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So I think everyone knows by now I had a breakup on Second Life.. yea well blah is all I have to say to that! Even though it has honestly been a tough time for me.. it has been bittersweet with some of the most gorgeous, caring and amazing people cheering me up and being super supportive. I really would like to thank you all for being there and helping me out. You have no idea what it means to me, so honestly I thank you so much!

Second Life really has introduced me to some of the most incredible people, not only the creative genius types but also general everyday people who are down to earth, caring and honest. It has also shown me that there are some fruit loops out there, and not the yummy ones.

Feles Seitan and Halfpint Pennell have been lovely enough to pass me over some fantastic items from Bittersweet which is located @ Osa Menor. Her fantastic little gifts have made me smile and laugh like I haven't in quiet some time on Second Life. They have also brought me many happy an hour snapping away with my camera. Hence the photo above.

I am sitting in the gorgeous Bittersweet Breakup Beanbag which when you go to sit in it says "mope" instead of sit which made me giggle. The thing that I love most about this Breakup Beanbag is that it comes with a gallon of bittersweet brickle and a spoon to eat it with LOL!

When you load up the gallon of bittersweet brickle some quotes load up... now I was thinking these babies were going to be about pigging myself into oblivion but here is an example of one.
"My next boyfriend will be a model ... or an emo kitty with an accent, and money"! How awesome is that. Not only will these tub of amazing ice cream make your little avatar gauge itself silly, but it gives witty remarks to make you laugh and OMG you may ever cheer up a little. Besides that it's super comfy and looks amazing!

Beside me you can see an ever so detailed tray, this lovely piece is called the "The Breakup Tray"! This mod/copy tray of pick-me-ups shares bitter messages in chat with a click. Such as "I hear his new girl wears freebie skins." Or you can just repeatedly pound this baby if the breakup was especially bad. Because it comes mod, you can add your own messages. Simply edit the _quotes note card. And it's transfer ... perfect for a gift. It really is 36 prims of man-hating goodness. I love it to bits and it now sits beside my bathtub LOL.

You can see the entire Bittersweet line on SLX or in world by both Feles Seitan and Halfpint Pennell. This two lovely ladies items have brought a smile to my face and if you need some cheering up make sure you stop by Bittersweet!

Bittersweet is a Second Life store which offers gifts, goods and services to celebrate SLove…and the lack thereof. It's a collaboration with Halfpint Pennell and these two ladies have done an amazing job! There is everything from cakes, Easter gifts, furniture and gorgeous gifts. The sim which is Bittersweet @ Osa Menor is an incredible shopping stop.


You will find so much great stuff to look at and do at this place. Everything from...

Chachara Collection.
Bittersweet Bakery & Cafe (OMG the cutest cakes on SL I think).
Indica Lane Photography.
AURBIERRE Art Studios.
Tink's Treasure Trove.
Diesel Works. (Some of the best poses on SL).
Oo Oo and some super cute nursery items if you have a baby!

There are also some fun things to do at the sim including fishing, a massive cupcake to much on to see if you win a prize and some fantastic photo taking spots. So what are you waiting for... go grab yourself something to celebrate you SL love... or lack there of ;)

You can also head on over to the Bittersweet Flickr page here to check out all the sensational items for sale.


(Creme Egg Basket for sale now at Bittersweet, photo taken by Halfpint Pennell)

Thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart! xoxoxox

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Hugz Jennaa :-)))

Hugs Jens. I had no idea am sorry to hear about your breakup x x x