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So I have been doing a little bit of shopping the last week and I thought I would share some of the gorgeous things I have brought. I really love to share it with people when I find something fantastic and I am always happy when I see you in world to let you know where I got something. So if you ever see me in there don't be afraid to ask.


These gorgeous babies will set you back L$850 a pair, but well well worth it I think. Baiastice Haute Couture is a store owned by Italian designer Sissy Pessoa. If you have not been there to check it out, you don't know what you are missing. I have attached a landmark below in case you need to go right away.

21 gorgeous colors.. something to go with any outfit you decide to wear. I personally got the crystal ruby seen in the photos here. I fell madly in love with these when I saw the beautiful red texture and the I had to buy as well the crystal white and rubelite ones as well. They are totally stunning and the detail in them is just amazing! I have feeling I will be going back to get some more of them. There are so many fantastic shoes at the back of store, including some stunning little flats.. hold on I better go back.

Check them out for yourself!


Amerie Spitteler owner of amerie's NAUGHTY created these glamorous yet so so sweet little bags. I picked 3 of them up, I couldn't get enough of them. You can find them at Spice&Sugar at the Koenji sim. Spice&Sugar is just another side of amerie's NAUGHTY.

This divine little bag comes in 5 colors...


Each bag will set you back only L$100, that's right only L$100! The bag comes with a no animation, animation and underarm option which is great for mixing and matching perfectly with your outfits. My photo is not the best and you can't really see it, but there is a gorgeous charm on one end of the purse that is just so well detailed. I love the bow... and the black lace makes it just perfect for adding it to formal ensembles.

TP to gorgeous little bags!


Indyra Seigo of INDYRA ORIGINALS, COQUETTE NOIR & INDY & CO has put out this stunning little dress. When I saw this I thought it was cute, when I put it on I fell in love with it!

This amazing little outfit will cost you L$500, but again well worth it. It comes with..

Sleeveless cocktail dress
(Ribbon around waist included as well as rose on jacket)

There is a heap of different ways to wear this dress. It is available in three colors. Black, red and yellow. Really really gorgeous outfit, but what else do you expect from Indyra Seigo really?
There is also shoes just beside the vendor that look smashing with this dress, I brought them but they are not pictured in the photo. They are called Coquette Noir: Josephine: Noir. Well worth checking out while you are there. They only cost L$750 but you will be able to wear them over and over again.

Head on over to Indyra Originals: Clothing, Shoes & Accessories to have a look.

To on over to Indyra

Well thats it for me... I'll try and do another one in a few days. Goodness only knows I brought enough stuff to keep my busy for 6 months. Take care.
Jennaa xoxo

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