition. The models selected for this night were..

Delilah Zimer
LaBella Forcella
Lileaka Magic
Linnda Scofield
Marian Rexen
Marienna Cortes
Mayumi Sugarplum
Melanie Sautereau
Memole Giha
Moira Goode
Monai Parkin
Nellie Choche
Nemi McCoy
Pat Young

After a tough competition the models selected to go through to the finale were.


Nemi McCoy
LaBella Forcella
Lileaka Magic
Melanie Sautereau
Memole Giha

When the Best of Italian's Elegance SL Competition got into it's third and final day of selections, I looked at the contestants for that day, I thought this was going to be tough. The theme for the third night was "Breakfast at Tiffany's,". 15 contestants walked the stage to blow the lid off and show SL what true elegance really is! The fantastic contestants for this night were...

Chamonix Boudreaux
Livia Mastroianni
Sabine Blackburn
SilviaX Johin
Sparkie Funizza
Sweetest Sands
Sweetsmiling Merlin
Tabata Jewell
Talia Lefavre
Tempest Rosca
Tiffany Dragonash
TK Waco
Toapz Saunders
Vanessa Knoller
Wenadrenia Soderstorm

Tabata Jewell
Sabine Blackburn
Livia Mastroianni
Tk Waco
Toapz Saunders

So after the three first rounds we came to the finale, which some people may have thought was the easiest of all the themes, but I found it the most difficult. The finale took place on the 24th of April at 1:3-pm SLT. This time they didn't want us to follow a real suggestion, but we want to see all our own personality coming out from what we chose to wear. They really wanted us to show what "Elegant" was for us, both in an informal or a formal situation. So the theme was "YOU"!

The judges for this round was enough to make anyone nervous. The judges are some of the most recognized names in SL who have excelled in each of their various fields. We all wanted to do well and show why we had made it to the top 15. The judges were.

  • Annemarie Perenti (Owner of Best of Italian Style and Piazza Italia)
  • Dahlia Joubert (Model for Evane, NOCTURNE, Made in Italy Fashion, Elegance and Event Manager for Best of Italian Style)
  • Rusch Raymaker (Owner of AVENUE INC which is the umbrella company for AVENUE Models, AVENUE Magazine, AVENUE Models Academy, AVENUE Studio, and Stylissimo)
  • Cherie Parker (Owner of Exclusive Studios)
  • Suzi Phlox (Co-owner of LeeZu Baxter Designs)
  • Dousa Dragonash (MBC News TV Reporter)
  • Queen Watanabe (Manager of Bogart's Dance Club and Shops)
  • Elettra Gausman (Owner of ORAGE Creations)
After a fantastic display of some amazing creations and styling let alone some sensational walks from some very talanted models they called us all on stage to announce the winners. I was so thrilled when they called out their names. These incredible girls totally rocked it, not only walking but showing everyone how talanted they are at styling! Congratulations to these talanted models... and congratulations to everyone who entered. I had a blast doing this and can not wait to see what Best of Italian comes up with next!

1st Place:
Sabine Blackburn

(Photo taken by: Sabine Blackburn)
Sabine's flickr stream.

Sabine will be featured on the cover of the BeStyle magazine and in an article of the magazine.
She will also get a special feature on the BeStar blog. As well as 5,000$L cash and 5,000$L gift-card to be spent in the shops of the Best of Italian Sim.

Congratulations Sabine you were amazing!

2nd Place:
Tabata Jewell

Tabata was just mind blowing at this contest.. so congratulations. She has won 2nd place. The 2nd place winner will be featured on the back-cover of the BeStyle magazine. Special feature in the BeStyle magazine and in the BeStar blog. 3,000$L cash and 3,000L$ gift-card to be spent in the shops of the Best of Italian Sim.

Congratulations Tabata!

3rd Place:
Nemi McCoy

Congratulations Nemi, your outfits were just gorgeous! She has picked up a special feature in BeStyle Magazine and the BeStar blog. 1,000$L cash and 1,000L$ gift-card to be spent in the shops of the Best of Italian Sim.

Congratulations ladies, you were totally and utterly amazing!

Make sure you keep checking out the BeStar Blog to stay up to date with what they are doing, they are always doing something fantastic!

BeStar Blog:

Take care
Jennaa xoxo

Elegance SL

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The Best of Italian's Elegance SL Competition has kicked off with a bang on April 13th at 1:30pm slt. The theme for the first night was "Sex And The City," and with a theme like that you know it was totally hot! There are 45 contestants who are waiting to blow the lid off and show SL how true elegance, fashion sense, and poise will count heavily in this competition. ELEGANCE SL is all about your sense of styling, your taste, your concept of "Elegance" and how you apply it in different circumstances.

