New Fall Release from Paper Couture

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I am madly in love with Paper Couture and I refuse to hide from the fact, so you can imagine my delight when I logged onto Second Life today to receive a group notice saying that Paper Couture's Fall Collection was now available in their store. My eyes lit up and my instant reaction was to head to the store straight away. 

First off all though I watched the video that was linked
 to in the group notice, and I have to say WOW! I love the creativity, it is unique, the colors everything. I fell more in love with Paper Couture than I possibly could have dreamt possible. For anyone interested here is the link to the simply stunning clip.

Now do not get me wrong, I understand there are quiet a few people out there, who can not stand Paper Couture and think that the Lu sisters have lost their marbles. Can we all recall the blog from

Paper Couture = No Future, according to Posh Pride. Well I think they might be eating their words.  In particular how busy Paper Couture's shop was when I went there. The place was packed and not only were people buying the sensational jewellery but the outfits as well. Paper Couture is not about everyone being able to wear it, but in my opinion, fantastic sisters taking their creative genius to the grid. Their work is about art not about if it can be worn or not by everyone. Besides who says you can not wear it.. unwearable my goodness, I don't know what she was thinking saying that!

 Their textures, prim work and colors are amazing! in my opinion the Lu sisters are one of the most amazing things to hit the fashion world on Second Life and we are lucky to have them!

The thing I truly love about Paper Couture is that they are different, I am sorry but I love to wear something different and I would be more than happy to wear a Lu sister creation out that some outfit that every Sally, Jane and Sarah are wearing.

The Fall collection is my favourite of theirs so far, and I can not wait to wear it at every possible chance I get. I love the hats in particular that come with some of the outfits. You can see one from the "Turtle Dove" outfit at the top of the blog.. and I love the crystals. Anything with sparkle works for me. As you can probably tell birds is a major component and the feather textures are just amazing, take for example the picture just below. This is from the "Lush" Outfit.

There is all so a fantastic "Fall goodies" bag as you walk in the door, and this is filled with detailed, high quality items such as face masks, tights and wall art. A must to pick up. If you are one of these people who think Paper Couture's outfits are a little of the wall, remember they do have the most amazing jewellery, shoes, glasses and bags. *cough cough* which I own nearly all of them.

So in conclusion, I love the new Fall range and will be going back to pick up a few more items! I would really like to thank the Lu sisters for being the amazing artists they are, and providing me with the inspiration to keep being involved with the fashion industry on Second Life. Diversity is what makes the world go around!

Congratulations Paper Couture on a fantastic Fall collection!

PS. All the clothes, face masks and jewellery items from the photos in this post are from Paper Couture's new Fall Collection.

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