Outfit of the week.

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As I promised I am going to start doing an outfit of the week, and I decided to start with something simple and classy, especially to hit the shops in. I love wearing a great pair of jeans with a fantastic top and love to flash it up a little with accessories. 
This outfit includes...

Jeans are Forina by, =DeLa*=

Shirt is grey in the open style by, DUTCH TOUCH.

Shoes are change color bow ballet shoes, by, *OC* (The best thing about these shoes are they were only $10L and they have heaps of color options)

Handbag is from *Muism*, it is chaine leather in black. (This bag comes with animations so is fantastic to wear and you can wear it on either left or right side, oh and hand option as well).

Hair is by ETD and is in the style Sofia, color is strawberry blond. ETD hair is sensational! 

Earrings are a fantastic bargain I picked up for $25L and there are three sets, from *G&S*. I am wearing the black pearl option.

Happy Shopping XoXo

*** Congratulations to Lilly ***

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I just have to make a post and congratulate my friend Lillyanna Rose Ohl on her fantastic achievment of graduating from EFA Modeling School!!

I am so so proud and happy for her, she is amazing model, who I just know is going to take the Second Life modeling world by storm!

If you would like to see more of Lilly she has a blog as well as a wonderful Flickr site..

Here are some snapshots taken by Ghost of her doing her graduation show.



Graduation Week!

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Well school is out, and I want my summer holidays! Oh wait we don't get any that stinks, I had my order of long island ice tea's ready at the bar! I officially graduated from Instyle Fashion Agency Modeling School this week and loved every moment of it. 

Our Graduation was on the 27th of September from 12pm - 2pm. We had a fantastic show and we were wore outfits from Samsara Nishi from Sam's Secret Boutique. Sam's Secret Boutique is situated in Rue D'Antibes (201, 187, 28)

Everyone wore something different and we all had red hair, which is a first for me! It was great fun!! Every single person did an amazing job, and there were only a few little tiny mistakes, but we all had a great time. It was fantastic experience and was a completely different feel to the Second Life Miss Universe walks I had done.

We all so received our photos from the photo shoot we did and here in mine, well the finished product, which is a heap heap better than the snapshot I took. But then again what do you expect. I really can not put into words how fantastic the school was and how much I have learnt. It has been amazing, and I can not wait to continue on to new and amazing things. 

If you are wondering about the outfit, even though you can not see the fantastic cowboy boots I had on *damn* the dress is from 
Mimikri and is called Paris Nude. The hair is from ETD and it is called Willis in the shade of Strawberry. The pears are from ~Muse~, which I have to say is in my top 2 jewellery shops on SL. I love, love their items! I all so added a flower to my hair, for a little more detail. The other girls from the agency received their photos as well and they were just amazing. The chosen winner was Juliette Pashinin, with her gorgeous photo.
 So congratulations to her as she really did deserve it, she looked amazing!

So with Graduation over, no more classes and more time to shop haha, ooo and attend as many fashion shows as possible. I have decided to start a weekly idea of putting together an outfit a week and talking about it on here. Lets face it we all get the magazines and don't you just hate it when they don't tell you were the items are from! 

This week a good friend started up his photography business on Second Life, praise the SL gods, finally Lilly was able to talk some sense into him. He is one of the most creative, intelligent, insightful people I have met on Second Life. The art community will now know what hit them! He named his business Idle Minds Photography, which I think is quiet fitting.  His work is amazing, you can have a look for yourself. This one is of me, even though this is brilliant you should see his others! Go Ghost!!

Even though this week has been filled with fantastic things, including a fantastic photo shoot with Elysium Eilde, which you can see in the slide show at the top. Oh my god, you have no idea how much I adore this amazing person art. Her work is like no other in Second Life. She is simply, simply amazing! I can not thank her enough for the amazing photos and the chance to meet such a beautiful creative soul. Second Life is lucky to have her. You must check out her Flickr site, be prepared to pick up your jaw up from the floor and no I am not talking about my photos even though they do kick butt. *giggles*

I have had a bit of trouble this week, trying to get my head around a Second Life relationship I had, and hopefully do have to some extent. I could write a heap of stuff here about how I am so confused about where Second Life and Real Life stops. But I think that could be a whole post in itself. I will say though that even though they are just pixels on the screen when you meet someone on there you are meeting a real person. Once you get to know them you see their personality and their true self, and that is what I loved about this person. I just hope I have not stuffed up a fantastic friendship. 

