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This week, I was impelled to put together an outfit with some of my favorite items. The dress is one of my best loved items from one of my favorite stores LeeZu. It is so amazingly colorful and there are many more shades to choose from in store. The puzzle cube is a cute novelty that is actually a generously free gift from CHABINNS. I hope you enjoy these items as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.

Jennaa Wears:

Dress: [LeeZu!] Catch Lily Dress - In the shade of blue. (Buy here)
Hair: I LOVE OLIVE Celine Hair. In the shade of Dark Blonde. (Buy here)
Earrings: [glow] studio ~~DeLyn~~ FATALE EARRINGS round. They come in 3 color pack (black, purple and red). Worn here in the shade of red. Fantastic earrings. (Buy here)
Skin: Lara Skin-Alexia in the shade of electric blue pale. (Buy here)
Eyes: Poetic Color - eyes by LL - bright - fairy dale (medium size). (Buy here)
Eyeliner: [ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01 colour changing.. so many colors to choose from, simply something to go with everything. (Buy here)
Nails: [Detour] Nails - Lacquer - In the shade of Ruby 1. (Buy here)
Shoes (not seen): [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Electric Colors) - Electric Red. (Buy here)

Cube Puzzle: CHABINNS - CubePuzzle. *FREE*. Such a cute little gift to celebrate the opening of CHABINNS. There is also a fantastic clock for free there as well to grab. Really cute items, can not wait to go back and grab some more. (Get it here)
Tree: Botanical - Heart's Desire. Love this so much, you can change the heart to say whatever you like. (Buy here)
Grass: Botanical - Particle Grass 1. (Buy here)


Reflections Of Jennaa - The Great Freebie Room Challenge.

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It's no secret that I am a massive fan of homes, furniture, decor and garden items on SL. One of my favorite ways to spend my SL time is to go shopping for fantastic pieces for my home. It was my passion for decorating that led me to start up a flickr group for people to add photos of their homes, furniture and decor items and share their wonderful skills. It was with this flickr group that I had the pleasure of coming across the wonderful Nemisis. You can check out the flickr group here....
SL Furniture, Decor & Homes:

It was with great pleasure that one afternoon I was checking out one of Nemesis's photos that I saw she was doing a challenge for a freebie room. Check out Nimesis's blog for more details and to see her awesome freebie rooms that she has put together. So the rules are there arent really any rules but I guess the ones I stuck too were items had to be available currently! (or at least were when I posted this) and cost no more than $1L. Items you have made are allowed but I am guessing to keep them at a minimum to be fair. Check it out here:


Loungeroom Set: [Foursquares] Teeko Set: Includes 2 recliners, sofa, middle table and 2 lamps not pictured. *FREE* (Get it here)
Cushion On Floor: .:NsB:. Pillow Book Female - Free Welcome Gift. *FREE* (Get it here)
Tray On Table: .:NsB:. Bordeaux Tray - Christmas gift by NOTsoBAD. *FREE* (Get it here)
Picture On Wall: .::DARE::.. Coffee Break - Art. *FREE* (Get it here)
Plants: [ keke ] white potted flower & [ keke ] vase w black flower. *FREE* (Get them here)
Clock: *chronokit* Clock No012 - Metis - Medium Sized. *FREE* (Get it here)
Statue: AG-Styles - Female Torso Statue. *FREE* (Get it here)
Taken In: [Baustein] Chill unfurnished. *FREE* (Get it here)



Desk: *~MMG's~* Workdesk&chair_1prim [coffee shade] *FREE* Luckyboard prize. (Get it here)
Bookcases: The Hobo Pawnshop (Designer Arcadia Asylum) - Hobo-Bookcase. *FREE* (Get it here)
Plant: One Prim Plants @ Sampireun Design - Dutch Iris Freebie. *FREE* (Get it here)
Suitcase: DCCXXIII groupgift - DCCXXIII TRUNK02. *FREE* (Get it here)
Bowl On Shelf: .::PopArt::. Vase mec. L$1. (Get it here)
Newspapers: Bookbinder & Bookshop - stacked newspapers - *FREE* (Get it here)
Laptop: Domi Design free laptop. Purchased on Xstreet. *FREE* (Get it here)
Lamp: norðari. Lamp.creamflower *FREE* (Get it here)
Calendar On Wall: [KALAVINKA] caca calendar 8. *FREE* (Get it here)
Rug: *Y's HOUSE* Rug_wool01/Ivo_b. *FREE* (Get it here)
Taken In: [Baustein] Chill unfurnished. *FREE* (Get it here)



