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I have been a slack blogger I admit it, I have been busy doing so many things and I have not done nearly as much as I have wanted. So I apologize.

Well as I mentioned before I was accepted to undertake EWING model training, which to me was a fantastic privilege as some of the most amazing models have started at EWING and work as EWING models.

EWING Fashion Agency, otherwise known as EFA is an energetic and dynamic group, which was founded by business mogul and model Una Ewing. EFA was setup to develop, train and promote the careers of new and established models and fashion designers in Second Life. They are not a modeling agency. They are a fashion promotions agency. The agency however does have a collection of trusted and trained models that they use in their shows. Let me tell you these models that EFA has, are amazing. The skill and dedication they display is inspiring. If you would like to check out the EFA blog you can click the link on the right side of my page, or just follow this link 

It was a full on course, but I really really feel it has prepared me for what lies ahead as a professional model on Second Life. The staff were so helpful, let alone so nice. They answered any questions we had and 

made themselves available whenever we needed to talk to them. ZoeAnastasia Aeon was my teacher and I really owe her so much, she was amazing and I don't think she knows how much she helped me. Thank you so much Zoe. I really found these classes taught me more than I could ever had hoped. I feel so much better prepared and aware of what it takes to me a model on Second Life. I really do not think that  great percentage of users of Second Life realize what it takes to be a model, let alone walk the runway. I think that is another blog though.

We had a photo shoot as part of our classes, and here is mine. The theme was "Vintage" which I have to say is one of my favourite things to wear. I decided to wear a P.C design, but my goodness I own nearly the whole range... which one lol.  I think the photo is fantastic!

Then there was graduation, oh my goodness graduation. What an experience! Graduation was held on Oct 26th at 1pm SLT. We had to model one of the each of the following, casual, swimwear, smart business, lingerie/loungewear and evening formal. We did not find out till we arrived for graduation om the day if we were actually graduating or not, which was a little scary and a big relief when we found out we all were. The ladies that I did the show with were fantastic and we all helped each other out, which I thought was the best thing. I really found that the friends I have made through my modeling experiences so far is what keeps me coming back for more.

Everything went fine with graduation till at my third walk, a grief er appeared on the catwalk with me, I remained calmed and had a little giggle to myself as a man with goggles started darting towards me rapidly. I stopped and posed and remained calm, while he tried to knock me into the pool that surrounded the runway. I waited till he hit the side and then I calmly walked around him and continued off the runway. I had a good laugh to myself as soon as I got backstage, but was glad that I remained composed on the runway and did not run off or start yelling explicits at him. Tiffany Dragonash was the saviour and banned him super fast from the venue, which saved any more drama. I take from this a great learning experience as no where you go Second Life or real life you are not safe from people trying to ruin everyone else's fun.

The show other than that went so smoothly and every lady did an amazing job! The photos taken here on my page of the graduation show were taken by Ghost Harris who attended the show and snapped these amazing shots of me and the other ladies. So thank you Ghost. In conclusion I would like to send a massive congratulations to.

Imani Enzo
Raine McCellan
Susanna Triellis
Tammy Trommler
VaVaVaaa Voom
Evanesence Blaisdale
Keltoi Recreant

I really look forward to seeing these amazing models, rock the modeling world on Second Life. It was a great pleasure do the show with you all. 

The CAPTURED casting call is all over, and the top 20 has been chosen to be in the January 09 Issue of CAPTURED. I was so so pleased to make it to the top 40 and attend the final round. It was an intense experience, let me just say that. I have never done anything like it before. To even be selected to attend the casting call was much better than I expected to do. With so many applicants, I never dreamt of making it that far. I can not wait to see the January Issue and I am sure all of the models will look amazing! I really would like to congratulate the 20 models chosen, and they truly deserve it after the intense audition process. Congratulations to them all. They are.. and watch out for these names they will keep popping up..

Tschey Ballinger
Tabitha Reinard
Jackson Vantelli
Thalia Jie
Mavi Beck
Puhi Rotaru
Haruka Kish
Nicholai Shepherd
Abandoon Nacht
Sally Yachvilli
Poptart Lilliehook
Elysium Rayna
Makeda Cole
Krystanna Wycliffe
Staci Bernard
Sariella Ashton
Payton Heron
Risa Bright
Jula Carnell
Kimmyko Mayako

On a lighter note, I also did the most amazing hint for Halloween this week, there are around 114 ghosts to find with some amazing prices from fantastic shops all over the grid. This is the best hunt I have done to date! I had an incredible time and loved the goodies! So a big thank you to everyone who was involved and a special thank you to Vain Inc. The Ghost Buster hunt runs from the 24th to the 31st of October... so hurry hurry if you have not done it already! Pick up your starter pack and get hunting!