Elegance SL will have three days of judging contestants and one grand finale. The three days will include 15 contestants per day the dates are April 13th, 16th, and 20th each will be held at 1:30pm slt. The grand finale, where the winner is chosen, will be April 24th at 1:30pm slt. There will be an assortment of themes per each event date, which will be very entertaining for the crowd.

I was luckily places in the first group with a fantastic bunch of models. The theme for the first night was "Sex And The City".

From the notecard - Sometimes eccentric and out of schemes, but always trendy, classy and sophisticated: this is how the main characters of one of the most viewed and appreciated tv series of all the times were. With this theme, we are not willing to watch you emulating Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda – it is not about the show. We want you to show us how glamorous you can be if you had to go out for a drink&gossip afternoon to spend with your friends or for a relaxing walk in Central Park, and for an evening party in one of the most exclusive clubs of New York, where a formal attire is required but you can play with colours and accessories to gain extaravagant touches, and take out of you your chick-it spirit.

Prepare a casual and a formal outfit. Mix and matching is allowed and even encouraged. So I thought I would pose the outfits that I compiled here for you all to see. I had a blast doing this... and after tomorrow's final group I will do a wrap up pose about the whole competition before the finale.


TOP: *OC* Joy Stripes shirt. (From the Joy Stripes outfit)

ATTACHMENT ON CHEST: *OC* Joy Stripes attachment. (From the Joy Stripes outfit)

SKIRT: -azul- "Mia" (Pants and skirt attachment worn) Shade of black.

SASH: Serene Sensations L'Intime Sash. From the "Lintime" outfit.

SHOES: [Detour] Glamour Metallic Pumps in the shade of black.

HAIR: LAQ ~ Radiant F02 - In the shade of pearl.

EYES: EDDESIGN HD - Gabriel Blue new serie 913.

EYELASHES: *Beauty Avatar* REGINA - Eyelashes 05.

RING: P.C; (Paper Couture) Times Square Ring - Kyanite - Dark Blue.

EARRINGS: Caroline's Black Pearl Earrings.

MANICURE: Laqroki ~ Manicure Shade 01.

PEDICURE: Laqroki ~Pedicure Shade 01.


DRESS: *OC* Black Peacock. (Worn without attachment).

JACKET: bolero collection EMERALD SPRING.

SHOES: .*Courtisane*. Marquise Sandals/ Black SG.

HAIR: (VW - Vintage Wear) Pushed and Shoved - Blonde Tones.

SUNGLASSES: (VW - Vintage Wear) Oversized Shades - Metal black.

EYES: EDDESIGN HD - Gabriel Blue new serie 913.

EYELASHES: *Beauty Avatar* REGINA - Eyelashes 05.

EARRINGS: (luc) "Kamoana" Shell Earring green/silver.

BRACELET: P.C. (Paper Couture) Logo Charm Bracelet - Silver and Diamond.

MANICURE: [Detour] Nails - Lacquer - Ruby.

PEDICURE: [Detour] Nails - Lacquer - Ruby.

Make sure to check out the BEST OF ITALIAN website:

Just a little shopping...

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So I have been doing a little bit of shopping the last week and I thought I would share some of the gorgeous things I have brought. I really love to share it with people when I find something fantastic and I am always happy when I see you in world to let you know where I got something. So if you ever see me in there don't be afraid to ask.


These gorgeous babies will set you back L$850 a pair, but well well worth it I think. Baiastice Haute Couture is a store owned by Italian designer Sissy Pessoa. If you have not been there to check it out, you don't know what you are missing. I have attached a landmark below in case you need to go right away.

21 gorgeous colors.. something to go with any outfit you decide to wear. I personally got the crystal ruby seen in the photos here. I fell madly in love with these when I saw the beautiful red texture and the I had to buy as well the crystal white and rubelite ones as well. They are totally stunning and the detail in them is just amazing! I have feeling I will be going back to get some more of them. There are so many fantastic shoes at the back of store, including some stunning little flats.. hold on I better go back.

Check them out for yourself!


Amerie Spitteler owner of amerie's NAUGHTY created these glamorous yet so so sweet little bags. I picked 3 of them up, I couldn't get enough of them. You can find them at Spice&Sugar at the Koenji sim. Spice&Sugar is just another side of amerie's NAUGHTY.

This divine little bag comes in 5 colors...


