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For the past week and a bit, I don't think I have managed to take the time and actually let it sink in how busy I have been and the sensational events that have happened to me. It has been crazy full on and I have loved every moment of it.. like always.

I'll start with JCNY MODEL'FEST.  It has been amazing week being a showcase model for this amazing contest and I have met some lovely models. It is always so interesting to see what other models wear and discuss shopping tips. All the amazing models who I have been lucky enough to grace the catwalk with this week are fantastic. Below are photos of Susanna Triellis and Raine McCellan who always look simply stunning.

MODEL'FEST is a fantastic and it happens every month at JCNY. It is so much fun and I can not recommend it enough! It gives models new and I wont say old. but experienced models a chance to boost their career, discuss fashion and tricks of the trade, make friends and so much more. O, I totally forget to mention you can also win an amazing prize package, however did I forget to mention that. The prize includes.

*30,000L in cash.
*Fashion bundle, Clothing, Gift Cards, Etc.
Private Photo Shoot with JCNY photographer for a 2 page BEST of SL Magazine Feature Spread.
*2000L JCNY Gifts.
*Paid Model Contract for November 2008
*Features in JCNY Ad Campaigns
*In Store Posters, Billboards, Website Ads.
*Future Photo shoots with JCNY Collection Photo Agency.

You can go to the MODEL'FEST blog which is http://jcnycollection.blogspot.com for news, articles and photos of all the amazing models and some fantastic photos of things that go on at JCNY. I can not wait to see who wins this month all the models have been amazing and I know the awards night is going to be a blast!

I did some amazing shows this week, I was lucky enough to be asked to come back to EWING and walk with this months graduating students. Sunday October 23rd at 1pm the show happened at the runway pool at EWING. It was a great day and I have to admit I loved being back there. Luckily this time there was no griefer trying to push me into the pool, everything went relevantly smoothly. I am still trying to make lag my friend, but we seem to be having a few erm communication problems.  All the students did so well, and they seemed so much more relaxed than I was on my graduation day. Congratulations to the fellow graduates and watch out for these names people...

*Elahna Dyrssen
*Nezsy Herstein
*ToxicNymph Wyszniak

I all so did a show for GLANCE International which I am so thrilled to be a part of such an incredible agency. The show was showcasing the amazing designs of *FDL*.  I really have to say that *FDL* has some of the most detailed and amazing work I have seen on SL. The clothes are 18th Century and they have some divine wigs, gowns and ballgowns. This store is not only for women they have fantastic mens items as well.
 *FDL* is owned by Sanders Beaumont.
The "Seraphina" Dress shown to the left here, is just gorgeous in person. The fabric  is gold which has a floral pattern to it. The shoulders are like the wings of an angel as the silk wraps around them. This amazing dress comes with shoes  and an AO walk which can be switched off and on. Just by clicking the shoes. In addition to this you receive a ring (Lotus Petal) and a choker/collar which is totally resizeable with one click on the golden flower at the side.

I was lucky enough to wear this gorgeous dress as one of my outfits. I can not tell you how detailed this dress really is. It was stunning. 

If you are looking for 18th century items, I would head over to *FDL* for sure.

I started the Neiva Kumasi Super Model Contest this week, and you can already watch it on youtube if you are interested, following this link http://au.youtube.com/user/NkModeling

I will keep you updated as the show goes on, but you can also keep up with what is going on by visiting youtube. There are some beautiful models involved and some really colorful characters. So it should be very interesting to say the least. We get to live in the most amazing house and each week a contestant will be eliminated and go home. It's a little scary and we all have to use voice, so being the only Aussie I feel a little awkward. I will get there though hopefully. I am really looking forward to getting to know the other models better and doing some intense challenges together. 

I wish all the contestants the best of luck and I look forward to it all :)

The other massive news this week was that I attended a casting call this week for Starlight Events, which is an outstanding events company owned by RubyStarlight Writer. They were look for 25 regular models for shows that they will be doing for charity. I was so hoping to just even get a call back... and I did. I was so nervous walking as there were some really well known models there. I thought I did alright with my walk... but then afterwards I was called to walk back again. I immediately thought oh no I stuffed it. 

I held out hope for my friends that I knew were doing the call back and waited ever so patiently for the list. When I received it I nearly fell of my chair, I was so shocked to see I made the list and was now one of the 25 models. I am feeling so lucky to be even included in this group with these amazing models. I am so looking forward to working with them.

I will keep you updated to see how things go with the contests... and I have my fingers and toes crossed for everyone who entered the Modavia Casting Call. xoxoxo! Can't wait to see how makes that casting!

Have a great week everyone!

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Ooo you have been a busy bee. Congrats and good luck for fest x

your models is looking so lovely and gorgeous. i like the designs of their dresses.