Well that's it for me for today, I think I might do another post tomorrow about some photos and some of the freebies I have picked up of late. Take care everyone and have a great day xoxo.

Outfit of The Week. AOHARU

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Ok so I have decided to do something a 
little different this week.. and from here on in. 
With all the blog hoping I do, I have really noticed a shortage of male fashion blogs, compared to female. So after seeing this I have decided, to add a male section to mine each week, using friends of mine as models for it. There are some fantastic fashion items out there for guys, and I do admit compared to female items there is nothing, but let us all hope it changes!

So this week I went on a mad, and let me really emphasis the work 
"MAD" shopping spree at AOHARU. So here are some of the items I picked up

from there and happily purchased for my friends.. I love them! AOHARU has a wide range of items, and basically is a one stop shop for everything. Skins, Shapes, Hair, Clothes for males and females, shoes and a fantastic range of Japanese items. 

Machang Pichot is the owner and chief designer for AOHARU, and can I just say she does an amazing job. She released her first product which was the "Japanese Kimono" in 2007 and started to create products as AOHARU's chief designer around the the same time.

AOHARU also have Lucky chairs all over the place, one in the shoe department, clothes department, hair department and in the skins department. The items in the lucky chairs are not dodgy ones either. They are the new and current items and usually a one off.. which you can not buy. Be prepared for some fierce competition for the chairs as there is always a crowd. 

One of my favourite pieces from AOHARU is the socks, which you can see in the picture to your right. They have the most amazing range and they go with so many items. Great for that extra touch. 

You can stay up to date with AOHARU through their website which is and if you are after high quality items at a fraction of the price, head to AOHARU. 

I was amazed at the prices, and they have a range of season wear as well, everything from bikini's to cute dresses for summer, to their new Autumn range which is just fantastic. Lots and lots of colors to chose from and a variety of textures which is always nice. So stop in at AOHARU I think you will get a nice surprise! A big special thanks to mainit and Ghost for modeling some of the items, I will try and talk them into doing it again ladies ;) Have a great week shopping!

Quick Post: CAPTURED!

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Well it is 1:40am, in the morning and I am trying to decide if I should go nap for an hour and a half or stay up with more coffee before I get my call to go to the CAPTURED interviews... my stomach is already feeling little butterflies.. 

I have just cleared my cache and set all my settings to the best possible option for lag.. which I am sure there will be, oh how I hate the lag. Now for anyone who has fallen off the face of SL, and does not know what CAPTURED is, it's a sensational magazine that any model only dreams of being in.

The process is this...

*Opening Casting Call - Deadline was 13th of October.
 (There were around 400 applications)

*Invitation for Close Casting - (106 models were selected, this is what I am about to do) These interviews run from the 18th of October to the 21st of October. 

* Once interviews are done 40 models will go to the next round and receive test photo shoots.

*After this Impacratrice will be determining the final 20 models to be featured in the January Captured book.

*For those who get there... a formal notice should be expected on or before November 1st.

Now the tricky thing is no one knows what it going to happen at the casting call, so I am just going as planned as I can, and hopefully don't end up butt naked and with my shoes up my butt.. the dress code is simple, which is great. We were asked to wear simple hair, Tank Top/Jeans and Quality Shoes. That is all I know though *sighs*.

So this is what I have chosen to wear, very simple but I do love the colors and this is on e of my most loved (by me lol) skins... I know it's a long shot and I know I have a snowball chance in hell of even getting through to the next round, but it is all experience and a great chance to meet other models going through the same experiences.

I really wish everyone the best of luck and not only can I not wait to see who makes it, but I am just so excited to see the next issue of CAPTURED.


Slaps herself - is this really happening?

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Every week I start off saying, what a fantastic week, so busy, this happened and it was fantastic, but I have to say that this week has been one of the most fun and amazing weeks that I have had on Second Life. I have participated in some fantastic events, been to some great shows, started some more classes and been asked to join a model pool and more! I really want to talk about the Tuli opening of her sim "Journey" which I was so privileged to be asked to attend. 

