JCNY and more...

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For the past week and a bit, I don't think I have managed to take the time and actually let it sink in how busy I have been and the sensational events that have happened to me. It has been crazy full on and I have loved every moment of it.. like always.

I'll start with JCNY MODEL'FEST.  It has been amazing week being a showcase model for this amazing contest and I have met some lovely models. It is always so interesting to see what other models wear and discuss shopping tips. All the amazing models who I have been lucky enough to grace the catwalk with this week are fantastic. Below are photos of Susanna Triellis and Raine McCellan who always look simply stunning.

MODEL'FEST is a fantastic and it happens every month at JCNY. It is so much fun and I can not recommend it enough! It gives models new and I wont say old. but experienced models a chance to boost their career, discuss fashion and tricks of the trade, make friends and so much more. O, I totally forget to mention you can also win an amazing prize package, however did I forget to mention that. The prize includes.

*30,000L in cash.
*Fashion bundle, Clothing, Gift Cards, Etc.
Private Photo Shoot with JCNY photographer for a 2 page BEST of SL Magazine Feature Spread.
*2000L JCNY Gifts.
*Paid Model Contract for November 2008
*Features in JCNY Ad Campaigns
*In Store Posters, Billboards, Website Ads.
*Future Photo shoots with JCNY Collection Photo Agency.

You can go to the MODEL'FEST blog which is http://jcnycollection.blogspot.com for news, articles and photos of all the amazing models and some fantastic photos of things that go on at JCNY. I can not wait to see who wins this month all the models have been amazing and I know the awards night is going to be a blast!

I did some amazing shows this week, I was lucky enough to be asked to come back to EWING and walk with this months graduating students. Sunday October 23rd at 1pm the show happened at the runway pool at EWING. It was a great day and I have to admit I loved being back there. Luckily this time there was no griefer trying to push me into the pool, everything went relevantly smoothly. I am still trying to make lag my friend, but we seem to be having a few erm communication problems.  All the students did so well, and they seemed so much more relaxed than I was on my graduation day. Congratulations to the fellow graduates and watch out for these names people...

*Elahna Dyrssen
*Nezsy Herstein
*ToxicNymph Wyszniak

I all so did a show for GLANCE International which I am so thrilled to be a part of such an incredible agency. The show was showcasing the amazing designs of *FDL*.  I really have to say that *FDL* has some of the most detailed and amazing work I have seen on SL. The clothes are 18th Century and they have some divine wigs, gowns and ballgowns. This store is not only for women they have fantastic mens items as well.
 *FDL* is owned by Sanders Beaumont.
The "Seraphina" Dress shown to the left here, is just gorgeous in person. The fabric  is gold which has a floral pattern to it. The shoulders are like the wings of an angel as the silk wraps around them. This amazing dress comes with shoes  and an AO walk which can be switched off and on. Just by clicking the shoes. In addition to this you receive a ring (Lotus Petal) and a choker/collar which is totally resizeable with one click on the golden flower at the side.

I was lucky enough to wear this gorgeous dress as one of my outfits. I can not tell you how detailed this dress really is. It was stunning. 

If you are looking for 18th century items, I would head over to *FDL* for sure.

I started the Neiva Kumasi Super Model Contest this week, and you can already watch it on youtube if you are interested, following this link http://au.youtube.com/user/NkModeling

I will keep you updated as the show goes on, but you can also keep up with what is going on by visiting youtube. There are some beautiful models involved and some really colorful characters. So it should be very interesting to say the least. We get to live in the most amazing house and each week a contestant will be eliminated and go home. It's a little scary and we all have to use voice, so being the only Aussie I feel a little awkward. I will get there though hopefully. I am really looking forward to getting to know the other models better and doing some intense challenges together. 

I wish all the contestants the best of luck and I look forward to it all :)

The other massive news this week was that I attended a casting call this week for Starlight Events, which is an outstanding events company owned by RubyStarlight Writer. They were look for 25 regular models for shows that they will be doing for charity. I was so hoping to just even get a call back... and I did. I was so nervous walking as there were some really well known models there. I thought I did alright with my walk... but then afterwards I was called to walk back again. I immediately thought oh no I stuffed it. 

