You get rid of me for two weeks!

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Well time for another blog before you get rid of me for two weeks, I am off to Vietnam and so no more posts... well for two weeks anyway :) I know, I know I can see you all clapping your hands and breathing in relief...

This week has been an intense week for me, trying to get ready to go overseas in real life and trying to keep up with everything in second life. I have not had the time that I usually would have for looking around the shops or visiting as many runway shows as I would have liked to! I did however go to one amazing one. Instyle Fashion Agency, presented New Elegance, The fashions of Styles of Edo. It was an incredible show, and the clothes were divine, the models perfect and everything went like clockwork! I was so impressed by the whole show, it was fantastic! I have been trying to get to as many shows as I can, it's a great way to see what is out
 there and what the models do.

I am also in a show this coming Friday, which I am so so excited about, mainly because I love, love, LOVE her skins! So please join us for the opening of Tuli's sim, Journey this Friday 10th of October from 3pm -5pm SLT. The models of Second Look Studio will be modeling skin, clothing, shoes, hair and jewels from over a dozen of Journey's shops, while DJ Sumner Deadlight will provide the music for this afternoon celebration. So why not come dance, see the fashion and have some fun. It's a gorgeous sim so why not bring your camera along and take some snaps as well. I can not tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of this event, and how much I love Tuli's skins so I can not wait... I better boost up my linden balance before I go shopping for her news skins! 

I was so excited as well to do a photo shoot for Tuli's skins with the amazing Elysium Eilde as a photographer and another gorgeous model.. Tiffany Dragonash. Oh my goodness is this model amazing and has a fantastic personality to match her gorgeous looks. It was a pleasure meeting her and I can not wait to hopefully have more to do with her in the future. She is all so running for SL Miss Universe, for Miss Finland.. so I am really looking forward to seeing how she does as well.

There has been some sensational magazines, gracing SL this week, I have read...

*The best of Second Life October Issue 08
*Modavia Fashion Directory III
*RUNWAY October 2008 Vol 1 Issue 8.

Not only have these magazines some insightful interviews, they all so have some fantastic shopping locations and awesome articles. I can not recommend them highly enough! So do yourself a favour and pick them up! There are vendors for them all over SL, so just don't walk past people. 

I can not tell you how much I am looking forward to all the upcoming Miss SL Universe events, these include.. and if you are seriously interested in modeling in SL you should pay close attention, these lovely ladies are the best of the best..

*18th October Official press presentation of all the 20 finalists...

*29th November Crystal Formal Ballroom Dance, where Miss Elegance will be elected and announced at the pageant.

*6th December Miss SL Universe 2009.

Well that is it for me this week, I am about to post the outfit of the week though.. and then I am off for two weeks :) Have fun shopping everyone! xoxo

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