OK so if you have ever read anything on my blog, you will know that I adore Tuli skins, they are simply amazing, in fact all of the skins I wore for my photo shoot with Elysium which are above in a slide show are all Tuli skins. Well Tuli has opened a sim where she has a shop as well as some other fantastic designers shops on the Journey sim, there is Amerie's naughty, Dutch Touch (Which myself and Tiffany Dragonash were lucky enough to wear), Tesla and the list goes on.. you really have to visit it to take in not only how beautiful the sim is, but how brilliant the shops are.  

My favourite event of the whole weekend of events was the "Pretty in Pink" party which was held on the Saturday from 2-4pm and it even went on after that. I have never seen so much pink in the one place, and it was sensational. We danced to fantastic music, there was a sale on pink items all around the Journey sim and there was all so a fantastic goodies bag filled to the brim with delectable goodies. The photo to the left is taken by me at the "Pretty in Pink" party. If you would like to see any of the photos from the 

event, like the one above taken by Elysium, you can see them at Elysium Eilde's photo stream on flickr at... http://wwwflickr,com/photos/ely_eilde/sets/72157607918033112

Or if you are interested in checking out Second Look Studios who supplied the models for the event, you can have a look at their blog

I am so excited to say that from that event, Second Look Studio's asked me to join their model pool, which I am just so excited about as all the team were just so lovely and friendly and I had the best time over that weekend. It really confirmed for me why I wanted to do this on second life and I really could not be more thrilled to join such a well respected and fantastic group. Thank you so so much. 

I all so started attending some more classes this week, luckily enough I was selected by EWING Fashion Agency, model training which I am enjoying so much. I have to say the catwalk element is a little more full on that I am used to, but practice, practice and I know I can do it. *fingers crossed*. My friend Imani is joining me in the classes so it is always great to have someone to help you out along the way. I am very much of the opinion that is this industry, you can never top learning and there is always something new and interesting to learn. I really enjoy pushing myself to be the best I can be, and this does not mean buying as many hairs as possible, even though I do love my shopping, but I think it comes down to practice, patience and working as hard as you can. Show your dedication to this amazing industry and it is sure to thank you back.

I decided a little while ago to apply for CAPTURED magazines casting call. It is always nerve racking applying for these things, being a newer model and not having nearly the experience of a lot of the other models on second life, it's intimidating. I look at it as it all goes down to experience and the more I work the better I am sure to get. I was very shocked to receive a invitation to attend an interview and even though there are 100+ models attending, I am so so happy to just get to this point. Lets just hope I get there OK and no shoes end up up my backside..

CAPTURED magazine comes out 4 times a year and is sensational and if you have not had the chance to have a look you really must. CAPTURED magazine has 5 main elements to it, 

In my opinion Impacratrice Breiz is a genius, and it is well worth the time to have a look. You can get a copy of the magazine from this website.

I am all so so thrilled to mention that a great photographer who has taken a few photos for me, has had one of her photos selected to be the the next front cover for "Uncover Magazine". The second issue which will be out soon, had a competition on flickr and I am so happy to say that Adonaira, has had her photo selected as the winner. An interview with Adonaira will all so be published in the magazine, which I can nit wait to read. The theme for the contest was "Event" and there were some sensational entry's. The photo that Adonaira's that won was a photo she took of me, so I am so thrilled for me, but all so a little excited that a photo of me will be gracing the front over of a magazine! 

You can look at Adonaira's flickr site here...

Plus you can check out all the great entries for the Uncover magazine competition at their flickr site which is...

Congratulations to Adonaira's, you totally deserve it! 

ps. I will post a link when the new edition comes out so you can all have a look.

I was all so lucky enough to be involved with the InStyle Fashion Agency with their fantastic event for the American Cancer Society, when they hosted a street fair on Oct 15th. The event ran from 9am to 8pm. There was a silent auction, street performers, vendors, it was sensational. Please if you have the chance visit the InStlye Fashion Boulevard and make a donation to one of the ACS Kiosk in the month of October, as we all know it is breast cancer awareness month in America and we all know someone who has been affected by it. So please stop and make a small donation, every $L counts. Thank you!

Oh do not forget to get along to the Boulevard Agency on Saturday Oct 18th at 11am for the chance to see all 20 of the Miss SL Universe finalists, this will be a fantastic chance to see them all together and watch them be formally presented. I can't wait to see them all up there. Waves her Aussie flag madly for Chalice... Oi Oi Oi.

Well that about wraps it up for me, for this crazy week, take care everyone and have a fantastic week shopping xoxo.

Halloween GIft Time!!

