One whole month ... I am in shopping withdrawl!

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One month I went being away from Second Life and all it's glory. ONE MONTH! So I am sorry that it has been so long since my last post. I didn't mean for it to be... but sometimes real life gets in the way and no matter how hard you kick it, it does not move.

To let you know what happened and where I have been... as I am sure you are all so interested LOL. I went on a holiday to America and loved every moment of it, well except for customs. They didn't seem to like me very much at the start, but we soon got along swimmingly as soon as they let me go into the country! Someone could have warned me they yell at you if you don't have the right form! Please people if you are going over to America from a different country, make sure you have your BLUE FORM!

I loved America, I really did. Which shocked me as I did not think I was going to like it all. The country... not the people... the country! I visited LA, Vegas, Disneyland and some of the most amazing shopping places that I have ever seen in my life!

I freaked out at Hollywood I will totally admit that. They have these crazy people who try and get you to take a photo with them... and they are some scary people! I feel head over heels for cherry pie and never wanted to leave it's side. I can not wait to go back and see more of this fantastic country if they let me back in that is. I really want to thank Mig for looking after me while I was there, and I would have been totally lost without you xoxo.

Eventually after two weeks I came home to find my baby (My apple Mac wonder of the gods) broken. *cries*! So with great regret I sent my baby off to get fixed and hoped that the new addition to my family would arrive earlier (I brought a new baby Mac as well). Well the man at the Apple store had other ideas and arranged for my baby and my new baby (now affectionately known as Harry and Sally) to come back to me on the same day.

I have never been without a computer for a week and a half and sadly it was a great challenge for me. To be home and to not be able to do any work, not log into SL and to try and use an ancient PC of all things to try and Plurk was a nightmare! I am very glad to have them home and they are never allowed to leave again!

When I did finally manage to log into SL, I was shocked at the amount of events , shows and not to mention shopping I missed. The great thing about SL is it is always going at a fast pace and so many things change so quickly. There are some fantastic new models who I can't wait to see in some shows, new designers and new shops! So many things to catch up on and explore. I am trying to boost the SL economy by catching up on a months worth of shopping, really I am!

I did the regular things coming back, caught up with friends, shopped and pulled mine and Mig's house down and put a completely new one up. I had a ball doing it for a day and a half. I love the new house and the gorgeous furniture I purchased for it. I really want to do a separate post about the house so that will be coming up soon. As I just adore it to bits!

I really just wanted to do a super quick post and a super short one at that, and let you know I am back and rearing to go! I will do a post on the new house soon as well as the regular updates about what is going on with the models, fashion industry and shopping of course! Take care.

Jennaa xoxoxo

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