Oh My Gosh!

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Did someone say sleep, what is that? I have to say this week I am lacking sleep in real life.  This week has been such an incredible busy one with some highlights and oh my goodness some embarrassment! 

Lets start with the bad and get that out of the way first, then I will feel much better! I attended my first ever casting today for a fashion show on second life. I prepared 3 quick change folders, the note card as instructed and got nicely dressed and teleported over. I was not sure what to expect, but thought hey it can't be worse than Miss Universe Second Life, and I have done two live auditions for that now. Oh my how I was wrong. It was a great, great learning experience and something I will never forget. We were called in groups of 5 and then were asked to move to stations, first was the quick change station, which I thought beauty, I have done this at class, a photo shoot I will be fine. How wrong I was! For some reason my items did not load and every item that was trying to attach itself was being timed out! I nearly died of embarrassment and I didn't know what to do. I clicked on my HUDDLES really quickly to make sure I was at least standing properly and it froze, would not move! I couldn't believe it, but finally after three attempts my items started to appear and I felt a little better! Oh well what can you do haha! I then moved with my group to the catwalk station. I thought ripper, I have done this and practiced and practiced at InStyle so I will be OK. Oh no... the catwalk was different from the ones I had walked on. Down the left, pose in the centre and then walk back up the right... luckily I managed to do this without one problem, or without hitting the invisible barrier.. with a perfect pose. Thank goodness! Now I know, I will not be selected for one of the spots for the show from the live casting, but I am looking at it as a wonderful learning curve, the chance to better myself and it was great to see and meet all the people there. They release the names tomorrow, for the show so I can't wait to see who made it!

I attended the Second Life Miss Universe, live auditions last night, well 10am on Second Life, but for me it was 3am! These were the September auditions and seeing I had been called to the August ones as well, I at least knew what to expect. The women were amazing, the walks perfect and the dresses simply stunning! Everyone looked fantastic and I was nervous
 as hell, I really did not want to stuff up my walk. Luckily I managed to fight against the horrific lag, and not fall off the catwalk, and land in Frolic Mills lap. My teacher from InStyle was there, and she told me I did a great job, so that was relieving to hear! I was so happy to just be selected for the live casting, but unfortunately did not make it to the next round! I posted a photo so you can all see what I chose to wear :)  I will be watching from now on in to see who wins Miss Universe 2009! Go Girls!! 

My money is on Chalice Carling - Go the Aussies! 

I finished InStyle Fashion Agency, Modeling School this week and am very much looking forward to Graduation on the 27th. The InStyle Training Graduation Show is on the 27th of September from 12pm - 2pm. I am so so excited about it! I have to say I have been so impressed with the classes, the teachers and all the practical theory. It has been fantastic. For anyone interested in becoming involved in the Second Life fashion industry. It is a great place to learn what it takes to become a model. Believe me I put all my runway theory to fantastic use this week, and I would not have been able to do it without being taught properly! So thank you so so much InStyle Fashion Agency! I can not recommend them enough! I will post some photos of the Graduation for everyone to see!

I have all so had a great time with some friends this week, hanging out, exploring new places,  and of course shopping! I have spent sometime with a special friend this week, and I have really really enjoyed it. No one makes me laugh like they do. They have held my hand through some of the tough stuff this week, and been so supportive and helped me immensely and they have no idea what it has meant to me, so to that person, thank you and I really really appreciate it! XoXo                              

Guess what I brought this week...

