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Oh my goodness what a week again, first off I have to say, my lovely and gorgeous friend Lilly, had some amazing pictures taken and I have to put one on here.. she looks amazing and I have to let everyone see it! Lilly do not kill me, but you look stunning! If you are interested the picture was taken by Adonaira Aabye, who is just incredible at what she does!

Well this week has been a rather interesting week for me, I have been going to classes every day for InStyle Fashion Agency Training, and have learnt some fantastic things and meet some incredible people who are also interested in becoming involved in the fashion industry in Second Life. The instructor has taught us some amazing things which I am very much looking forward to putting into practice when attending an interview, oh my goodness well at least I hope I get an interview at some stage.

We also had a photo shoot where the theme was 
"Country". Now coming from Australia when someone says that I instantly think of flannel shirts and bloodstone boots, but I did not think that was appropriate so I went for a cute little dress with some cowgirl boots, a flower in my hair, pig tail plaits and some old pearls. May sound a little weird, but I think the end result was pretty good. Some of the outfits the other girls came up with were just sensational. Here is a picture of what I wore... 

We will find out at the end of the week who wins the competition and who gets another shoot. I have my money on Imani (girl in my class) she looked amazing! I am really looking forward to class this week and to keep seeing all the amazing outfits that the girls wear each day!

I found some amazing shops this week, Second Life is always surprising me, just when you think you have seen it all, something new and amazing jumps up and slaps you in the face. 
This week it was several slaps... but I have to say I fell in love with AOHARU! Oh my goodness, how I fell on my face and did not want to get up at this sensational shopping district. Not only is it amazing quality, its cheap and they have such a range! Guys, Girls, Shoes, Hair, Skins and even accessories! I will make a photo gallery in the next few days and add it so you can have a look at some of the amazing outfits and items that they have there. Go check it out, you may want to increase your linden balance before going though!

I also thanks to Frolic Mills and his fantastic Best Of Second Life group came across a place called, Acid Mall! This place had some of the most detailed pieces I have seen on Second Life. They have women and mens clothing, skins, shoes, and jewellery. Oh and even handbags!
They even have furniture on the top floor of the shop. Actually I might make the gallery in a mixture of the two. 

Oh yes, and I am off to a fashion show in the morning, can't wait. So I will be writing a blog about that tomorrow as well! For anyone else interested here is the flyer! :) Go check out the site..

So come and have a look on Monday 15th of September at 12pm SLT! Entry is free during the two week event. Just click on the black feather to be teleported to the newly decorated Fashion Show area. I can't wait!

Have a great week!!

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Thanks for the compliments baby! I love you so much! Lets go shopping!