Australia, Victoria needs your help people!

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Victoria has experienced the worst bushfires in Australian history!

I know that I normally write about what is happening on SL, but to me this is important and I am asking you all to take the time and read the below information and help out where you can. I know we are all suffering from charity exhaustion and that there are so many people, animals and places that need help. This is important!

I live in Victoria Australia, and this is just horrific. Country Victoria was already suffering with the worst drought in over a century now a lot of the state has been wiped out from these horrific and devestating bushfires. These people are doing it so hard and have lost everything. Literally whole towns have been wiped off the map. So please, please take the time to read this and help out.

The final death toll of the devastating bushfires could be well above 200, according to reports of government crisis meetings.

With the official toll standing at 126, the fires are already the worst natural disaster to ever befall Australians. 33 people have died in the small town of Kinglake alone.

The Victorian government has been briefed to expect a final death toll close to 230, according to a report in The Australian.

The staggering death toll makes these blazes — some of which are still burning — the greatest natural disaster in Australia's history and authorities warn the number of fatalities is likely to rise even further. "The death toll is still likely to climb unfortunately," Country Fire Authority state duty officer Mark Glover told ABC Television.

A clearly shaken Kevin Rudd has told the Nine Network that if firebugs lit some of the bushfires then they are responsible for "mass murder". Kevin Rudd said "The nation should brace itself for a very challenging time ahead," Kevin Rudd has pledged an immediate relief fund of AU$10m which is fantastic but personally I don't think it is going to scratch the surface.

4000 people are without housing and clothing. 22 towns have been destroyed At least 750 homes have been burnt to the ground. More than 330,000ha burnt out, and authorities say some fires could take weeks to contain. There are massive fires still burning as I write this. Some of the fires are still burning, threatening the Glenhope area north of Melbourne and the towns of Beechworth and Yackandandah in the northeast.

There are two ways you can help out!

The Red Cross has set up an appeal online. They are the most reputable relief agency in the world! 100 % will go to the people in need. Just follow this link to the website...

Redcross Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009

As at 2:30pm on the 9th February, the Redcross Fund had received $4.9 million from over 28,000 people through the website and phone, with governments including the Victorian Government and Federal Government and corporates pledging additional sums. Donations are still continuing to flow in. So please do you bit and donate some more.

Or you can help out inworld.
Autumn Hykova and Dakota Buck are organizing a fundraiser, and are asking for participants. They have organized a package that you can IM and collect from them. In this package is a donation booth and such and also a split profit script so people can donate a portion of sales. This is a fantastic idea and the money raised will go to helping out the bushfire victims.

So if you are a sim owner, designer - anything, please get in touch with these ladies and let them know what you can do to help and please pick up a package with the donation box! Every little bit does help. Even if you only donate a percentage from your product its better than nothing!

So please, help out where you can. It will make a difference and help out this incredibly in need Aussies. Australia is really hurting at the moment and could do with any help given.
Thanking you in advance.
Jennaa xoxo

Kissed Grid Wide Hunt!

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Ok so the hunt is on.... now!!
I started this today, and have only got a little way through it. There are so many fantastic sims and shops to visit, I got a little distracted. I decided to share this as there are some fantastic gifts up for grabs. This hunt runs from February 6th to February 20th. Head on over to the Starting point and get hunting!

There are 245 vendors participating in this, everything from Eyes to skins to furniture and poses. Plus there is loads of fun stuff to collect.

Please remember that this is supposed to be fun, and help each other out if needed.

To claim your gifts you would need to locate red lips within each of participating stores. Within lips is gift from that store together with LM for your next stop. So what are you waiting for get moving people.

I have included the massive... and I repeat massive list of designers who are participating in the Kissed Grid Wide Hunt.

Here it is!

