Reflections Of Jennaa -NYE My Way!

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Reflections Of Jennaa - NYE My Way!

Jennaa Wears:

Dress: (osakki) Entangled; Sweater Dress in the shade of [ Ice ]. (Buy here)
Tights: (osakki) Comes with (osakki) Entangled; Sweater Dress. (Buy here)
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Suede. (Buy here)
Hair: Exile Single Lady in the shade of Ash. (Buy here)
Skin: *Beauty Avatar Couture* Daria Skin - Light 5. (Buy here)
Eyes: ** DP**yumyum Mooney Eyes: Glassy in the shade of green. (Buy here)
Eyelashes: Silhouette Lashes: WIIDOW (Full). (Buy here)
Bracelets: [MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/Metal silver & Nail&Ring. (Buy here)


Disco Balls: GLITTERATI. - Disco ball pose set. Love these! (Buy here)
Records: Sway's Records from Sway's listen to the Music set. (Buy here)
Speakers: [ MAVEN INC. ] Maven Speakers - 3 Set. (Buy here)

2009 has certainly been an all over the place year for everyone around the globe. Lets hope 2010 is a wonderful year where everyone can come together and live in peace. I wish you all a wonderful, happy and healthy 2010 and may all your dreams come true. Love Jennaa XoXo.
PS. Now lets go dance!

Reflections Of Jennaa - Christmas In Black & White.

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Reflections Of Jennaa - Christmas In B&W

Bed: .:NsB:. NOTsoBAD. Sexbed CHABBA White. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Mannequin: *aN* Gothic mannequin_01. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Tray: +mudshake - grungy try with candles-cross-vase. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Rug: The Loft - Dahlia Texture Change Rug (5 colors). *Transferable* (Buy here)
Gift Boxes: GLITTERATI GIFT BOX! They really do make gift giving easy this Christmas. Purchase any gift set and you will get this gorgeous full perm gift box to play with. Also when you purchase a gift set, you get a gift card as a bonus. Well worth checking out, no one can ever have enough poses. (Buy here)


Snowflakes on bedframe: (iTuTu) Snowfrakes Illumination. (Buy here)
Photo Board: * nonino * Pinup-Board (Black). 5 colors available. This has to be one of my favorite items to give as a Christmas present this year. Add your own photos for a more personal touch or let them decide what they would like in their frame. The colors are amazing and it's really cheap. Go check them out as well as their fantastic other items. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Doll: !* Rebel -X- *! KOKESHI - Black Clouds - SMALL. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Ottoman: Morantique/Fifth Ave ottoman. White. *Transferable* (Buy here)


Snowflake Necklace: Swallowtail Snow Flower Necklace. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Earrings: Sway's 'Christmas Bauble' Earrings shade of silver. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Letter necklace: <> Alphabet Changer Pendant (4 Letters). This was given to me from my best friend Imani Enzo, and I love it to bits. I have put both our initials on it and I pretty much wear it everywhere now. Thanks so much Imani xoxo *Transferable* (Buy here)
Tree: norðari. and.birds. This is FREE people FREE. Lovely piece and great for photos. Really head there and check out the fantastic items. *Transferable* (Buy here)

Jennaa Wears:
Dress: [LeeZu!] Catch Lily Dress in the shade of black. (Buy here) If you are a mad fan like me of [LeeZu!] and would love to give something as a present from the store please contact Barbara Nicholls and she can organize it for you.
Boots: BAX Boots Black Leather. (Buy here) BAX offers fantastic gift cards in store so you can give someone the gift of shoes or gorgeous accessories. Come on tell me what girl doesn't love the gift of shoes.

Jennaa XoXo

Reflections Of Jennaa - Christmas Presents For Those Who <3 Pink.

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Swing Chair: LeeZu Baxter Designs OO-Chair Single /pink. Many more colors available and also a couple version for those wanting some cute cuddles. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Fireplace: [Baustein] Wooden Fireplace. Only L$50 and if you want to give this to someone send an IM to mainit Hellman and he will organize it to be sent to whoever you like. Everything in his store is %50 off at the moment so grab yourself or someone a fantastic present. (Buy here)
Tree: *abies colorshift pastell gloo/sculpted fir. Now available at the new TRAILS-shop! These are so gorgeous they change color. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Coffee Machine: Gos's Coffee Machine [V1.1.3] PINK. Heaps of other colors available and makes the best coffee on SL. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Picture Frame: Kitchen Korner - Silver Double Picture Frame. Fantastic present idea, add your own photos for that personal touch and really make someone smile. *Transferable* (Buy here)


