The Very Start:

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I have been on Second Life for about seven months now, and it that time I have seen, experienced and done a heap! I really can not believe how much I have explored. I don't really know why I started SL to be honest. I was searching for something else and it popped up. So I thought hey why not...

To start with I was like any newbie... all ruthed up and looking mighty fine. I thought an outfit worth 25L was expensive... oooo how much I have learnt since then. I started shopping and oh goodness try and stop me now. I have actually formed a little bit of an addiction to it. *blushes*

There are so many wonderful designers and creative people on Second Life, there is always something new and amazing to discover on there each day. You can change you look completely in a matter of clicks.. I am a fashion freak in my first life... so let it continue in Second Life I say!

Not only am I lucky enough to experience fantastic shopping in Second Life, I am privileged enough to have met some of the most incredible people. I have my one and only best friend, who I can share anything and everything with. She amazes me every day and I count myself incredibly lucky every day to have found her. So I am sure you will see pictures of her and I on our little shopping adventures.

I am so looking forward to sharing my Second Life adventures with you, and chatting with all of anyone who cares  to read about the fashion industry in Second Life.

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Lillyanna Ohl hugs Jennaa Marie tight. I do not know what I would do without you in (?). Your beauty, talent, humor and creativity never cease to amaze me and I love you so much! I cant wait to find out all the stores this blog will lead us to!