LE. LOOK Oooo how I love thee....

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Well I noticed today thanks to a little information from a gorgeous person that I had not included LE.LOOK! on my list of sites/blogs to visit. I was honestly shocked and quickly loaded up my page to see that they were correct, and much to my horror they were. How could I miss listing that.... I blame the amount of chocolate I have been eating lately. I don't know how that has anything to do with it, but that is my story and I am sticking to it.

I quickly headed over to the LE.LOOK! SIM to do some shopping and to gather some information about this one stop shopping destination. LE.LOOK! takes pride in choosing the right designers for their unique fashion district. They have an abundance of choice, with over 70 male and female fashion labels for you to create your ultimate style. Boasting some of the biggest names in SecondLife, LE.LOOK! is the right choice for any budding fashionista. They really do have everything possible you could want to complete or enhance your look.

TP TO LE.LOOK! Fashion District!

They are very proud to have the following designers on the team:

AMG Boudoir | HAIR | SKIN
Aphrodite Creations
Atelier AM
Atomic Crush
AW Design
Bax Coen
Beauty Avatar Couture
Belleza | MALE | FEMALE
Calypso Giano
Candy Nail
Creamshop OPEN
Digit Darkes
Dutch Touch
Find Ash
Hot Dive
House of Heart
Indyra Originals
Digital Dream
Natura Designs
Nicky Ree
Philotic Energy OPEN
red Queen
Riviera Couture
S**t Luck
Skin Within
UncleWeb Studio | MALE | FEMALE
Vanity Body
Petit Ange
G Field

The LE.LOOK! worldpress site has an abundance of information on it, and is a great site to stop and have a look at. The site contains information about LE.LOOK! and how it came about, how to join the LE.LOOK! Group, LE.LOOK! Exclusives, LE.LOOK! Fashion & Style and even a LE.LOOK! Gallery. There is so much stuff to look at on this baby, you will have to go back over and over again!


One major thing that I love about LE.LOOK! is their Stylist Search! While I was at the LE.LOOK! Sim I grabbed an entry form, but realized I was to late for this month, so hopefully they will do it again next month so I can enter LOL. I thought I would post some information about it here now so you can get an idea about the stylist search and you might want to think about entering next month as well. It's a fantastic opportunity to work with some of the best in SL!

( From the application picked up from the LE.LOOK! Sim)

LE.LOOK! is excited to announce a competition where your style is appreciated! We are asking you to be creative, fun and enthusiastic, bringing new concepts of fashion into view! This is your time to be LE.LOOK!

Show us 2 different outfits from the stores at LE.LOOK! mixing and matching articles of clothing, accessories and skins available at LE.LOOK! A complete look is advisable but not necessary.

This competition is an opportunity for all Second Life stylists to,

- be imaginative
- get inspired by LE.LOOK! designers
- inspire others

We will choose two female and two male who will become the LE.LOOK! Stylists for April 2009.

1) The competition will be decided upon by a panel of judges ONLY. This is not a voting competition.
2) The dates set for the competition are absolute and binding. The final date for entry is March 30th, 2009 at 12pm SLT.
3) You are expected to complete and submit the LE.LOOK! Stylist Search entry form.
4) You must be a LE.LOOK! group member.
5) You must have LE.LOOK! in your picks.
6) X-rated pictures will NOT be accepted.
7) You have to put 2 different outfits all presenting mix and matches from items available at LE.LOOK! including skins, hair, clothing and accessories. This is an advantage.
8) One full body shot of each of the 2 outfits is required. Photos can be modified. They do not have to be snapshots.
9) Photos ideally to be taken at the LE.LOOK! sim.

- showcasing your personal style and skills
- exposure through LE.LOOK! Media Outlooks, such as: LE.LOOK! Catalogue (for the specific month), Group, Blog, FlickR and Poster
- editorial pictures taken by the talented Jordan Giant and James Schwarz
- all items used in your editorial outfits may be kept

- You will work with Jula Carrnell once the winner is announced to put together outfits from LE.LOOK! These will appear on the blog and group notices
- You will have pictures taken to showcase your new LE.LOOK! Style.
- Be available weekly for editorial shoots with Jordan Giant and James Schwarz.

Prospects may be asked to visit with the judges for a meet and greet. You may be asked to wear one of the outfits from the entry. This is where your personality shines! We at LE.LOOK! have quality and fashion in mind and we need your fresh face and ideas to help us identify with all kinds of fashion in LE.LOOK!

The competition winners will be announced on Wednesday 1st.

We look forward to seeing your concepts come to life!

Check out LE.LOOK! BLOG: http://lelooksl.wordpress.com/

Have fun and best of luck to you all!