I held out hope for my friends that I knew were doing the call back and waited ever so patiently for the list. When I received it I nearly fell of my chair, I was so shocked to see I made the list and was now one of the 25 models. I am feeling so lucky to be even included in this group with these amazing models. I am so looking forward to working with them.

I will keep you updated to see how things go with the contests... and I have my fingers and toes crossed for everyone who entered the Modavia Casting Call. xoxoxo! Can't wait to see how makes that casting!

Have a great week everyone!

Fantastic Bags!

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I found these fantastic bags this week, and had to share them. There are details on the cards of where I found them and price. They are worth checking out and adding them to your favorite outfits. I love the fact that some come with an AO you can use so they bag does not vanish into your clothes. There are also some fantastic AO's out there for a complete look with bags. With everything from standing, sitting and posing. Happy shopping!


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What a slack blogger I have been, again! I really need to get my act together. I have been so busy and preoccupied that I totally forgot to write about all the terrific things that have happened this past week and a half. 

For starters I was called to a casting call for GLANCE International Agency, with the amazing and very talented Kurvy Rhode, can this lady walk a catwalk; I can only hope that one day I get half the talent in one foot as she has in her whole AV. The interview part was fantastic and I think I managed to answer all the questions she tossed up rather well, then she took me over to the catwalk. All the catwalks I have walked on so far have been a straight line, this baby was a square.. you heard me a square! I nearly died. I gave it my best shot, and my first attempt was a disaster. I got caught up on the wall and that was it. Second Attempt I walked around it with some ease, but I only posed once at the end. Third attempt was even better, and I managed to hit most of the pose spots. At this point I was saying "Just put it down to experience". Kurvy came up to me and started talking to me right after, as I was just trying to calm myself down. To my utter shock and joy I was accepted for the show and was offered a place at the agency. I can not be happier and more thrilled to be working with some very talented and creative individuals. 

I have already done my first show for GLANCE. It was called the "DIVINE SHOW". You can see the advertisement for it below to the right. It was a fantastic show, and I loved every moment of it. The models did an amazing job, the clothes were gorgeous and it just went like clockwork. The walk was intimidating at first, we were in pairs, ten pose spots, square shape and that many people. 

The show was held at The Grafton Mall and it was on Saturday, November 8th at 5pm SLT

The Grafton Mall hosts VoguE and DG Fashion main stores. VoguE is a brand presenting a bold clothing line for the smart women. The primwork is amazing! The store slogan is a fashion statement "Style with Attitude"! 

DG Fashion stands for Divine and Gorgeous. Designed by both Zalyn Bailey and DeanGrant Caproni, the store offers eye-catching, upscale fashion pieces for the party girl. Subtle and refined. 

In the top left hand corner of this blog you can see one of the outfits I wore for the show, it was gorgeous and I love it. It is from DG Fashion and is called "Brenna Gown". I think the gloves with the fur that come with the gown are a simple and elegant touch, that really complete the outfit.

Modeling DG Fashion and VoguE latest releases were modeled by Imani Enzo, Kurvy Rhode, Laila Schiman, Jennaa Loire, Tabata Jewell and SweetVicky Voom. Great job girls! I am so looking forward to doing more shows with GLANCE and these fantastic other models.

This week I was all so, so thrilled to see the UNCOVER magazine, be released. I was so happy to see Adonaira's photo on the cover and not just because it is of me lol, I think she is an amazing photographer who is filled to the brim with an amazing gift. "The Issue Event"  is a great read and well worth the time to pick up and have a look. You can pick up a copy in world, or you can go to the website. Congratulations to Ado on a fantastic interview! 

UNCOVER has a vision to Uncover the most interesting, beautiful people, places, events, and creations in Second Life. They really do strive to have high quality content. You can check out the UNCOVER website at http://www.sluncover.com

Congratulations to all involved with the publication and to Maryna Wind in particular.

