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In case you have been living in a hole for the last month on Second Life, I thought I better make a post about the Miss Virtual World 2009 that is happening tomorrow. 19 Amazing, talanted and beautifu contestants will be competing, for the title.

10:30 AM SLT

There are going to be over 40 never before seen couture dresses, The biggest 4 SIM, thats right 4 SIM theatre ever built in SL. Which is just stunning by the way, I peeked. Mankind Tracer will be there as well as Jonas Lunasea.

These gorgeous 19 contestants will compete for the crown of all crowns. I am so excited and nervous so I hate to image how the poor contestants are feeling. I thought seeing all these ladies are just so stunning I would do a brief description for each of them so you can get to know them a little better. I have to admit I am a little biased towards the gorgeous Chalice Carling due to the fact that she is an Aussie and she is one of the nicest people I have had the joy of coming across on SL. If it was not for her, I would not be the model I am today. So I will be in the crowd waving my little Aussie flag. I would also like to admit that I will be hoping for Tiffany Dragonash and ZoeAnastasia Aeon. These two amazing ladies taught me everything I know at EWING and I wish them the best of luck! They are truly amazing models.

Chalice Carling - MISS AUSTRALIA

(photo taken by: Zinc Karas as part of the SL Miss Universe interview for Best of Second Life Magazine.)

Blog: http://chalicecarling.blogspot.com/
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24239843@N04/

* JCNY winner June
* New Modavia model
* Evane Supermodel
* Captured muse - Briez Creative Concepts
* Second Look Studio - model pool
* Resident Zanphoria model
* Runner up Audacious model search
* Placed in BiancaF "This is Me" competition
* Won place in Maeva 2009 calendar
* Model for Chambre du Chocolate televised show on SLTV
* Numberous runway shows Accapulco Mall (various designers)
* Interview and pictorial for Model and BOSL magazines (September editions)
* Photo shoot for BOSL magazine (Japanese Inspiration - September edition)
* Alady supermodel 2008 (in store promotion)
* Runway co-ordinator for University of Idaho 'Business Wear Fashion Show'.

Sally Yachvili - MISS BRAZIL

*Nominated model of the year RUNWAY MAG
*a.C Store GManager/Marketing
*Glox GManager
*Comme Il Faut GManager
*Graphic Designer
*Captured Model
*JM Model
*Modavia Supermodel
*MMS Face Fall 2008
*a.C Co-Designer and Creative
*Runway Kidz Model
*Metro Model
*H2O Art Design
*Avenue Model
*Timeless Model

Alexa Trefoil - MISS CANADA

*Blogger for Timeless Agency: http://timelessagency.blogspot.com/
* Miss Costa Rica Sims 2009 Runner Up
* Miss Costa Rica Sims 2009 Miss Photogenic
* Boulevard Top Model
* Modavia Model
* Graduate of Ewing Fashion Agency
* Faces Model
* Studio Red Model
* unTamed Model
* Crabe Model
* Timeless Agency Model
* Element6 Model
* Model for Rfyre on SLTV segment

Maxie Daviau - MISS COSTA RICA

*Model for Boulevard Agency
*Miss Elegance" 2009 Cost Rica
*Miss Congeniality" 2009 Costa Rica
*Miss Costa RIca" 2009


Blog: http://www.virtualblonde.blogspot.com/
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/laceyalderson/sets/72157604434016660/
* Boulevard Top Model
* Modavia Model
* Indyra Originals Model
* Top 10 - Second Life's Next Fresh Face

ZoeAnastasia Aeon - MISS GREECE

(Gabrielle Sinatra took this portfolio pic for me wearing Baiastice Dem.)

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zoeanastasiaaeon/
*JCNY Showcase Model September & July 2008
*EFA Model and Model Trainer
*Avenue Models
*Boulevard Agency
*Premiere Model
*EVANE Top Model and winner of the May 2008 Evane Catwalk contest.
*Training received at Ewing Fashion Agency, Premiere Modeling Academy and Evane's Modeling Agency


*Lead Stylist and Top Model for Runway Magazine
*Avenue Model & Instructor
*MAD Agency Model
*Sophisticated Model
*Starlight Model
*SMM Model

RhiannaLynn Lane MISS IRELAND

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26919402@N02/
*Miss Ireland Finalist 2009
*InStyle Graduate
*Hot Frost Model
*Twilight Gallery Manager

