Jennaa Is In Lock Down!

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Well again I finally came back to SL after a few days off sick... only to find Jennaa has been put into lock down! My account was completely disabled and I could do nothing with my account at all! So I gave up and called Linden Labs to see what the deal was, and this is not an easy or cheap task from Australia. After sorting the problem out, which didn't take that long surprisingly, I was finally told I could have my darling Jennaa back in 5 working days... ummm 5 working days are you serious! This was a rush through as well. In the first place I was told it would take a week and a half.

Now I didn't mind so much until I found out about how much money had been taken from me and we are not talking about Lindens, even though they can be put back into real life currency as we all know. Yet again some lovely hacker had manged to steal a lot of money from my accounts. This is not the first time this has happened....actually it's the third time for me, and to be honest I am over it! If something is not done to improve security I am wondering if I can possibly ever trust putting my credit info, paypal account or any other form of payment method on Second Life. When I raised my concern about this with a Linden Labs operator I was told their system was safe... so how come this has happened three times to me now?

Hopefully later this week, I will have my darling Jennaa back and can get back to work, but if this happens again I don't know what I will do. I am wondering has anyone else had this sort of problem with Second Life or even if you have had your Second Life account hacked. Honestly people pour a lot of money into this baby, there must be a better way to make it secure!

The only other thing that got me down was the fact that the Modavia castings were going to happen soon, I knew it was around the 24th of May and I wanted to know if I had made the first casting call. There was no way to tell, even from my emails as my IM's had been capped 1 day into being away. Luckily my gorgeous friend Imani told me that I had in fact made the first casting... but there was no way I was going to be able to make it because Jennaa was locked up somewhere with some nasty Linden Labs operator making her eat soup! (For people who don't know me.. not the biggest fan of soup)!

So I won't get there for the first casting and I have sent my apologies, but I want to say best of luck to every single model who was chosen for the casting. Go and walk like a superstar and kick some butt! I can't wait to see...well hear, who makes it to the 15 for the next round. I am sure you all will be amazing best of luck! We would all love to get into Modavia as well... we all know what that means, it's the cream of the crop. Good luck!

I posted my photo above of the snapshot I sent in for the Modavia casting, what a fantastic theme they chose for the first casting! I had a ball putting this together and have to say styling outfits has to be my favourite thing to do on Second Life along side modeling. I love the challenge of being given a theme and working to it. Can not wait for the next casting to give it a crack again!

So my idea is to create an alt and showcase some of the freebies and what items to grab if you are new to SL, to stop you looking like a newbie as soon as possible. We all know it's not easy when you start out on Second Life so I thought it would be fun to show you how to make the most out of your new avatar without spending one single linden. That should keep me busy until I get my Jennaa back. So check back tomorrow for that post!

Also sorry to anyone who has been trying to get hold of me for the past week and a half now.. you can send me an email at if you need to talk to me. I should be back soon...well as soon as they stop force feeding me soup *shudders*! Give it a couple more days and Second Life will not be safe from the shopaholic that is Jennaa.

Jennaa xoxo

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