EFA Graduation & One Amazing Photographer!

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It's been a busy couple of days since I posted last and I really wanted to do this post before I got caught up with another frantic week tomorrow, and before I head off to do a little um shopping now LOL. EFA had their graduation show today for the March model, so lets start with that.


Congratulations to the graduates of the Ewing Elite Model Training Class of March 2009.The graduates were welcomed to the SL fashion industry at 3.00pm SLT as they showed us their styles on the runway. They all were fabulous and I know we are going to be seeing alot more of them. I took some snapshots at the show of them walking, granted they are not the best due to my settings being set to low. Take a look though and their outfit descriptions are posted below.

Emmerald Clarity: Above is the outfit Emmerald chose to wear for her lingerie look. The description was written by her and was read out at the graduation while she walked. Congratulations again Emmerald, you were amazing!

Only the most confident of Ladies can pull off a Blacklace outfit like this! Admire the way the sheer stockings and long satin gloves hide just the right amount of skin. The soft black fabric of the corset, accented with embroidered white flowers is exquisite and the delightful accent of a bow at the back would be enough to make any woman feel sexy! Add a touch of black stone jewelery from Earthstones to complete the outfit!

MandyLeigh Sweetwater: Above is the gown MandyLeigh chose to wear for her formal look. The description was written by her and was read out at the graduation while she walked. Congratulations again Mandy, you rocked it!

Those around will be green with envy as you enter in the room in the Grecian Maxi dress from Casa del Shai. Along with the Bare Audrey by Stiletto Moody and Virginia Gardens Pearl Drop earrings from JCNY there is no doubt that heads will turn. Elegance and style are what this outfit is about.

Sabine Blackburn: Above is the outfit Sabine chose to wear for her smart business look. The description was written by her and was read out at the graduation while she walked. Congratulations again Sabine you were fantastic!

Sabine's smart business look is the "Bella Camicetta-white" from Pink Outfitters and the HighSkirt-Rosebud from Maitreya. The Jewelery is from YS-Roundie Set in Gold. The shoes are from a swiss designer called Joseph Gaus - the Gaus Shoes "Lady-Silver". The skin Sabine wears is Beauty Avatar-Ziva-Natural. Her hair is Lelutka-Ribbon-Platinum and eyes Redgrave-Christina Amber.

Congratulations again ladies!


I was lucky enough the other day to book an appointment to have some photos taken by Angelah Tokyo. I was so thrilled to actually book a shoot with her as I was sure she would be booked up for weeks. So when we organized a time to meet up and take some photos I was sooooo excited.

I first came across Angelah's photo stream on flickr on one of my searching sprees. Which I do quiet alot, as I love seeing what all these creative geniuses come up with. You will always find something inspirational, creative or laugh worthy on flickr. I madly fell in love with Angelah's work and was amazed by the amount of detail that she puts into it let alone feeling. So I thought I would pose the photos here for you to see and judge for yourself. Or, you can always head over to Angelah's flickr and check out her mind blowing work.


I forgot to mention you can look Angelah up in world and she has all the information you need about her rates and how to contact her in her profile. She is a really lovely person and is always a real pleasure to talk to. So look her up and get some awesome photos done :)

Take care everyone
Jennaa xoxo

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