Each bag will set you back only L$100, that's right only L$100! The bag comes with a no animation, animation and underarm option which is great for mixing and matching perfectly with your outfits. My photo is not the best and you can't really see it, but there is a gorgeous charm on one end of the purse that is just so well detailed. I love the bow... and the black lace makes it just perfect for adding it to formal ensembles.

TP to gorgeous little bags!


Indyra Seigo of INDYRA ORIGINALS, COQUETTE NOIR & INDY & CO has put out this stunning little dress. When I saw this I thought it was cute, when I put it on I fell in love with it!

This amazing little outfit will cost you L$500, but again well worth it. It comes with..

Sleeveless cocktail dress
(Ribbon around waist included as well as rose on jacket)

There is a heap of different ways to wear this dress. It is available in three colors. Black, red and yellow. Really really gorgeous outfit, but what else do you expect from Indyra Seigo really?
There is also shoes just beside the vendor that look smashing with this dress, I brought them but they are not pictured in the photo. They are called Coquette Noir: Josephine: Noir. Well worth checking out while you are there. They only cost L$750 but you will be able to wear them over and over again.

Head on over to Indyra Originals: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories to have a look.

To on over to Indyra

Well thats it for me... I'll try and do another one in a few days. Goodness only knows I brought enough stuff to keep my busy for 6 months. Take care.
Jennaa xoxo


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So I think everyone knows by now I had a breakup on Second Life.. yea well blah is all I have to say to that! Even though it has honestly been a tough time for me.. it has been bittersweet with some of the most gorgeous, caring and amazing people cheering me up and being super supportive. I really would like to thank you all for being there and helping me out. You have no idea what it means to me, so honestly I thank you so much!

Second Life really has introduced me to some of the most incredible people, not only the creative genius types but also general everyday people who are down to earth, caring and honest. It has also shown me that there are some fruit loops out there, and not the yummy ones.

Feles Seitan and Halfpint Pennell have been lovely enough to pass me over some fantastic items from Bittersweet which is located @ Osa Menor. Her fantastic little gifts have made me smile and laugh like I haven't in quiet some time on Second Life. They have also brought me many happy an hour snapping away with my camera. Hence the photo above.

I am sitting in the gorgeous Bittersweet Breakup Beanbag which when you go to sit in it says "mope" instead of sit which made me giggle. The thing that I love most about this Breakup Beanbag is that it comes with a gallon of bittersweet brickle and a spoon to eat it with LOL!

When you load up the gallon of bittersweet brickle some quotes load up... now I was thinking these babies were going to be about pigging myself into oblivion but here is an example of one.
"My next boyfriend will be a model ... or an emo kitty with an accent, and money"! How awesome is that. Not only will these tub of amazing ice cream make your little avatar gauge itself silly, but it gives witty remarks to make you laugh and OMG you may ever cheer up a little. Besides that it's super comfy and looks amazing!

Beside me you can see an ever so detailed tray, this lovely piece is called the "The Breakup Tray"! This mod/copy tray of pick-me-ups shares bitter messages in chat with a click. Such as "I hear his new girl wears freebie skins." Or you can just repeatedly pound this baby if the breakup was especially bad. Because it comes mod, you can add your own messages. Simply edit the _quotes note card. And it's transfer ... perfect for a gift. It really is 36 prims of man-hating goodness. I love it to bits and it now sits beside my bathtub LOL.

You can see the entire Bittersweet line on SLX or in world by both Feles Seitan and Halfpint Pennell. This two lovely ladies items have brought a smile to my face and if you need some cheering up make sure you stop by Bittersweet!

Bittersweet is a Second Life store which offers gifts, goods and services to celebrate SLove…and the lack thereof. It's a collaboration with Halfpint Pennell and these two ladies have done an amazing job! There is everything from cakes, Easter gifts, furniture and gorgeous gifts. The sim which is Bittersweet @ Osa Menor is an incredible shopping stop.


You will find so much great stuff to look at and do at this place. Everything from...

Chachara Collection.
Bittersweet Bakery & Cafe (OMG the cutest cakes on SL I think).
Indica Lane Photography.
AURBIERRE Art Studios.
Tink's Treasure Trove.
Diesel Works. (Some of the best poses on SL).
Oo Oo and some super cute nursery items if you have a baby!

There are also some fun things to do at the sim including fishing, a massive cupcake to much on to see if you win a prize and some fantastic photo taking spots. So what are you waiting for... go grab yourself something to celebrate you SL love... or lack there of ;)

You can also head on over to the Bittersweet Flickr page here to check out all the sensational items for sale.


(Creme Egg Basket for sale now at Bittersweet, photo taken by Halfpint Pennell)

Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart! xoxoxox