!XTC! Designs
**~~FuSiOn FuRnItUrE~~**
*Dilly Dolls*
*Illuminati* Designs
*Ticky Tacky*
-RC- Cluster
.:MALT:. Fashions
4U systems shop
5ifth Order/BLU282
::::QC Designs::::
:::FG Underground :::
:: Genesis ::
>> Ezura <<
~*{ The Black Canary }*~
A&A Designs
A&L Holiday Store
AR Designs
A Sexy Delight
A Touch of Surreal Designs/”nuvolino” studios
Afflicted Clothing Inc and Addiction Jewelry
Alphamale & Blacklace
Amberdragon Designs
Angelico B Designs
Arizona’s Fashions for Tinies
Art by Zemuley & Country Baskets
Audacity & Cramz
Aurora Borealis
B&T Atelier
Bb-Biddle boots
Be Mine Valentine
Blood Royal
caLLie cLine
C&D Designs
C’est Ca Furniture and Accent Pieces
CORN Furniture
Cat Tracks
Celestial Home And Garden
Chez Gigi
Chikka Design
CnS Poses
Colorskins by B-BD
Couture Chapeau
Cutie Honey
Crissy Designs
Crush Factory
DYN Clothing
Dahaus Modern design
Dani’s Fine Fashions
Devilfish Furniture
Devilfish Gear
Domi’s Designs/Faeries & Skullz
Dress Barn
Ear Candy
Earthsong Creations
Enchanted Realm Designs
Ephemeral Creations
Et Cetera Glitter Signs & PreFab Stores
Euphoria House Of Fashion
Fantasy Avatars & Accessories
Federschneider Millinery
Fetch Alternative
Flashpoint Fashions
Flowers and Petals
Forever Charmed/Maddyville Homes
Frozen Turquoise Valentine
GL Designs
GREENE concept
Game Land/My Passions Nightlife
Ghanie Lane Sculpt Maps
Greenwood Lodge
Harrop’s Fine Menswear
Hearth & Home
Holiday Store
House Of Gestures
House of Textures
Instinct Animations
Ivalde Vintage&retro fashion
Ixia’s Elegant Shoes
JM:Mai Skins
Jodiefied Designs
K JEWELRY by Kimiko
Kunstkammer Architectural and Metaphysical Salvage
LB House and Home designs
LLDesigns & Wee Ones
Lasher’s Mountain
Loser Designs
Love Chic
LuNi Designs
MMcM Fashion
Mackenzie’s Boutique
Marvela’s Dress Shop
Milk Motion
Mirco Dinzeo Underwear
MollyWorld Alternative Dwellings
MudHoney Designs
Mz. Shoes
N.B. Look!
ORAGE Creations
On The Catwalk
Paja - Pastaria and Jade Designs
Pasara textures
Persephone’s Grove
Phoenix Rising Kingdom Land
Pink Outfitters
Pretty N Punk
Prims 4 U
Prim & Pixel Paradise
Project Kiwi
Pub Furniture Koala Bear
Purple Rain Design
Pussycats Creations
Reality Photography Studio
RoC Studios & Neko Elements Skins
Romance By PondLife
Rugs and Art
SD Wears
SZ Deisgns
Sam’s Secret Boutique
Sand Castle Estates
Santo Domingo View Fishing Fishing Camp
Scruffy Gora
Scruffy Gora
Second Shapes
Sentou Yousei
Sexy Delight Boot & Shoe
Shabo Designs Houses/ Garden/ Free Textures
Shit Luck
Shoe Fly Shoes
Slash Me Poses
Sole Sisters Sculpted Shoes
Southern Horizons
Starving Artist Designs
Store With No Name
Stitch by Stitch
Sugar Mill
Susanti Creations
Sirens Song
Sway’s Creations
Sweetest Goodbye
Teddy in Wonderland
The Going Green Store
The Stringer Mausoleum and Shrine
Topaz Square
Total Betty
Tragic Nancy
TreeSongs Designs
Triniti Paradise
Trinity Moon Designs
Tripaw Joint Industries
Trixxy’s Shop
Twisted and Spoiled
Unique Needs!
Vain Inc.
Valantines Fun
Valentine’s Day Central
War Child Fundraising project
Whitechapel East End Mall
Wine and Roses
Worldwide Industries
Xand’s Kicks & Twirls
YeeVoo Designs
Yellow JesteR
Zhao Shoes
Zomelia Design
[HS] Stores
[ba] barnesworth anubis prefabs
crystal queendom
eXtreme Make Over Shapes
{DD} Drama Diva Designs
~Tea Lane~
~flirt~ fine jewellery

Have fun people!

Slack Jennaa... Slack!

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Oh my goodness what a slack blogger I have been. I am so sorry to everyone or the one person who reads my blog lol. I have had some massive stuff going on in RL and I just have not found the time to blog nearly as much or at all like I have wanted. Its been an amazing time to be involved with the fashion industry on SL. Lots of change and exciting things happening! Here are just a few that I have picked out to tell you about....

JCNY MODEL'FEST Winner for January 2009 is... TEMPERANCE MOONITES! A massive congratulations goes out to this as lovely as she is gorgeous model. I was so thrilled to see such a fantastic model get this amazing prize this month! She truly deserves it, so congratulations Temperance! The stunning Wenadrenia Soderstrom was this months runner up and I am sure we will see her as a months winner very shortly.

Model/Photographer: Temperance Moonites
Congratulations again woo hoo!!

This month, MODEL'FEST had over 12,000 entries, and over 22,000 photographs. Every month this amazing competition grows beyond belief! You can always stop by and check out the fantastic JCNY blog, which will give you a brief description on all the beautiful models and keep you updated with what is happening with the MODEL'FEST. Looking forward to seeing who gets February!

So a little while ago you may have noticed this little advertisement going around, I first saw it on Fashion Feed and decided to have a go at applying. I was a little nervous applying, I always am. I don't think there is a person out there who likes rejection and I am always worried I am not up to par with other models on SL. Lets face it, there are some amazing, talented and gorgeous models that grace SL. I logged on one morning to a couple of congratulation messages, and I wasn't quiet sure what I had done lol. The lovely Nezsy told me to check the blog and I did... and there was my name. I was so excited and I am so so looking forward to working with not only this fantastic Agency but awesome pool of models.