Gift Boxes: GLITTERATI GIFT BOX! These are full perms! I got this when I purchased one of their gift sets to give to someone as a present. They are fantastic. GLITTERATI are offering awesome sets that are transferable and come with an included gift card, there are so many to pick from. You can also purchase gift cards separately. Thanks for making gift shopping so easy! Head over and have a look you are sure to find the perfect present here. (Buy here)
Pedicure Tray: .::Plush Pod::. Prissy Manicure/ Pedicure Tray. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Wreath: caLLie cLine hoLiday wreath pink diamond. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Cushions: BellaRose Furniture - PinkTaffy Cuddle Pillow. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Stocking: caLLie cLine christmas - stocking in pink. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Potted Plant: FAB.PONY "Doodle" Pot. *Transferable* (Buy here)


Jennaa Wears:
Dress: dreSSing veNus by caLLie cLine coLLection (rose). *Transferable and an absolute bargain! Heaps of great items here.. make sure you stop by and have a look. (Buy here)
Necklace: Alienbear Design (Queen Posesiva Necklace white). Part 1 of it. *Transferable*. Every single piece of jewelry at Alienbear's is transferable which if fantastic as you can give someone something a little more personal. We all know Alienbear makes the most gorgeous jewelery that is so highly detailed. She also offers gift cards if you can't decide. (Buy here)

Jennaa XoXo

Reflections Of Jennaa - Christmas Presents For Your Garden.

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So I have put together some ideas for your Christmas shopping adventures if you are looking for something special for that someone who loves to garden and make their home as bright, colorful and gorgeous as possible on SL. All the items are transferable bar one and some are even super cheap! I really hope this helps you out, and I will have post for you tomorrow on a totally different theme. Happy shopping!

Table: Picnic - gardening table set [scratch]. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Chair: Picnic - gardening chair [scratch]. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Birdcage: TSG accessories: Bird cage. (without birds). *Transferable* (Buy here)
Bunny: HPMD* StandingRabbit white Large. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Owl On Stand: D-LAB OWL. *Transferable* (Buy here)


Cart: (iTuTu) Flower cart - 02. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Swing: +mudshake - swing and dream / flowers-dots-stripes. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Pots Under Table: couverture*Flower in my garden plants. *Transferable* L$20 each! (Buy here)
Planter Shelf: (iTuTu) planter shelf. (Buy here)

If you are looking for more garden items at fantastic prices and that are transferable I really have to recommend heading on over to the ALBERO Plant and Garden Fair. They have a heap of stuff there and something for every single persons taste. Everything is there that you can think of from animals to snow emitters, not to mention trees, flowers and gorgeous decorations. If you are on a strict budget, they have a heap of L$20 plants just near the landing spot which are a must checkout. (TAXI)


Copper Jar With Calla: -CLEMATIS- *Transferable* (Buy here)
Wreath: (iTuTu) wreath-01. *Transferable* (Buy here)
5 Buckets With Flowers: [[[nocc.]]] pompommum flower_FAT PACK. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Pail With Pink Flowers: [[[nocc.]]] cosmos pail. *Transferable* (Buy here)

Jennaa XoXo

Reflections Of Jennaa - Christmas Is Nearly Here.

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Reflections of Jennaa - Christmas is nearly here.

So Christmas is nearly here and I have finally finished my Christmas shopping on SL....thank goodness. It was not nearly as easy as I had hoped and it was quiet hard to find gifts. So I have decided to do a series of posts about what I found and where you can get giftcards. I started today with some furnishings I found that are free or very cheap and transferable. So I hope you enjoy and it helps you get some of your Christmas shopping done. I would love to hear from you if you have any more suggestions or fantastic items you have bought.