So make sure you head over there and have a look. They really do have everything and everything is of the best quality you can find on Second Life. Actually I think I am going to go back and have another look now, there was this certain pair of shoes I had my eyes on.
Take care,
Jennaa xoxo

EFA Graduation & One Amazing Photographer!

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It's been a busy couple of days since I posted last and I really wanted to do this post before I got caught up with another frantic week tomorrow, and before I head off to do a little um shopping now LOL. EFA had their graduation show today for the March model, so lets start with that.


Congratulations to the graduates of the Ewing Elite Model Training Class of March 2009.The graduates were welcomed to the SL fashion industry at 3.00pm SLT as they showed us their styles on the runway. They all were fabulous and I know we are going to be seeing alot more of them. I took some snapshots at the show of them walking, granted they are not the best due to my settings being set to low. Take a look though and their outfit descriptions are posted below.

Emmerald Clarity: Above is the outfit Emmerald chose to wear for her lingerie look. The description was written by her and was read out at the graduation while she walked. Congratulations again Emmerald, you were amazing!

Only the most confident of Ladies can pull off a Blacklace outfit like this! Admire the way the sheer stockings and long satin gloves hide just the right amount of skin. The soft black fabric of the corset, accented with embroidered white flowers is exquisite and the delightful accent of a bow at the back would be enough to make any woman feel sexy! Add a touch of black stone jewelery from Earthstones to complete the outfit!

MandyLeigh Sweetwater: Above is the gown MandyLeigh chose to wear for her formal look. The description was written by her and was read out at the graduation while she walked. Congratulations again Mandy, you rocked it!

Those around will be green with envy as you enter in the room in the Grecian Maxi dress from Casa del Shai. Along with the Bare Audrey by Stiletto Moody and Virginia Gardens Pearl Drop earrings from JCNY there is no doubt that heads will turn. Elegance and style are what this outfit is about.

Sabine Blackburn: Above is the outfit Sabine chose to wear for her smart business look. The description was written by her and was read out at the graduation while she walked. Congratulations again Sabine you were fantastic!

Sabine's smart business look is the "Bella Camicetta-white" from Pink Outfitters and the HighSkirt-Rosebud from Maitreya. The Jewelery is from YS-Roundie Set in Gold. The shoes are from a swiss designer called Joseph Gaus - the Gaus Shoes "Lady-Silver". The skin Sabine wears is Beauty Avatar-Ziva-Natural. Her hair is Lelutka-Ribbon-Platinum and eyes Redgrave-Christina Amber.

Congratulations again ladies!


I was lucky enough the other day to book an appointment to have some photos taken by Angelah Tokyo. I was so thrilled to actually book a shoot with her as I was sure she would be booked up for weeks. So when we organized a time to meet up and take some photos I was sooooo excited.

I first came across Angelah's photo stream on flickr on one of my searching sprees. Which I do quiet alot, as I love seeing what all these creative geniuses come up with. You will always find something inspirational, creative or laugh worthy on flickr. I madly fell in love with Angelah's work and was amazed by the amount of detail that she puts into it let alone feeling. So I thought I would pose the photos here for you to see and judge for yourself. Or, you can always head over to Angelah's flickr and check out her mind blowing work.


I forgot to mention you can look Angelah up in world and she has all the information you need about her rates and how to contact her in her profile. She is a really lovely person and is always a real pleasure to talk to. So look her up and get some awesome photos done :)

Take care everyone
Jennaa xoxo

Still here....

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To be completely honest I am not sure how to start this blog, Second Life has not been the easiest for me this week personally, and I really want to thank everyone for helping me out.

A massive thank you goes out to my gorgeous friend Imani who has been my guiding light and has been there whenever I needed her this week. So to my gorgeous friend, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been there the whole time and I really thank you. I'll buy you some new shoes ;) Now that I have that out the way... lets talk about what else has been happening.

Work wise and shopping wise Second Life has been great. So lets stick to that shall we lol.

After such a long time away from Second Life, I really tried to catch up on as much as I could. I still don't think I am caught up on everything, I don't think I ever will. One of my favourite feeds to look at is Fashion Feed of SL. Which you can find following the below link.

Fashion Feed Of SL

The thing I love about this feed, is that there is always something new to read, it's a great mixture of posts from all walks of bloggers and a fantastic easy to read layout. So if you have not checked it out yet, which I am pretty sure you would have.. I would head on over.

Starting back at EWING:

I started back as an intern at EWING and I am loving it. I have been doing this for a couple of months now and I can't get enough of it. The classes are fantastic and it is really interesting to see the students soak it all up and it's fantastic to see how keen they are.

The EFA course is fantastic and I can't recommend it enough, and it's not just because I am an intern there. Here is a brief rundown on what the course covers, but really head on over to the EFA blog and check out all the details for yourself. If you are even thinking about modeling as a career on SL or just wanting to take a step to bettering yourself, EWING is the place to go.