I found out this week as well I have been selected for the Neiva Super Model Contest. Which is a little scary, luckily for me I have some of my modeling friends doing it as well. So it should be a blast! The competition is huge and sounds quiet difficult and intense. Basically the Grand Prize is...

*Employment with The Neiva Kumasi Modeling Agency.
*A 5 page photo spread in the Neiva Kumasi Magazine.
*$10,000L in linden cash.
*A starring role in a music video of the winner's choice.
*Acting role in C-Dep's upcoming SL Movie.

I will keep you updated as more details come to hand, and you can have a look on youtube for the clips. You can all have a lovely chuckle at my Aussie accent, as yes we have to use voice! I promise to try the amount of times I say mate.. well I'll try!

Well that is it for today, I will do a post tomorrow on some fantastic handbags I have found this week as I really want to share them with you. Have fun shopping till then xoxo.

Best Shoes Of The Week!

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 These are my three favorite shoes this week. There are details of the shoes and where they came from on the cards. Some of these shoes I found in my shopping trips, but the =DeLa*= boots, I saw at the parade at the weekend just gone. They look amazing on! Have fun shopping, and I hope you like these as much as I do.

New Fall Release from Paper Couture

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I am madly in love with Paper Couture and I refuse to hide from the fact, so you can imagine my delight when I logged onto Second Life today to receive a group notice saying that Paper Couture's Fall Collection was now available in their store. My eyes lit up and my instant reaction was to head to the store straight away. 

First off all though I watched the video that was linked
 to in the group notice, and I have to say WOW! I love the creativity, it is unique, the colors everything. I fell more in love with Paper Couture than I possibly could have dreamt possible. For anyone interested here is the link to the simply stunning clip.

Now do not get me wrong, I understand there are quiet a few people out there, who can not stand Paper Couture and think that the Lu sisters have lost their marbles. Can we all recall the blog from http://poshpride.wordpress.com

Paper Couture = No Future, according to Posh Pride. Well I think they might be eating their words.  In particular how busy Paper Couture's shop was when I went there. The place was packed and not only were people buying the sensational jewellery but the outfits as well. Paper Couture is not about everyone being able to wear it, but in my opinion, fantastic sisters taking their creative genius to the grid. Their work is about art not about if it can be worn or not by everyone. Besides who says you can not wear it.. unwearable my goodness, I don't know what she was thinking saying that!

 Their textures, prim work and colors are amazing! in my opinion the Lu sisters are one of the most amazing things to hit the fashion world on Second Life and we are lucky to have them!

The thing I truly love about Paper Couture is that they are different, I am sorry but I love to wear something different and I would be more than happy to wear a Lu sister creation out that some outfit that every Sally, Jane and Sarah are wearing.

The Fall collection is my favourite of theirs so far, and I can not wait to wear it at every possible chance I get. I love the hats in particular that come with some of the outfits. You can see one from the "Turtle Dove" outfit at the top of the blog.. and I love the crystals. Anything with sparkle works for me. As you can probably tell birds is a major component and the feather textures are just amazing, take for example the picture just below. This is from the "Lush" Outfit.

There is all so a fantastic "Fall goodies" bag as you walk in the door, and this is filled with detailed, high quality items such as face masks, tights and wall art. A must to pick up. If you are one of these people who think Paper Couture's outfits are a little of the wall, remember they do have the most amazing jewellery, shoes, glasses and bags. *cough cough* which I own nearly all of them.

So in conclusion, I love the new Fall range and will be going back to pick up a few more items! I would really like to thank the Lu sisters for being the amazing artists they are, and providing me with the inspiration to keep being involved with the fashion industry on Second Life. Diversity is what makes the world go around!

Congratulations Paper Couture on a fantastic Fall collection!

PS. All the clothes, face masks and jewellery items from the photos in this post are from Paper Couture's new Fall Collection.