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Ok so I have decided to do something a 
little different this week.. and from here on in. 
With all the blog hoping I do, I have really noticed a shortage of male fashion blogs, compared to female. So after seeing this I have decided, to add a male section to mine each week, using friends of mine as models for it. There are some fantastic fashion items out there for guys, and I do admit compared to female items there is nothing, but let us all hope it changes!

So this week I went on a mad, and let me really emphasis the work 
"MAD" shopping spree at AOHARU. So here are some of the items I picked up

from there and happily purchased for my friends.. I love them! AOHARU has a wide range of items, and basically is a one stop shop for everything. Skins, Shapes, Hair, Clothes for males and females, shoes and a fantastic range of Japanese items. 

Machang Pichot is the owner and chief designer for AOHARU, and can I just say she does an amazing job. She released her first product which was the "Japanese Kimono" in 2007 and started to create products as AOHARU's chief designer around the the same time.

AOHARU also have Lucky chairs all over the place, one in the shoe department, clothes department, hair department and in the skins department. The items in the lucky chairs are not dodgy ones either. They are the new and current items and usually a one off.. which you can not buy. Be prepared for some fierce competition for the chairs as there is always a crowd. 

One of my favourite pieces from AOHARU is the socks, which you can see in the picture to your right. They have the most amazing range and they go with so many items. Great for that extra touch. 

You can stay up to date with AOHARU through their website which is http://www.aoharu.info and if you are after high quality items at a fraction of the price, head to AOHARU. 

I was amazed at the prices, and they have a range of season wear as well, everything from bikini's to cute dresses for summer, to their new Autumn range which is just fantastic. Lots and lots of colors to chose from and a variety of textures which is always nice. So stop in at AOHARU I think you will get a nice surprise! A big special thanks to mainit and Ghost for modeling some of the items, I will try and talk them into doing it again ladies ;) Have a great week shopping!

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