Course Outline

Day 1 - The Basics
Day 2 - Working the Runway I
Day 3 - Working the Runway II
Day 4 - Practical Training I
Day 5 - Practical Training II
Day 6 - Practical Training III
Day 7 - Styling
Day 8 - Preparing for Work & the Runway
Day 9 - Getting Work I
Day 10 - Getting Work II
Graduation Shoot & Certification!!

Anyway the students who are attending at the moment, their graduation is coming up very soon. So I will make sure to do another post about that and let you know all about it. The models are doing so fantastic so far, I am going to be outta work!

TIMELESS RFL Clothing Fair.

I participated in the 2009 Relay for Life Clothing Fair doing two shows for ~TIMELESS~ AGENCY. I am so please to say as well that they kept me on as a model. I am so thrilled to be a part of this agency. When I started modeling it was one of my goals to get into this agency, so I am just so excited! The Timeless blog has everything from their partners, show slide shows and fantastic outfit that have been blogged.

You can check out the TIMELESS Agency blog here.. it's well worth the look.

TIMELESS Agency Blog


There is also a fantastic contest that is available to enter into at the moment. The BEST OF ITALIAN is proud to announce: (testo in italiano in basso) ** ELEGANCE SL **

Below is the notice sent out, so I thought I would share. If you are interested in entering this awesome contest just head to The Best Of Italian Sim and find the noticeboard, click on it to get the information and enter away ladies!

ELEGANCE SL, promoted by the staff and the shops of the BEST OF ITALIAN SIM, is a contest open to all female avatars in SL. Tired of the usual nonsensical "Beauty Contests" we at the Best of Italian decided to promote a different kind of avatar competition!

ELEGANCE SL is not just about good looks. ELEGANCE SL is about your sense of styling, your taste, your concept of "Elegance" and how you apply it in different circumstances.

Read the rules, and submit your application by April 6 2009.

Good luck!
Annemarie Perenti - Best Of Italian Style Owner
Dahlia Joubert - Best Of Italian Style Event Manager

Anyway I know its a short post, I have to get better at putting time aside for this LOL. Take care and talk to you soon.
Jennaa xoxo

One whole month ... I am in shopping withdrawl!

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One month I went being away from Second Life and all it's glory. ONE MONTH! So I am sorry that it has been so long since my last post. I didn't mean for it to be... but sometimes real life gets in the way and no matter how hard you kick it, it does not move.

To let you know what happened and where I have been... as I am sure you are all so interested LOL. I went on a holiday to America and loved every moment of it, well except for customs. They didn't seem to like me very much at the start, but we soon got along swimmingly as soon as they let me go into the country! Someone could have warned me they yell at you if you don't have the right form! Please people if you are going over to America from a different country, make sure you have your BLUE FORM!

I loved America, I really did. Which shocked me as I did not think I was going to like it all. The country... not the people... the country! I visited LA, Vegas, Disneyland and some of the most amazing shopping places that I have ever seen in my life!

I freaked out at Hollywood I will totally admit that. They have these crazy people who try and get you to take a photo with them... and they are some scary people! I feel head over heels for cherry pie and never wanted to leave it's side. I can not wait to go back and see more of this fantastic country if they let me back in that is. I really want to thank Mig for looking after me while I was there, and I would have been totally lost without you xoxo.

Eventually after two weeks I came home to find my baby (My apple Mac wonder of the gods) broken. *cries*! So with great regret I sent my baby off to get fixed and hoped that the new addition to my family would arrive earlier (I brought a new baby Mac as well). Well the man at the Apple store had other ideas and arranged for my baby and my new baby (now affectionately known as Harry and Sally) to come back to me on the same day.

I have never been without a computer for a week and a half and sadly it was a great challenge for me. To be home and to not be able to do any work, not log into SL and to try and use an ancient PC of all things to try and Plurk was a nightmare! I am very glad to have them home and they are never allowed to leave again!

When I did finally manage to log into SL, I was shocked at the amount of events , shows and not to mention shopping I missed. The great thing about SL is it is always going at a fast pace and so many things change so quickly. There are some fantastic new models who I can't wait to see in some shows, new designers and new shops! So many things to catch up on and explore. I am trying to boost the SL economy by catching up on a months worth of shopping, really I am!

I did the regular things coming back, caught up with friends, shopped and pulled mine and Mig's house down and put a completely new one up. I had a ball doing it for a day and a half. I love the new house and the gorgeous furniture I purchased for it. I really want to do a separate post about the house so that will be coming up soon. As I just adore it to bits!

I really just wanted to do a super quick post and a super short one at that, and let you know I am back and rearing to go! I will do a post on the new house soon as well as the regular updates about what is going on with the models, fashion industry and shopping of course! Take care.

Jennaa xoxoxo