Blogger Appreciation Week!

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blogger appreciation week is May 11-18th and all I can say is YAY! I have been loving being part of this amazing week and group. This group is for active fashion bloggers and have we been spoiled to death, treated to some fantastic trips down memory lane and I am sure there is more to come. Thank you so much to Callie Cline for this amazing group and week! You rock my little socks!

So many wonderful bloggers spend hours upon hours, putting together outfits, finding SLURL's and working on their spell check (God bless spell check). It really does take a passion to keep writing and blogging on whatever topic you have chosen to dedicate your time too. It can go unnoticed, people can leave nasty comments and some of the time people just don't care. To me though it's all about sharing the creativity that flows from every single person who takes the time to share themselves in some form or another! It may be your own personal styling, your take on a fashion event or a new and fantastic shop you have found and are dying to share. It's all worth sharing and I thank you so so much for the hours of enjoyment you have given me and the courage you have given me to express myself more through blogging. You all are a massive inspiration to me, thank you!

Blogging a designer or a creator can make a huge difference for their sales, their status and can really be a break through moment for them. For an example over 3 years ago, SL's fist blog "Second Style", blogged Callie Cline for the first time. The blog was about one of her vintage dresses and to top it all off Callie was blogged by an Icon in SL fashion history Celebrity Trollop. You can check out the blog here.

Second Style has been around for quiet some time and is still one of the most visited sites for everything you could need to know about the Fashion Industry in SL! My personal favorite concept from this blog is the "Style Calendar". This fantastic section is written by By Rhi Rossini and details all the events happening for that day, weekend and week. Just look up the day you are after. Great for people like me who always forget to add thing to their google calendar. Oh and she adds an SLURL in case you do not already have a LM or you have accidentally deleted your invitation. Oh come on who hasn't done that! Thanks Rhi you are a life saver for me!

Well I had better get back to putting together some of these gorgeous gifts into outfits and doing some blogs about them. I really just wanted to say thank you to all the designers, creators and bloggers out there who are making this week fantastic and well lets be honest the whole damn year! Oh two more things, if you feel like checking out some of the photos of the bloggers putting their gifts to good use check out here.

Some fantastic photos and it just goes to show how creative these bloggers are!

Also I thought I might add a small list now of some of the amazing blogs of people that are in this group. It's only a small selection and I will hopefully get a bigger list put together, but well worth the time to take a peek at these select few and see what I am talking about.

Sasy Scarborough:

HoneyBear Lilliehook:

Sugarr Delight:

Terry Toland:

Ashia Tomsen:

HoneyBear Lilliehook:

Sasy Scarborough:

Thanks guys xoxo

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Thanks for the include in your post Jennaa! Greatly appreciated! :)

Aww, thanks for listing my blog. It's really great to hear that other people like what I do. :3

- Terry