Bed: .::PopArt::. Bisi Sexbed. L$1 (Get it here).
Art On Wall: The Hobo Pawnshop (Designer Arcadia Asylum) - KITSCH-Art-Collection. *FREE* (Get it here)
TV: [LA] Model in a Televisor Retro - Gift. *FREE* (Get it here)
Lamps: { what next } Lottie Lamps - SubscribomaticGift. *FREE* (Get them here)
Plant: *chronokit* happa 01. *FREE* (Get it here)
Oil Lamp, Cases, Diary & Daisy Jug: The Loft: A gift for you. Dixie Decor. *FREE* (Get it here)
Room Divider: norðari. - room divider. *FREE* (Get it here)
Dress On Hanger: *MIU* coco (platinum) (Cupid hunt item) *FREE* (Get it here)
Taken In: [Baustein] Chill unfurnished. *FREE* (Get it here)


Jennaa XoXo

Reflections Of Jennaa - Joy Fellini's Love.

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Jennaa Wears:

Dress: Fellini Couture- For my love gown. *New Release*. (Buy here)

Skin: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::JoLie:: Cream - LilacEyes CL2 EBBlond. (Buy here)

Hair: W&Y HAIR 74 *TYPE*C. (Buy here)

Eyes: pc eyes by LL - ocean - blue surf medium size. (Buy here)

Eyelashes: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: Eyelashes ::JoLiE:: . (Buy here)

Earrings: Alienbear Design (Eostre Earrings Multi-MS). (Buy here)

In The Room:

Stairs: (BauStein) by mainit Hellman, Grand Staircase Photoset. This is a fantastic photoset, love it! Makes taking photos a breeze and the detail is just amazing!(Buy here)

Candles: Dendre's sculpties - Sculpted candle (touch to turn on/off) (Buy here)

Plant: ~La'Licious~ Teacup Planter Topiary. (Buy here)

Vase Of Roses: Alchemy's Attic - Vase of Heirloom Roses. (Buy here)

Note: Thanks goes out to mainit Hellman for providing his spunky legs for this photo.

Jennaa XoXo

Reflections Of Jennaa - Divine Fellini

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Reflections Of Jennaa - Divine Fellini

For a long time I have been an admirer of joy Fellini's photography. Just one look at her stream on flickr can take your breath away and transport you Worlds you can't imagine. You can sit there mesmerized taking in the whole piece of art before your eyes and get lost in the dreamy creations.

You can imagine my anticipation when I discovered she had opened a store displaying her own unique clothing designs. I could hardly wait to venture into the store and lay eyes what I could only presume would be breathtaking and flawless designs. The reality of my discovery was even more rewarding and wonderous than I had anticipated. When I entered her store it felt like I had walked into a realm of glamour, luxury, grace, and sheer elegance.

I strongly urge you to visit joy's gorgeous store and not only check out this amazing new release "Divine" but also all her other stunning and inspiring creations. You will also find some exquisite lingerie designs and I guarantee, you won't be disappointed.

Jennaa Wears:
Dress: Fellini Couture- Divine *new release*. (Buy here)
Shoes: Maitreya Verve Plum. (Buy here)
Skin: Lara Skin-Alexia purple pale. (Buy here)
Hair: Magika Hair - Gala - In The Shade Of Blonde D. (Buy here)
Eyes: Poetic Color - pc eyes by LL - ocean - blue surf (medium). (Buy here)
Eyelashes: *Glam Affair* CELEBRITY - Eyelashes 15 (Tintable). (Buy here)

In The Set:
Trees: New Trails -Wintertree. (Buy here)
Clock On The Left: Patron - Nouveau Libertine Clock. (Buy here)
Clock On The Right: atmosphere works* wall clock-D*003 small. (Buy here)
Moon: :+:SS:+: (:+:Studio Sidhe:+: ) Goddess Moon [Multi-Pose]. (Buy here)
LOLO dragonfly. These are just adorable. (Buy here)
Grass: FluffyGreen Meadows, Heath meadow M3. (Buy here)

Jennaa XoXo