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I had the most intense, petrifying, intimidating and amazing experience yesterday and I just wanted to write about it. So please excuse the following post as I rant and rave. As most models and people in the fashion industry on SL would know, yesterday was the Modavia first call back, for their fall casting. After submitting an application with photos and a very brief statement about your experience as a model, a certain amount of models were selected to attend a runway casting on November 30th at 12 noon.

Everyone was waiting and IM's were starting to fly back and forth on the Wednesday before if anyone had heard anything, anything at all. Had anyone got an invitation or a rejection? I logged onto SL on the Thursday morning and was very shocked, nervous and excited to receive my inventory offer and quickly dropped it on the ground to see what it was. To my utter joy I saw "You are invited to attend". I'm sure the people in the SIM where I dropped it where like what is that crazy person doing? As I run around the box to see what was written on it. I honestly did not even think I would make it to the first runway casting call, and was so excited that I did. 

Modavia are offering 5 supermodel positions and if I understand correctly 30 models will go through to the next runway casting on December 14th from yesterdays casting. When we find out who knows, but to me I am just so proud to have it made it this far.

I don't think that ever in my SL life, have I felt so nervous as when I teleported into the casting room. I assumed we would be doing it in small lots, like 15 models at a time, but oh no it was all at once. I have never been in a room with so many talented, stunning and "big time" models. I really felt like I should be sitting in the corner or peeking out from around the corner looking at them and taking notes. Hold on that kinda makes me sound weird, but I just felt like I didn't belong. 

I have only been modeling for nearly 7 months now, so to be in a room and walking the same runway as these incredible models was just overwhelming. It was great to see some models helping each other, giving tips and answering Questions. I think everyone was relieved when the beautiful Chalice Carling yelled out how she had just walked on the hole in the middle of the catwalk and it wasn't an actual hole and you couldn't fall in lol. I think everyone breathed a sigh of relief then and I know I was blowing a million kisses to her. 

On the other side I was shocked at how nasty some of the models can be, and how they didn't want to help anyone else but themselves. To me we are all in this together and I do understand that it is competitive and none of us like the rejection, but come on we all have to deal with it at some stage. To me, that does not stop us helping each other, being supportive and doing everything we can to make it the best it can be for everyone involved.

I just want to say that every model there did an amazing job! I left after my walk to try and cut down on the lag for the people who had to walk after me, but every model I did see walk did so well. I looked around the rooms a few times and saw some of the most beautiful and some "unique" avatars which was fantastic as I think that is what makes modeling so amazing on SL. 

I wish every model the best of luck, and I know who ever makes it to the next runway casting truly deserves it. You were all incredible and I have my fingers and toes crossed for you all. 
Jennaa xoxo

ps. You can check out the Modavia supermodels here at

Oh and do not forget to get your copy of the sensational Modavia Directory in world. It's an amazing publication that is filled to the brim with gorgeous items! 

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From Brazil a friendly hello with my best wishes:

Awww thanks Geraldo, a friendly hello from Australia right back at ya :)

oh hun this was beautifully written! and, i know you did wonderfully! miss chalice was a godsend, so helpful and peppy! i wish you luck hun!


Great photo hun and written from the heart. This things I know are absolutely terriying and ask any model in SL, it doesnt matter how long youve been doing it, the fear is always there. I must admit I did laugh out loud about Chalice's comment. That is just so like her and can hear her saying it. Best of luck to you darling. Be good, but most of all remain fantabulous x

That was some casting! And you wrote beautifully about it. Ando dont't let anyone tell you otherwise - 7 months is quite some experience in this fashion world.
Lag was bad messs was worse, but we all got through it in the end. And you hit an important point - what makes it all work backstage is team work, there's no room for drama when it counts the most.
Good Luck! :)

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for all your kind, caring and supportive comments. It's nice to know that other models especially fantastic models like yourselves feel the same. I wish you all the best of luck and I have every possible body part crossed to see each of your names on the final casting list :)
Good Luck!! xoxo

Awwwww sweet Jennaa. What a lovely thing to say :-)))) TY. I just want to say to you that not only do you deserve to be there, you are utterly gorgeous and they'd be mad not to take you :-) My fingers and toes are totally crossed for you.

Hugs hugs hugs xxx Cha Cha

WOW Jennaa! You described it as it really was for me! My heart was racing so far at the time I had to do my walk... I swear I felt like I was having a heart attack! LOL! But it was a truly great experience and as you said, I'm happy to being chosen at least for the first casting call and to had the chance to be there with some of the best models around SL :)
And yes, I finally had the pleasure to meet in person some truly models as Chalice and Vixie, to name some of them :)
Hugs to you and keep going on!


I think we were all about to come out of our skin! It was a great experience to meet people I haven't had the chance to meet before. Your blog is lovely, even if it's taken me such a long time to find it!

<3 Olyvia Zenovka