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Oh my goodness what a week again, first off I have to say, my lovely and gorgeous friend Lilly, had some amazing pictures taken and I have to put one on here.. she looks amazing and I have to let everyone see it! Lilly do not kill me, but you look stunning! If you are interested the picture was taken by Adonaira Aabye, who is just incredible at what she does!

Well this week has been a rather interesting week for me, I have been going to classes every day for InStyle Fashion Agency Training, and have learnt some fantastic things and meet some incredible people who are also interested in becoming involved in the fashion industry in Second Life. The instructor has taught us some amazing things which I am very much looking forward to putting into practice when attending an interview, oh my goodness well at least I hope I get an interview at some stage.

We also had a photo shoot where the theme was 
"Country". Now coming from Australia when someone says that I instantly think of flannel shirts and bloodstone boots, but I did not think that was appropriate so I went for a cute little dress with some cowgirl boots, a flower in my hair, pig tail plaits and some old pearls. May sound a little weird, but I think the end result was pretty good. Some of the outfits the other girls came up with were just sensational. Here is a picture of what I wore... 

We will find out at the end of the week who wins the competition and who gets another shoot. I have my money on Imani (girl in my class) she looked amazing! I am really looking forward to class this week and to keep seeing all the amazing outfits that the girls wear each day!

I found some amazing shops this week, Second Life is always surprising me, just when you think you have seen it all, something new and amazing jumps up and slaps you in the face. 
This week it was several slaps... but I have to say I fell in love with AOHARU! Oh my goodness, how I fell on my face and did not want to get up at this sensational shopping district. Not only is it amazing quality, its cheap and they have such a range! Guys, Girls, Shoes, Hair, Skins and even accessories! I will make a photo gallery in the next few days and add it so you can have a look at some of the amazing outfits and items that they have there. Go check it out, you may want to increase your linden balance before going though!

I also thanks to Frolic Mills and his fantastic Best Of Second Life group came across a place called, Acid Mall! This place had some of the most detailed pieces I have seen on Second Life. They have women and mens clothing, skins, shoes, and jewellery. Oh and even handbags!
They even have furniture on the top floor of the shop. Actually I might make the gallery in a mixture of the two. 

Oh yes, and I am off to a fashion show in the morning, can't wait. So I will be writing a blog about that tomorrow as well! For anyone else interested here is the flyer! :) Go check out the site..

So come and have a look on Monday 15th of September at 12pm SLT! Entry is free during the two week event. Just click on the black feather to be teleported to the newly decorated Fashion Show area. I can't wait!

Have a great week!!

What a week - Can't wait for the next!

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What a week this week has been for me on Second Life. I have had some amazing experiences and visited some sensational spots for some shopping...ooo and some more shopping. I have been spending a heap of time reading a heap of the online blogs for fashion designers and other models in Second Life and I have to say my respect and admiration of them is only growing. 

I decided after becoming a JCNY showcase model and a Pre-Finalist For SL Miss Universe, that I had better actually get some official training for being a model. I only knew that I loved shopping, I loved fashion and I have a crazy obsession with photography. I didn't know how to do all the things that these "Proper" models on Second Life knew how to do. I decided to research some of the agencies with the help of my beautiful best friend and we came across quiet a few. 

I ended up deciding to apply for InStyle Fashion Agency. InStyle Fashion Agency is one of the most well known professional fashion agencies on the grid, managing more than 35 professional models, and who;s modeling school is in high demand due to the training and photography services which they offer. InStyle Fashion Mall also brings some of Seconds Life's finest fashion  together in the one place. For the premium shopping experience. Which face it we all love. 

InStyle Fashion Agency has a fantastic website worth checking out, not only for it's fantastic information about their modeling school, but also the services they offer, their models, calender to keep up to date with all the important dates and some brillant sections for fashion reviews, fashion shows and fashion trends. The garment Rack, Blog is a must read for any serious Second Life shopper. Take the time to go and check out the site..

