Reflections Of Jennaa - Christmas In Black & White.

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Reflections Of Jennaa - Christmas In B&W

Bed: .:NsB:. NOTsoBAD. Sexbed CHABBA White. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Mannequin: *aN* Gothic mannequin_01. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Tray: +mudshake - grungy try with candles-cross-vase. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Rug: The Loft - Dahlia Texture Change Rug (5 colors). *Transferable* (Buy here)
Gift Boxes: GLITTERATI GIFT BOX! They really do make gift giving easy this Christmas. Purchase any gift set and you will get this gorgeous full perm gift box to play with. Also when you purchase a gift set, you get a gift card as a bonus. Well worth checking out, no one can ever have enough poses. (Buy here)


Snowflakes on bedframe: (iTuTu) Snowfrakes Illumination. (Buy here)
Photo Board: * nonino * Pinup-Board (Black). 5 colors available. This has to be one of my favorite items to give as a Christmas present this year. Add your own photos for a more personal touch or let them decide what they would like in their frame. The colors are amazing and it's really cheap. Go check them out as well as their fantastic other items. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Doll: !* Rebel -X- *! KOKESHI - Black Clouds - SMALL. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Ottoman: Morantique/Fifth Ave ottoman. White. *Transferable* (Buy here)


Snowflake Necklace: Swallowtail Snow Flower Necklace. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Earrings: Sway's 'Christmas Bauble' Earrings shade of silver. *Transferable* (Buy here)
Letter necklace: <> Alphabet Changer Pendant (4 Letters). This was given to me from my best friend Imani Enzo, and I love it to bits. I have put both our initials on it and I pretty much wear it everywhere now. Thanks so much Imani xoxo *Transferable* (Buy here)
Tree: norðari. and.birds. This is FREE people FREE. Lovely piece and great for photos. Really head there and check out the fantastic items. *Transferable* (Buy here)

Jennaa Wears:
Dress: [LeeZu!] Catch Lily Dress in the shade of black. (Buy here) If you are a mad fan like me of [LeeZu!] and would love to give something as a present from the store please contact Barbara Nicholls and she can organize it for you.
Boots: BAX Boots Black Leather. (Buy here) BAX offers fantastic gift cards in store so you can give someone the gift of shoes or gorgeous accessories. Come on tell me what girl doesn't love the gift of shoes.

Jennaa XoXo

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What an amazing set of pics and the way you have displayed everything....EXCELLENT. You have a wonderful eye Jennaa baby :-))