Apply May Designs Cuts it?

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Quiet a while ago I came across a store called Apple May Designs, and was quietly impressed with their shop and the array of items that they offered for sale. Over the last month my appreciation has increased significantly for them. I adore there range, there really is something for everyone and there quality of textures and designs are vast. The best thing is they are not even that expensive! The best thing about Apple May Designs, is it is a one stop shop. They offer everything from a rocking outfit and shoes to skins and hair at "another level".

Apply May Designs offer Sexy classy clothes at a great price! They have all kinds of styles from casual, punk formal or even high fashion. They have a wonderful group on Second Life that is well worth joining as well.

They all so have a fantastic website that keeps you up to to date
with everything going on and all the new releases, as well as letting you see what is in the store, without leaving the comfort of your Second Life lounge chair. It is a must that you go and check it out! It has photos of their runway show as well, which was held on the 8th of August.

Apple May Designs are all so running a Flickr contest at the moment, and the winners will receive a 1000L gift certificate as well as having their picture displayed in the store AND used for the Apply May Designs magazine's ad's. So if you are going to enter, make sure you include your Second Life name in the description.

Three winners will be picked and it ends on Sept 15th so hurry people!

Just this morning on Second Life as I was setting up my photo studio, so that I can take photos to post on here. My best friend entered and she was wearing a little black number from there. She looked divine (Well then again she always does) but the dress fitted her perfectly and didn't look like it cost so little.

So I have decided to add some photos here just to show you how good they are, I would love to hear any comments you may have about the clothes and Apple May Designs.

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