Luckily enough I was selected for an interview for Instyle, and I arrived quiet nervous after failing to teleport several times. The interview process was insightful to not only see and meet professionals in the business but to also meet other inspiring models and to see where they are coming from and what they have achieved. Everyone was lovely and the members of staff at InStyle were more than accommodating to any of our questions we had.

Then this morning i received a lovely instant message from Tenna at InStyle to say that I had been selected to undertake the InStyle Modeling School Program. I was so excited and thrilled, as there are just so many gorgeous women out there in the metraverse! The tuition includes a two week course, which starts tomorrow for me. We are instructed by experiences model instructors  and I can not wait to meet them. The course covers some interesting areas such as, Industry realities, Runway theory and practice and Casting and interview preparedness.

Now all I need to decide is what to wear to the first day of classes *giggles*

I was also lucky enough this week to have a photo shoot with Adonaira Aabye this week in Second Life. My best friend showed me her photography on Flickr and I was taken back by how gorgeous it was. She said she had arranged a photo shoot with her so of course I had to do the same. I am keen as to see hers when she gets them as I am sure she will looking stunning and I am so looking forward to getting the photos back in 2-3 weeks and I will be posting them all for you to look at when i get them. In the meantime check out her Flickr site as she is just amazing and her photography is breathtaking. 

I'll keep you posted with what happens this week and I am also going to publish a blog tomorrow on some fantastic skins I have found lately.. xoxo and happy shopping!

Apply May Designs Cuts it?

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Quiet a while ago I came across a store called Apple May Designs, and was quietly impressed with their shop and the array of items that they offered for sale. Over the last month my appreciation has increased significantly for them. I adore there range, there really is something for everyone and there quality of textures and designs are vast. The best thing is they are not even that expensive! The best thing about Apple May Designs, is it is a one stop shop. They offer everything from a rocking outfit and shoes to skins and hair at "another level".

Apply May Designs offer Sexy classy clothes at a great price! They have all kinds of styles from casual, punk formal or even high fashion. They have a wonderful group on Second Life that is well worth joining as well.

They all so have a fantastic website that keeps you up to to date
with everything going on and all the new releases, as well as letting you see what is in the store, without leaving the comfort of your Second Life lounge chair.
http://www.applemaydesigns.com It is a must that you go and check it out! It has photos of their runway show as well, which was held on the 8th of August.

Apple May Designs are all so running a Flickr contest at the moment, and the winners will receive a 1000L gift certificate as well as having their picture displayed in the store AND used for the Apply May Designs magazine's ad's. So if you are going to enter, make sure you include your Second Life name in the description.

Three winners will be picked and it ends on Sept 15th so hurry people!

Just this morning on Second Life as I was setting up my photo studio, so that I can take photos to post on here. My best friend entered and she was wearing a little black number from there. She looked divine (Well then again she always does) but the dress fitted her perfectly and didn't look like it cost so little.

So I have decided to add some photos here just to show you how good they are, I would love to hear any comments you may have about the clothes and Apple May Designs.

The Very Start:

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I have been on Second Life for about seven months now, and it that time I have seen, experienced and done a heap! I really can not believe how much I have explored. I don't really know why I started SL to be honest. I was searching for something else and it popped up. So I thought hey why not...

To start with I was like any newbie... all ruthed up and looking mighty fine. I thought an outfit worth 25L was expensive... oooo how much I have learnt since then. I started shopping and oh goodness try and stop me now. I have actually formed a little bit of an addiction to it. *blushes*

There are so many wonderful designers and creative people on Second Life, there is always something new and amazing to discover on there each day. You can change you look completely in a matter of clicks.. I am a fashion freak in my first life... so let it continue in Second Life I say!

Not only am I lucky enough to experience fantastic shopping in Second Life, I am privileged enough to have met some of the most incredible people. I have my one and only best friend, who I can share anything and everything with. She amazes me every day and I count myself incredibly lucky every day to have found her. So I am sure you will see pictures of her and I on our little shopping adventures.

I am so looking forward to sharing my Second Life adventures with you, and chatting with all of anyone who cares  to read about the fashion industry in Second Life.