Mannequin Couture Agency is the glamorous and classy model agency in Second Life Metaverse. This Agency is created by expert people in Sl fashion lane; aida Ewing founder and designer of Beauty Avatar and Amberly Boccaccio, famous Italian model and director of many fashion shows. The models casted to the MCA are as follows.

Congrats to:
Tempest Rosca
Livia Mastroianni
Enchanteddreams Bebb
Synthia Quintessa
Nezsy Herstein
Laya Felisimo
Sabine Blackburn
Summer Deadlight
Lizzyox Allen
Agtaope Carter
Mischa Cuttita
Veronica Krasner
Jesika Contepomi
dianny3636 Aeon
Shayla McBride
Channen Gossipgirl
Bierno Yoshikawa
Brutus Martinek
Jennaa Loire
Guy Seiling
Deeta Aeon
Sydney Nitely
And our TopModel:
angy2705 McGinnis
Elena Ewing
georgie Lyle
Alexiaa Allen

GLANCE International Agency, has been very busy of late! The thing I love about GLANCE is they are always doing a show and working hard to make it as dynamic as possible. I have done some of the hardest walks for GLANCE on some of the most intimidating catwalks I have seen on SL. To be honest though, I loved every moment of it. GLANCE has made me a better model and a slightly more confident one and I really want to thank them for that.

GLANCE International Agency is a full service Fashion Public Relations Agency based in Second Life. Offering fashion-related photography and graphic designs, style consulting, fashion shows coordination, fashion designers promotion, model academy and modeling career development. They really do offer it all.

You can check out their blog at...

On January 30th at 6:00pm SLT I did the Nardcotix and Phoenix Rising show with GLANCE. This show was a press preview (VIP) for the massive Elf Fala Lands, Grand Opening!

The Elf Fala Lands Grand Opening was held on January 31st 2009 and you can now go to the SIM and check it out for yourself. Believe me, you will want to the designs are just brilliant! While you are there make sure to check out Kieran Devebec of Chloe's. Oh my goodness the jewellery is to die for! You can see all the details and check out the winners of the photo contest at the website which is...

Anyway back to the show, the models for this amazing GLANCE show were...

Kurvy Rhode
Antuanet Forcella
Haruka Kish
Jennaa Loire
Nezsy Herstein

The best thing about this is you can go to GLANCE TV and check out this awesome VIP fashion show planned by GLANCE International Staff team for Nardcotix & Phoenix Rising. It is available to view at the GLANCE blog or click on the link below and it will take you directly to the Youtube version. This sensational video was done by Synthia Quintessa. Great job Synthia, this video rocks!

GLANCE TV - Nardcotix & Phoenix Rising VIP Show.

Lastly... I thought I would mention this. It is a awesome idea and I think it's great that anyone can enter. So make sure you hit Angel Dessous and get those enteries in. All the details are below and it's a great chance to win some fantastic prizes! Great idea EWING!

The Ewing Fashion Agency is pleased to announce that we are now administering the Angel Dessous, Angel of the Month selection. We will begin this February 1st by conducting a search for the March Angel, and continue with each successive month.

Each month photos will be accepted via the Angel Dessous-Angel of the Month Flickr Group from the 1st to the 20th. Photos should be tagged with "Angel Dessous", "Angel of the Month", the month of submission (e.g. "February" for the first month) and the name of the lingerie set.

A panel of three judges comprised of EFA and Angel Dessosus staff members and third party professionals will select the best three. The top photo will be awarded the following:

L$10.000 from Angel Dessous
Angel Of The Month designation for the month following your entry.
Photo shoot in a new/recent Angel Dessous release for display in the Angel Dessous main store.
30% discount to the Ewing Elite Model Training Program (subject to acceptance to the program).

Two honorable mentions will each receive an Angel Dessous store gift card and a 10% discount to the Ewing Elite Model Training Program (subject to acceptance to the program).

All photos are to be of models in Angel Dessous lingerie. Selection will be based on model looks, styling and creativity.

Each month, the selected Angel will be announced on the EFA Fashion Blog and in RUNWAY Magazine.

This is not a program for just the finished model. We invite all women who enjoy fashion, to enter and show your brilliance in your style, looks and creativity. This is a wonderful way to show yourself off and to win an amazing award. Angel Dessous has such beautiful lingerie items and any woman who puts them on her body will look like a million Linden Dollars and sexy beyond belief. Now is your opportunity, ladies to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, by showing off your beautiful body and becoming more acquainted with the lovely Angel Dessous designs. It is also a fantastic opportunity for the aspiring model interested in entering the Ewing Elite Modeling Training Program. Don't wait apply now.

Well that is it for me for now. Take care everyone and I will try and get my butt back into blogging more. Have an awesome week.
Jennaa xoxo