Can I go buy some shoes now? Please!

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I have not done an update lately of everything I have been doing and I apologize. I have been crazy busy and just forgot all about it. I think I have earned myself some shoe shopping, well hold on shopping in general.

One shop I am off to today is Stiletto Moody's shop. AVENUE Magazine is delivering to you in a sumptuous supplement at the launch where Stiletto Moody will be revealing the revolutionary new line of shoes for women which is going to alter the way women walk and view their feet. Stiletto Moody bares it all with this ingenious new line called BARE. Watch AVENUE for the exclusive supplement at 5pm on 16 Dec SLT. In the meantime, here is a sneak peaks of these incredible shoes. Stiletto Moody BARE ©, launch is Tuesday 16th of December at 5pm. This is for Group members only! The Stiletto Moody BARE © system offers a myriad of configurable options through its scripting technology and built in menu including:

- Color matching to any avatar skin.
- Ankle resizing to avatar shapes.
- A full range of nail polishes on every foot.
- Toe rings options for both feet.
- ColorSet fatpacks.
- Changing metal colors where t he shoes have buckles.
- Heel click sounds, a sexy walk and bling where appropriate.
- Powerful menu to control all features.

The Launch is accompanied by 40%-off end-of-year sale! So make sure you get in there to have a look and grab some shoes at 40%! You must be a group member to get the discount.

So.. a little while I posted a blog about the Modavia first call back. I thought that I had better give you an update, and say that I didn't make it further than the first call back. I am so proud to have made it to even the first call back. Don't get me wrong, rejection is difficult and it is something we all have to deal with in our life, let alone our Second Life. We pick ourselves off, brush ourselves down and carry on. I am still in shock that I even made it to the first call back to be honest. To walk with the amazing models that w ere at the casting call is such an honor. I'm not sure who made it and who didn't, but congratulations to all of the models who entered. Can not wait to see the new Modavia directory when it comes out.

I entered the BESTYLE Calendar 2009 competition at the start of December. I didn't think I had a chance in hell of even getting to the first call back on this as well. I was stunned when the list was sent out and my name was on it, with some of the most beautiful, talented and skilled models in Second Life. If you are wondering what this competition is, it's The Best of Italian Style Fashion Center, Bestyle Magazine, and the BeStar Fashion Club are looking for the 12 most beautiful models in SL to be featured on the 2009 BeStyle calendar.

Among all the models who submitted the application they will select a maximum of 30 candidates. The final selection will happen in two shows on December 18 and 19 2008. The models during the show will strut twice in two separate groups each day. The first time in a casual dress and the second time in a evening dress offered by the stylists of the Best of Italian. The jury will be made of stylists, journalists, fashion and beauty experts, and eventually the management of the Best of Italian. The 12 winners (6 each night) will be featured on the Best of Italian 2009 Calendar and will participate in the castings for the next Best of Italian Fashion Shows. So it is an amazing opportunity, and I can not wait to give it all I got. Congratulations to all the 30 fantastic models selected who are:

Mimmi Boa
Wenadrenia Soderstrom
Sharron Schuman
Gamp Lane
Sydney Nitely
Liane Martens
Lainee Baxter
Mia Sanchez
Rhi Rossini
Olyvia Zenovka
Agtaope Carter
Tiffany Dragonash
Elena Ewing
KellyKelly Vendetta
Chamonix Boudreaux
Eira Juliesse
EmeraldEyes Hony
Jennaa Loire
Sally Yachvili
Imogen Miklos
Lorelei Maggs
Sami Kutanaga
Toapz Saunders
Krystanna Wycliffe
Livia Mastroianni
Nicki Praga
Ivyana Szondi
Kay Fairey
Diane Handschuh
Jannah Kohnke

I also want to send out a big CONGRATULATIONS to the RUNWAY models of the year Payton Heron and Jonny Tobias! The awards ceremony was held on December 14th, 9am at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium. This award is a fantastic accomplishment as it stands for absolute professional achievement. So congratulations to you both :)

The Neiva Kumasi Super Model Contest, that I am currently doing is going really well. This week was a little intense but we got through it. We had to do out first Go- C challenge, which was nerve racking, I have never done a commercial before. All the girls were amazing and I now realise the competition is going to be fierce. We didn't find out right away who won, they let us know a few days later when they got us all together. I was so excited to find out that I won this weeks challenge and now an not able to be eliminated this week. YAY! I probably yelled a little hard into the microphone lol.. but I was so excited. Probably means I will go out next week, but oh well at least I won one challenge. We should find out who is eliminated this week, and you keep up with what is going on in the house and the competition by looking at the link below. Yes I am the one with the goofy Aussie accent lol.

Link to NK Super Model Contest on Youtube

The Stylista Festival is happening right now, and there is something happening every day. You can always check the blog for updates and to see what is going on. There are some amazing musicians performing and some incredible shows coming up. There are way to many events to mention so just keep looking at the blog.

Stylista Festival Blog

Some amazing photos are starting to appear on flickr as well. So they are well worth going to check out. I have to tell you about the surprise gifts though. Have you found the surprise gift boxes in the Stylista Festival Lobby yet? I am totally addicted to them and I think they make the perfect Christmas present to give to someone.You can buy a surprise gift for L$1000. Each surprise gift situated on the table in the center of the lobby is valued between L$195 to L$8000, so it is kind of like a lucky dip. You may get something worth less than L$1000 or you might be lucky and get something valued a heap more. What I like about it so much is that you are donating to a wonderful cause as 100% of sales from the surprise gifts goes to Make-A-Wish Foundation of America.Let me give you an idea of some of the designers and shops that have items you may be lucky enough to receive from the surprise gifts.

JCNY Collections
Maggs & Albert - Fine Jewellery
Prinz Photostudio
A&F Photography & Graphics
Nicky Ree
K Design
Long Akward Pose
K & S Jewelry & Accessories
Furniture StyleCraft
Jewelry by Jake
LBD - LeeZu Baxter Designs
Apple May Designs
J Style.
Bax Coen
Stellar Designs

The surprise gift boxes are vanishing fast. More than half of them are gone! So hurry on into the lobby and grab one up for yourself, or give it to someone else as a present. Please remember, after you pay for your surprise gift to take it from the table. We don't want you missing out on your goodies! There are landmarks to all the stores and designers' shops that have donated to this fantastic cause. So if you like, grab a landmark as well. The amazing One-Of-A-Kind creations are there also and are still open for bidding as well as the limited edition items that are available for purchasing. So come on into the lobby and have a look.


Finally, a massive CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Mimmi Boa who was crowned Miss Virtual The Miss Virtual World 2009 representing Italy!

The pageant was held Saturday December 6th from 11 AM to 5 PM SLT by Frolic Mills of "The Best of SL". The event was viewed by a live audience of over two hundred avatars! It was presented by several judges, a dance troupe, and a cast of 18 models representing Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA, and Venezuela. It was an amazing event and I can not wait for next year to watch it all again. Congratulations to all the amazing models and the organizers it was really a landmark event.

Congratulations Mimmi!

Have a great week everyone

Jennaa xoxo

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