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The past few weeks since I did a week to week catch up with you all, has just been insane for me. I have hardly had time to stop and let it all sink in. I have had a blast doing it and can not wait to see what the next few weeks have in store as there is heaps of fantastic competitions and casting calls happening at the moment. As if the last few weeks have not been crazy enough. I also have a mile long list of blogs sitting in my drafts box that I just need to add the final touches to and I will post away. It is amazing what a bout of insomnia allows you to accomplish.

Two massive things that have happened to me over the last few weeks in regards to my modeling career on SL. One is that I have been added to EWING International as a staff member. I can not put into words what this means to me. I can still feel my jaw hitting the hard wood of my desk as I spoke with Tiffany Dragonash about this. You could not get the smile off my face for quiet some time. I respect and look up to Tiffany completely as a model for her skills and her ability, dedication and ongoing work that she does. I sometimes wonder if there is a harder working model on SL.

When I first started modeling, EWING seemed completely out of my depths and I looked on in utter awe of their amazing shows, perfect models and talented staff members. I only dreamt of ever completing their model training and doing so without making a fool of myself. I never ever in my wildest dreams thought that one day I would get the privilege to be able to work amongst these elite group of people. I am even more excited if it is at all possible because there are so many amazing things happening at EWING at the moment! You can check their blog to keep up with whats going on... and you will want to do that!


The Second just amazing thing that has happened to me over the last few weeks, is that I was asked to put in an application to AVENUE, and after doing so was asked to join their simply breathtaking pool of models. When I was IM'd and dropped an application I nearly died and honestly asked where they sure they had the right person LOL. I was honestly and utterly shocked. I was even sure once I had submitted the application it was going to be knocked back.
I am just so so thrilled to be asked to join the model pool, and when I saw the names in the group I was even more flattered. I can not wait to do my first show for them, and I hope to do them proud! I really want to thank everyone that made this possible, I hope to do you proud!

AVENUE really is an amazing premier creative agency that offers so much. Everything from,

AVENUE Magazine
AVENUE Models Academy

AVENUE Magazine is a monthly magazine published by AVENUE Inc of Second Life. This magazine is the Ultimate Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine that covers fashion, architecture, business, entertainment and the arts. You can read it online here.

AVENUE is the Official Partner of the Merovingi Fashion Awards 2009, Which is so exciting! You can check out all the information on the website.

You can check out AVENUE at

website :



On these two sites, you can find everything you could possibly want to know about AVENUE. It really is amazing to show how far AVENUE has come, as when it started in 2007 with just 3 staff, that's right 3! AVENUE now manages over 130 models and staff. I am sure they will continue to change the face of the SL Fashion industry as they have done so for the past 2 years! So looking forward to this!

I have also done some major shopping, some shows that like I said are in my mile long list to publish and I finally finished my house! I really want to do a blog on my house, as I just adore it! So now to a round up of some of the major happening's lately everywhere else.


RoxyLove Darcy
(Photo: Taken from the JCNY Blog)

Well as the month of April came to a close.. where is the year going another winner was announced for Model'Fest at JCNY. This month, the very gorgeous RoxyLove Darcy takes the top spot, while Ebony Chantilly came in as runner up. Congratulations girls!

According to the JCNY blog over 22,000 entries were handed in for this month! Oh my goodness it just seems to get bigger every month. May is already under way, and if you are looking for a great competition and a fantastic way to meet some other models JCNY Model'fest is one of the oldest and the best ones around.

So head on over to JCNY and grab an application and check out the blog for regular updates as to who made it to showcase model week to week and for a summary on the winners of the month. Oh and they also announce new items for sale on this site as well... *hint hint*


(Photo by: Studio Red Events)

On May 2nd, 20 candidates from around the world took the stage at THE PATCH THIBAUD AUDITORIUM to compete for the title of MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2009! It was an intense competition from what I saw and I would personally like to congratulate each of the 20 finalist for getting that far! The handsome finalists were:

1. Phillip Dollinger - Mr. Argentina

2. Brett Diamond - Mr. Australia

3. Atillas Joszpe - Mr. Brasil

4. Stiehl Carver - Mr. Canada

5. Donald Feld - Mr. Cayman Islands

6. Bjorn Delphin - Mr. Costa Rica

7. Shane Hathaway - Mr. Denmark

8. Allenclive Beaumont - Mr. France

9. Clyde Saunders - Mr. Greece

10. Nicholai Shepherd - Mr. Ireland

11. Salvo Waydenlich - Mr. Italy

12. Jack Farella - Mr. Mexico

13. Trond Burnstein - Mr. Norway

14. Jhao Oh - Mr. Portugal

15. Simons Bleac - Mr. San Marino

16. JonmiChel Heron - Mr. Spain

17. Cody Bolero - Mr. Sweden

18. Liam Netizen - Mr. United Kingdom

19. Jarl Soderstrom - Mr. USA

20. Cazzo Decosta - Mr. Venezuela

The judges had a tough job to sort out who was going to take the top five spots... but they were as following.

Mr. Liam Netizen Mr. United Kingdom
Mr. Nicholai Shepherd Mr. Ireland
Mr. Clyde Saunders Mr. Greece
Mr. Cody Bolero Mr. Sweden
Mr. Bjorn Delphin Mr. Costa Rica

Then we sat and waited for some very nervous moments as the judges decided on who was going to be named Mr. Virtual World 2009! Here is what they decided.

4th runner up: Mr. Costa Rica
3rd runner up: Mr. Sweden
2nd runner up: Mr. Greece
1st runner up: Mr. Ireland

The Winner: Mr. United Kingdom - Liam Netizen

(Photo Taken From Liam's Flickr)

Mr. Photogenic was won by - Jarl Soderstorm. So I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing him modeling for a fashion spread on THE BEST OF SL Magazine June issue. Congratulations!

Mr. Congeniality was taken out by - Cody Bolero. This would have been such an honor to win as this particular contest was voted on by the participants themselves. Congratulations!

I have just seen how long this post is... and I think I had better leave it at that for today. Take care and more posts coming very soon!
Jennaa xoxo

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