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The Best of Italian's Elegance SL Competition has kicked off with a bang on April 13th at 1:30pm slt. The theme for the first night was "Sex And The City," and with a theme like that you know it was totally hot! There are 45 contestants who are waiting to blow the lid off and show SL how true elegance, fashion sense, and poise will count heavily in this competition. ELEGANCE SL is all about your sense of styling, your taste, your concept of "Elegance" and how you apply it in different circumstances.

Elegance SL will have three days of judging contestants and one grand finale. The three days will include 15 contestants per day the dates are April 13th, 16th, and 20th each will be held at 1:30pm slt. The grand finale, where the winner is chosen, will be April 24th at 1:30pm slt. There will be an assortment of themes per each event date, which will be very entertaining for the crowd.

I was luckily places in the first group with a fantastic bunch of models. The theme for the first night was "Sex And The City".

From the notecard - Sometimes eccentric and out of schemes, but always trendy, classy and sophisticated: this is how the main characters of one of the most viewed and appreciated tv series of all the times were. With this theme, we are not willing to watch you emulating Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda – it is not about the show. We want you to show us how glamorous you can be if you had to go out for a drink&gossip afternoon to spend with your friends or for a relaxing walk in Central Park, and for an evening party in one of the most exclusive clubs of New York, where a formal attire is required but you can play with colours and accessories to gain extaravagant touches, and take out of you your chick-it spirit.

Prepare a casual and a formal outfit. Mix and matching is allowed and even encouraged. So I thought I would pose the outfits that I compiled here for you all to see. I had a blast doing this... and after tomorrow's final group I will do a wrap up pose about the whole competition before the finale.


TOP: *OC* Joy Stripes shirt. (From the Joy Stripes outfit)

ATTACHMENT ON CHEST: *OC* Joy Stripes attachment. (From the Joy Stripes outfit)

SKIRT: -azul- "Mia" (Pants and skirt attachment worn) Shade of black.

SASH: Serene Sensations L'Intime Sash. From the "Lintime" outfit.

SHOES: [Detour] Glamour Metallic Pumps in the shade of black.

HAIR: LAQ ~ Radiant F02 - In the shade of pearl.

EYES: EDDESIGN HD - Gabriel Blue new serie 913.

EYELASHES: *Beauty Avatar* REGINA - Eyelashes 05.

RING: P.C; (Paper Couture) Times Square Ring - Kyanite - Dark Blue.

EARRINGS: Caroline's Black Pearl Earrings.

MANICURE: Laqroki ~ Manicure Shade 01.

PEDICURE: Laqroki ~Pedicure Shade 01.


DRESS: *OC* Black Peacock. (Worn without attachment).

JACKET: bolero collection EMERALD SPRING.

SHOES: .*Courtisane*. Marquise Sandals/ Black SG.

HAIR: (VW - Vintage Wear) Pushed and Shoved - Blonde Tones.

SUNGLASSES: (VW - Vintage Wear) Oversized Shades - Metal black.

EYES: EDDESIGN HD - Gabriel Blue new serie 913.

EYELASHES: *Beauty Avatar* REGINA - Eyelashes 05.

EARRINGS: (luc) "Kamoana" Shell Earring green/silver.

BRACELET: P.C. (Paper Couture) Logo Charm Bracelet - Silver and Diamond.

MANICURE: [Detour] Nails - Lacquer - Ruby.

PEDICURE: [Detour] Nails - Lacquer - Ruby.

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