Jennaa Wears:
Dress: *EC* *Evie's Closet* - Cygnet (White). (Buy here)
Shoes: (nova) Kelly suede pumps CREAM. (Buy here)
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Faith_Cream - Royalty 2. (Buy here)
Hair: !lamb. Witch - Shade of Butterfinger. (Buy here)
Headpiece: *EC* Snowdrop Garland - Headpiece. *so gorgeous* (Buy here)
Eyelashes: *Beauty Avatar* CELEBRITY - Eyelashes 15. (Buy here)
Eyes: pc eyes by LL - ocean - blue surf. (Buy here)


In The Photo:
Gift Boxes: (MB) Sculpted Christmas Gift Box "LUXURY" collection. These are totally gorgeous, love every little detail on them. *transferable* (Buy here)
Tree: *** Pannies Christmas Tree with white lights. Fantastic bargain and low prim, what more could you ask for! *transferable* (Buy here)
Table: The Loft - Noel Dining Table. We all know the Loft make stunning pieces. Love the table runner. *transferable* (Buy here)
Chair: The Loft - Noel Chair White/Red. So many fantastic sits in these chairs, just perfect for that dinner party. *transferable* (Buy here)
Table Decorations: The Loft - Noel Decor II. The textures on these are amazing! I was really surprised how low prim they were as well. (Buy here)
Candles: -CLEMATIS-. These are so low prim.*transferable* (Try and win here)
Cookies & Milk: * nonino * Ginger cookies. *transferable* (Try and win here)
Mistletoe: * nonino * Kissing Bough. *transferable* (Try and win here)

I have to mention the PERTURB/ation Christmas Gacha Gacha Festival. Go here to check it out (TAXI). There are so many adorable Christmas items for free, and nearly all of them are transferable so you can give them away as presents or keep them for yourself. There is also some fantastic items up for grabs with the Christmas gacha presents random vendor. Basically, pay the Christmas tree L$30 and see what you win. All the prizes are displayed at the festival and they are just fantastic. I can not believe they are only L$30. There is everything from cookies to an amazing skybox. These are all transferable so if you win more than one of the same thing....think presents people! Head on over and check it out for sure and grab yourself and someone else a present.


Jennaa XoXo

Refelctions of Jennaa - Novi Always Sparkled.

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Reflections Of Jennaa - Novi always Sparkled

Dress: .:: Novi ::. - The Starlight. (Buy here)
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix Ashoka T-Strap Plaid Red. (Buy here)
Skin: [the oBscene] FAUNA ~ Edria ~ tone1. (Buy here)
Hair: TRUTH "Bailey" - shade of barley (Buy here)
Eyes: pc eyes by LL - ocean - blue surf. (Buy here)
Lashes: Detour - Edge Lashes. (Buy here)
Manicure: Laqroki ~ Manicure 11. (Buy here)
Bag: *H+K*(black)Winter Date Bag. *Edited slightly* (Buy here)
Headband: LaGyo_love me or not black. (Buy here)
Chandeliers: null_chandelier_2009_large & small. *free* (Buy here)
Pose: Luth Runway V2 10. (Buy here)

Within a few days Novi by Kendall Larnia will be closed forever. That's right she is shutting her doors for good so before the doors are shut they are having a huge SALE! Everything in the store is 50% off, including one beautiful dress for just $1L! I have included a photo below of the gorgeous special $1L dress, make sure you run in and grab it and some other bargains before they are gone for good. Kendall I wish you well in whatever you decide to do next, your designs will be sadly missed.


Vixie is L$1 for only a couple of days!

Grab the taxi over to Novi now and grab yourself some bargains, while you can! (Taxi)

Jennaa XoXo.

Reflections Of Jennaa - Winter In Color

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Reflections of Jennaa - *elymode*
  • Skirt: *elymode* angle-waist skirt - blue. (Buy here) *new release*
  • Sweater: *elymode* short sweater - blue (opaque). (Buy here) *new release*
  • Bodysuit: *elymode* bodysuit - blue. (Buy here) *new release*
*elymode* has released some gorgeous new items and again there are endless color mixing and matching possibilities. So many ways to wear these three fantastic pieces, dress it up or down. You are sure to look amazing. Can not wait to see what Elysium Eilde designs next.
  • Cape: (Milk Motion) my plaid cape (female). (Buy here)
The cape is only available at the Trilogy sim. Special and limited collection by Milk Motion based on the theme " the woodcutter's daughter". Go check it out.
  • Skin: Curio :GP: Petal [Dark] Pin Up-Apple Pie 2. (Buy here)
  • Eyes: pc eyes by LL - ocean - blue surf. (Buy here)
  • Manicure: [Detour] Nails - Lacquer - Ruby 1. (Buy here)
  • Earrings: Swallowtail Full prim long earring red double. (Buy here)
  • Deer: ~Scribble~ Reindeer Lounger (3 Pose). (Buy here)
Jennaa XoXo