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Every week I start off saying, what a fantastic week, so busy, this happened and it was fantastic, but I have to say that this week has been one of the most fun and amazing weeks that I have had on Second Life. I have participated in some fantastic events, been to some great shows, started some more classes and been asked to join a model pool and more! I really want to talk about the Tuli opening of her sim "Journey" which I was so privileged to be asked to attend. 

OK so if you have ever read anything on my blog, you will know that I adore Tuli skins, they are simply amazing, in fact all of the skins I wore for my photo shoot with Elysium which are above in a slide show are all Tuli skins. Well Tuli has opened a sim where she has a shop as well as some other fantastic designers shops on the Journey sim, there is Amerie's naughty, Dutch Touch (Which myself and Tiffany Dragonash were lucky enough to wear), Tesla and the list goes on.. you really have to visit it to take in not only how beautiful the sim is, but how brilliant the shops are.  

My favourite event of the whole weekend of events was the "Pretty in Pink" party which was held on the Saturday from 2-4pm and it even went on after that. I have never seen so much pink in the one place, and it was sensational. We danced to fantastic music, there was a sale on pink items all around the Journey sim and there was all so a fantastic goodies bag filled to the brim with delectable goodies. The photo to the left is taken by me at the "Pretty in Pink" party. If you would like to see any of the photos from the 

event, like the one above taken by Elysium, you can see them at Elysium Eilde's photo stream on flickr at... http://wwwflickr,com/photos/ely_eilde/sets/72157607918033112

Or if you are interested in checking out Second Look Studios who supplied the models for the event, you can have a look at their blog

I am so excited to say that from that event, Second Look Studio's asked me to join their model pool, which I am just so excited about as all the team were just so lovely and friendly and I had the best time over that weekend. It really confirmed for me why I wanted to do this on second life and I really could not be more thrilled to join such a well respected and fantastic group. Thank you so so much. 

I all so started attending some more classes this week, luckily enough I was selected by EWING Fashion Agency, model training which I am enjoying so much. I have to say the catwalk element is a little more full on that I am used to, but practice, practice and I know I can do it. *fingers crossed*. My friend Imani is joining me in the classes so it is always great to have someone to help you out along the way. I am very much of the opinion that is this industry, you can never top learning and there is always something new and interesting to learn. I really enjoy pushing myself to be the best I can be, and this does not mean buying as many hairs as possible, even though I do love my shopping, but I think it comes down to practice, patience and working as hard as you can. Show your dedication to this amazing industry and it is sure to thank you back.

I decided a little while ago to apply for CAPTURED magazines casting call. It is always nerve racking applying for these things, being a newer model and not having nearly the experience of a lot of the other models on second life, it's intimidating. I look at it as it all goes down to experience and the more I work the better I am sure to get. I was very shocked to receive a invitation to attend an interview and even though there are 100+ models attending, I am so so happy to just get to this point. Lets just hope I get there OK and no shoes end up up my backside..

CAPTURED magazine comes out 4 times a year and is sensational and if you have not had the chance to have a look you really must. CAPTURED magazine has 5 main elements to it, 

In my opinion Impacratrice Breiz is a genius, and it is well worth the time to have a look. You can get a copy of the magazine from this website.

I am all so so thrilled to mention that a great photographer who has taken a few photos for me, has had one of her photos selected to be the the next front cover for "Uncover Magazine". The second issue which will be out soon, had a competition on flickr and I am so happy to say that Adonaira, has had her photo selected as the winner. An interview with Adonaira will all so be published in the magazine, which I can nit wait to read. The theme for the contest was "Event" and there were some sensational entry's. The photo that Adonaira's that won was a photo she took of me, so I am so thrilled for me, but all so a little excited that a photo of me will be gracing the front over of a magazine! 

You can look at Adonaira's flickr site here...

Plus you can check out all the great entries for the Uncover magazine competition at their flickr site which is...

Congratulations to Adonaira's, you totally deserve it! 

ps. I will post a link when the new edition comes out so you can all have a look.

I was all so lucky enough to be involved with the InStyle Fashion Agency with their fantastic event for the American Cancer Society, when they hosted a street fair on Oct 15th. The event ran from 9am to 8pm. There was a silent auction, street performers, vendors, it was sensational. Please if you have the chance visit the InStlye Fashion Boulevard and make a donation to one of the ACS Kiosk in the month of October, as we all know it is breast cancer awareness month in America and we all know someone who has been affected by it. So please stop and make a small donation, every $L counts. Thank you!

Oh do not forget to get along to the Boulevard Agency on Saturday Oct 18th at 11am for the chance to see all 20 of the Miss SL Universe finalists, this will be a fantastic chance to see them all together and watch them be formally presented. I can't wait to see them all up there. Waves her Aussie flag madly for Chalice... Oi Oi Oi.

Well that about wraps it up for me, for this crazy week, take care everyone and have a fantastic week shopping xoxo.

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welcome to SLS!! the journey sim opening weekend was a ton of fun, i'm so glad they've asked the additional models to join.


Aww thank you vixie... hahaha it was great fun and I can not look at Avocado's the same way ;) I was so thrilled to be asked, in total shock hahah!