Graduation Week!

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Well school is out, and I want my summer holidays! Oh wait we don't get any that stinks, I had my order of long island ice tea's ready at the bar! I officially graduated from Instyle Fashion Agency Modeling School this week and loved every moment of it. 

Our Graduation was on the 27th of September from 12pm - 2pm. We had a fantastic show and we were wore outfits from Samsara Nishi from Sam's Secret Boutique. Sam's Secret Boutique is situated in Rue D'Antibes (201, 187, 28)

Everyone wore something different and we all had red hair, which is a first for me! It was great fun!! Every single person did an amazing job, and there were only a few little tiny mistakes, but we all had a great time. It was fantastic experience and was a completely different feel to the Second Life Miss Universe walks I had done.

We all so received our photos from the photo shoot we did and here in mine, well the finished product, which is a heap heap better than the snapshot I took. But then again what do you expect. I really can not put into words how fantastic the school was and how much I have learnt. It has been amazing, and I can not wait to continue on to new and amazing things. 

If you are wondering about the outfit, even though you can not see the fantastic cowboy boots I had on *damn* the dress is from 
Mimikri and is called Paris Nude. The hair is from ETD and it is called Willis in the shade of Strawberry. The pears are from ~Muse~, which I have to say is in my top 2 jewellery shops on SL. I love, love their items! I all so added a flower to my hair, for a little more detail. The other girls from the agency received their photos as well and they were just amazing. The chosen winner was Juliette Pashinin, with her gorgeous photo.
 So congratulations to her as she really did deserve it, she looked amazing!

So with Graduation over, no more classes and more time to shop haha, ooo and attend as many fashion shows as possible. I have decided to start a weekly idea of putting together an outfit a week and talking about it on here. Lets face it we all get the magazines and don't you just hate it when they don't tell you were the items are from! 

This week a good friend started up his photography business on Second Life, praise the SL gods, finally Lilly was able to talk some sense into him. He is one of the most creative, intelligent, insightful people I have met on Second Life. The art community will now know what hit them! He named his business Idle Minds Photography, which I think is quiet fitting.  His work is amazing, you can have a look for yourself. This one is of me, even though this is brilliant you should see his others! Go Ghost!!

Even though this week has been filled with fantastic things, including a fantastic photo shoot with Elysium Eilde, which you can see in the slide show at the top. Oh my god, you have no idea how much I adore this amazing person art. Her work is like no other in Second Life. She is simply, simply amazing! I can not thank her enough for the amazing photos and the chance to meet such a beautiful creative soul. Second Life is lucky to have her. You must check out her Flickr site, be prepared to pick up your jaw up from the floor and no I am not talking about my photos even though they do kick butt. *giggles*

I have had a bit of trouble this week, trying to get my head around a Second Life relationship I had, and hopefully do have to some extent. I could write a heap of stuff here about how I am so confused about where Second Life and Real Life stops. But I think that could be a whole post in itself. I will say though that even though they are just pixels on the screen when you meet someone on there you are meeting a real person. Once you get to know them you see their personality and their true self, and that is what I loved about this person. I just hope I have not stuffed up a fantastic friendship. 

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