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It's not secret that I have a love for visiting new and interesting places on Second Life, and I honestly can say that there are some places that I go back to again and again and one of those is :+: Studio SIdhe :+: . I first of all was introduced to the gorgeous both in body and spirit Faery Sola on Plurk. Ah wonderful Plurk I can not begin to tell you the amount of incredible people that I have had the privilege of meeting thanks to it... anyway I digress as per usual.

I was first introduced to Faery and we started chatting to each, and soon after was taken to her shop, if you can even call it that as I think it's an experience. I had never ever heard of :+: Studio SIdhe :+: before that, but I am so so glad I was introduced to it. As soon as you land you can pick up on the amazing creativity the flows from this ingenious woman. Even more so, since she has done the new build, which I didn't think was possible. Faery's store has been designed around a theme of fae, which you can tell from the moment you get there. From Faery's flickr page - "Studio Sidhe's focus has always been on creating an atmosphere that to our mind, embodies what SL is all about... imagination & creativity."

:+: Studio SIdhe :+: is a great place to hang out with friends, take photographs (personally one my favourites, she has amazing pose balls scattered everywhere), and explore. Oh did I also mention it's a great place to SHOP! :+: Studio SIdhe :+: has a large variety of items for purchase and I think you will be amazed at the diverse selection. It has everything from...

*Ladies and men's accessories
*Ladies wear
*Wall (You have to try it)
*Other Stuff.

I don't want to give to much away, as I really think you need to go and visit and explore for yourself. As there is just so much to do and explore here.

TP: :+: Studio SIdhe :+:

I use one of :+: Studio SIdhe :+: poses as one of my default poses and it works a treat. I recently also used another one in a competition that I received quiet a few compliments on my posing. I love finding different poses to try and stand out and I have found quiet a few to use from here. I also use :+: Studio SIdhe :+: Multi Pose Stairs in a heap of the photos I do. They are a great staple item to have in your inventory that I promise you will use over and over.

Talking of photography if you would like to you can share any of the photographs you take at :+: Studio SIdhe :+: you can do so by joining the Flickr group:

:+: Studio SIdhe :+: I have to mention has the most gorgeous jewelry, and I just used a piece for my Modavia casting photos. This is a stunning bracelet and you really can not appreciate the detail that goes into it, till you see it on your own hand. It's simply stunning! I personally think Faery pours her heart and soul into her creations and it shows.

(Photo taken from:

So make sure you stop by and check out the amazing store that is :+: Studio SIdhe :+:
Make sure to take some extra lindens... ooo and your camera!

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