Tiffany Dragonash - MISS FINLAND

*Model for the Ewing Fashion Agency
*Model Trainer for Ewing Elite Model Training
*Writer for the EFA Fashion Blog
*Model for InStyle Fashion Agency
*Avenue Model and Writer
*Runway Magazine Model
*Modavia Model
*Secomd Look Studio Model
*Graduate of Ewing Elite Model Training and InStyle Modelling School

Aleida Rhode - MISS DENMARK

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aleidarhode/
*Miss SL World 2008 for Secondavatar.com
*Second Life Next Fashion Icon
*Winner of Flickr Hair Fair 2008 photocontest
*Winner of Koinup Quintenssence photocontest 2008
*Muism Modelsearch Dec. 2007 - Top 5
*AVENUE Models.

Candi Dreamscape - MISS EGYPT

*Owner of Dirty Sweets Photography
*CEO of Sweetest Model Managment
*Co-President/Trainer of Sweetest Models Institute
*Maeva Step into the Spotlight Finalist

kate Stockholm - MISS SWEDEN

*NOMINEE - 2008 Runway Model of the Year
*photoLIFE Face of photoLIFE 2009
*Head model for Neiva Kumasi Model Agency & Magazine
*Top model for Mallory and Alianna at Opium Fashion Agency
*RUNWAY Magazine Model
*Junior officer and blogista for Runway Kidz
*She also serves the community as a mentor

Mimmi Boa - MISS ITALY

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mimmiboa81/
*Modavia Supermodel
*BLVD Top Model
*Calamity'haute models
*Runway Magazine Model
*Glitter's model
*Runway kids
*BeStyle Agency Head Model
*La belle facon Model
*Premiere Supermodel
*Avenue model
*Sophisticated Model
*Modelle Italia
*InStyle Model
*Evane Head Model and trainer
*ModelX Top Model
*Jen Model
*VictoriaV Model
*Beauty avatar head model and coordinator
*Mode Rage Top Model and coordinator
*Indyra's Model
*Arai Model
*SuperElite Top model and trainer
*Prefinalist for Miss Italia SL 2008
*Winner of the international contest:

Isis Seville - MISS SPAIN

(Taken by: Galatea Zabelin of Isis Seville)

*Vanity Style
*Boulevard Agency Model
*Modavia Model
*face2face Model

Haruka Kish - MISS JAPAN

*belong to FACES,Hathor Models and Metro Models
*LeezuBaxter Designs store model
*Muism Top Model 2008
*The Niven Collection Super Model
*Model for MichaMi
*AltaModa mag cover girl winner and featured in June
*AppleMayDesigns Model Search winner
*Vain Inc.model search winner in beauty
*My fashion coordinate appeared in Second Life
Magazine in RL


Flickr: http://flickr.com/people/dahniella
*Runway Kidz Officer
*Fortunate Productions Model
*KaDeWe Model
*Impressione Model
*Studio Red Model
*Instyle Graduate
*Audacious Top 10 Finalist

Barbarella Fuosing - MISS UNITED KINGDOM

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22533403@N05/
*Modavia Supermodel
*Modavia Producer
*Boulevard Model
*Avenue Model
*DG Model and Models Producer
*Indyra Originals model and Model Manager
*Sana model
*Timeless Model
*Fortunate productions model
*InStyle Model
*BeStyle model

Arabella Graves - MISS USA

Blog: http://www.slpulse.blogspot.com
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pulse_gallery/
*Pulse on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/pulse_secondlife/
*Pulse Public Relations Consultant/Advertising Manager.

Kyrinnia Desmoulins - MISS VENEZUELA

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kyrinnia/
*AVENUE Models
*Boulevard Agency
*Atlantis Modelling Agency
*Red Ruin* Modeling

I wish all of these amazing contestants the best of luck and I can not wait to go and watch it all unveil and see who walk away with the crown. Good luck ladies!

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Oh Jennaa what a wonderful tribute to the Miss Virtual World finalists who have all worked tirelessly to get to this point. They deserve all the kudos they can get. And thank you for you lovely words about me. Today I went further than I ever imagined and am so happy with the outcome. Yay girls you did yourselves proud. Hugs Jennaa xxxxx u rock.