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Well it is 1:40am, in the morning and I am trying to decide if I should go nap for an hour and a half or stay up with more coffee before I get my call to go to the CAPTURED interviews... my stomach is already feeling little butterflies.. 

I have just cleared my cache and set all my settings to the best possible option for lag.. which I am sure there will be, oh how I hate the lag. Now for anyone who has fallen off the face of SL, and does not know what CAPTURED is, it's a sensational magazine that any model only dreams of being in.

The process is this...

*Opening Casting Call - Deadline was 13th of October.
 (There were around 400 applications)

*Invitation for Close Casting - (106 models were selected, this is what I am about to do) These interviews run from the 18th of October to the 21st of October. 

* Once interviews are done 40 models will go to the next round and receive test photo shoots.

*After this Impacratrice will be determining the final 20 models to be featured in the January Captured book.

*For those who get there... a formal notice should be expected on or before November 1st.

Now the tricky thing is no one knows what it going to happen at the casting call, so I am just going as planned as I can, and hopefully don't end up butt naked and with my shoes up my butt.. the dress code is simple, which is great. We were asked to wear simple hair, Tank Top/Jeans and Quality Shoes. That is all I know though *sighs*.

So this is what I have chosen to wear, very simple but I do love the colors and this is on e of my most loved (by me lol) skins... I know it's a long shot and I know I have a snowball chance in hell of even getting through to the next round, but it is all experience and a great chance to meet other models going through the same experiences.

I really wish everyone the best of luck and not only can I not wait to see who makes it, but I am just so excited to see the next issue of CAPTURED.


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