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OK so Halloween is not big in Australia at all, but I am starting to fall in love with the whole idea since I have received so many fantastic items on Second Life, from very generous people. I have to say it's fun to get dressed up and explore all the crazy skins, hair, clothes and jewellery. I have compiled a picture of me, yes it's me from some items I have picked up... now where is the lollies!

Skin: Was a fantastic gift item from Tuli! There were four skins in the pack and they even came in the cutest pumpkin container... I can not tell you how much I love Tuli! This skin is
Tuli Elizabeth - Halloween 08, Gothic with web. (FREE ITEM)

Hair: Is a new release from Magika Hair, It's called MAGIK and comes in a bunch of fantastic colours. I am wearing blond D. (NOT FREE)

Necklace & Earrings: From Violet Voltaire, they are called Lollipop Guild and they came from a lucky chair in the main shop. The pack all so came with a bracelet that can't be seen in the photo. (FREE ITEM)

Clothes: This is a fantastic piece, it's from Insolence and is called Scarlett in black. It even comes with spare ties in case you accidentally drop one or misplace one, fantastic idea. (NOT FREE)

Eyes: From Miriel, they are standard size and in the shade of Blue Ice. (NOT FREE)

I am sure I will be doing another one of these before Halloween... have a great week everyone xoxo.

Outfit of The Week.

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Dress: Cachet, Seven Dress in black.

Shoes: Stiletto Moody's, Black Pump with ankle strap.

Earrings: Swallowtail, prim long, earring black, Double.

Hair: Laqroki, Style Biscuit in ashblonde.

Skin: Tuli, Emily light, Sultry 3.

Eyes: Miriel standard eyes, Zircon.

Eyelashes:Redgrave, Showgirl lashes.

Nails:Laqroki, Manicure 11 (black)

You get rid of me for two weeks!

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Well time for another blog before you get rid of me for two weeks, I am off to Vietnam and so no more posts... well for two weeks anyway :) I know, I know I can see you all clapping your hands and breathing in relief...

This week has been an intense week for me, trying to get ready to go overseas in real life and trying to keep up with everything in second life. I have not had the time that I usually would have for looking around the shops or visiting as many runway shows as I would have liked to! I did however go to one amazing one. Instyle Fashion Agency, presented New Elegance, The fashions of Styles of Edo. It was an incredible show, and the clothes were divine, the models perfect and everything went like clockwork! I was so impressed by the whole show, it was fantastic! I have been trying to get to as many shows as I can, it's a great way to see what is out
 there and what the models do.

I am also in a show this coming Friday, which I am so so excited about, mainly because I love, love, LOVE her skins! So please join us for the opening of Tuli's sim, Journey this Friday 10th of October from 3pm -5pm SLT. The models of Second Look Studio will be modeling skin, clothing, shoes, hair and jewels from over a dozen of Journey's shops, while DJ Sumner Deadlight will provide the music for this afternoon celebration. So why not come dance, see the fashion and have some fun. It's a gorgeous sim so why not bring your camera along and take some snaps as well. I can not tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of this event, and how much I love Tuli's skins so I can not wait... I better boost up my linden balance before I go shopping for her news skins! 

I was so excited as well to do a photo shoot for Tuli's skins with the amazing Elysium Eilde as a photographer and another gorgeous model.. Tiffany Dragonash. Oh my goodness is this model amazing and has a fantastic personality to match her gorgeous looks. It was a pleasure meeting her and I can not wait to hopefully have more to do with her in the future. She is all so running for SL Miss Universe, for Miss Finland.. so I am really looking forward to seeing how she does as well.

There has been some sensational magazines, gracing SL this week, I have read...

*The best of Second Life October Issue 08
*Modavia Fashion Directory III
*RUNWAY October 2008 Vol 1 Issue 8.

Not only have these magazines some insightful interviews, they all so have some fantastic shopping locations and awesome articles. I can not recommend them highly enough! So do yourself a favour and pick them up! There are vendors for them all over SL, so just don't walk past people. 

I can not tell you how much I am looking forward to all the upcoming Miss SL Universe events, these include.. and if you are seriously interested in modeling in SL you should pay close attention, these lovely ladies are the best of the best..

*18th October Official press presentation of all the 20 finalists...

*29th November Crystal Formal Ballroom Dance, where Miss Elegance will be elected and announced at the pageant.

*6th December Miss SL Universe 2009.

Well that is it for me this week, I am about to post the outfit of the week though.. and then I am off for two weeks :) Have fun shopping everyone! xoxo