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I thought about it for quiet some time and I have finally decided to try something new for my blog. It seems a heap of bloggers do a look of the day or this freebie from here or there, I wanted to try something different. So I have come up with "Fashion On Any Budget". My idea is to pick a look and create a complete outfit for the budget conscious, and on the other end of the scale, a complete outfit for those who shop like their is no tomorrrow. I have set a limit of L$300 for the budget conscious outfit and for the other oufit...the sky is the limit. I am always trying to present unique ideas for users of SL and at the same time, challenge my own creativity and ability to style outfits..... I feel that this is an exciting concept and I am looking forward to putting together some fanatstic looks for a broad range of users.


BIKINI: L$0 MichaMi: Soraya Limited Edition Gift. This is completely free and it's a gorgeous green shade. You do not even have to join a group, just TP to the spot below and snap it up quick as it's only there for a week!

TP To MichaMi in Muse

SKIN: L$0 *Beauty Avatar Couture* DELIA Skin. This gorgeous skin is part of a gift given out by Beauty Avatar. So join the group and get it for yourself. Completely free!

TP To Beauty Avatar Couture

EYES: L$1 *Beauty Avatar Couture*, Estate - Stella eyes. These fantastic eyes are part of the *Beauty Avatar Couture* Estate Gift pack. You can pick it up for L$1 just inside the door of the skin area. It includes skin, eyes, eyelashes and a cute little dress. Honestly for L$1 this is a unbelievable value.

TP To Beauty Avatar Couture

HAIR: L$0 *Beauty Avatar Hair* DANI - Chestnut. This lovely hair is part of a gift given out by Beauty Avatar. It has a fantastic pony at the back which you can't see and we all know how hard god quality freebie hair is to come by! So join the group and get it for yourself. Completely free!

TP To Beauty Avatar

SHOES: L$0 *ICING* Color Changing Wedges. Grab them from the freebie area, which is packed with goodies! These wedges have 25 color changing options, so a fantastic grab for free!

TP To *ICING* Mainstore

SHIRT: L$280 AOHARU FlowerChiffonBlouse in Onetone/White. Fantastic shirt, hightly detailed and heaps of options available at the store.


JEWELERY SET: $L0: (luc) Vintage Print Set, LoveLetter. Go over and grab this gorgeous set, for free! They are just inside the door and there are quiet a few options to chose from. You get a necklace, earrings, and two bangles. Amazing detail in these.


SARONG: L$175 *BOOM* Summer Sarong non transparent pink. 8 Shades in both transparent and non transparent - or they have even made it easy with a pack with both.L$175 for one option or L$250 for both transparent and non. Or there are the fatpacks if you can't decide which is usually the option I go for. These are just fantastic and the detail is amazing!

BIKINI: L$295 ShopArmidi, Tricote Nada Bikni in the shade of Charcoal. This bikini comes in a massive amount of shades and has many layer options which makes it great to place around sarong's like this. I brought this online at or you can visit Armidi inworld.

TP To Armidi

SKIN: L$800 :: Genesis :: Candace Apricot "Khoab". Gorgeous skins and Ryker has made a heap of options to choose from. Skins are L$800 each or you can completely splurge and buy the fatpack for L$5000.

TP To :: Exodi :: by Ryker Beck

HAIR: L$100 Kin-Eleanor-[blonde]. I have to say, I love this hair! 11 shades to choose or you can pick up the fatpack with all colors for L$825.

TP To The Body Politik & Kin.

EYES: L$100 *REDGRAVE* Eyes Venus in the shade of SkyBlue.

TP To *Redgrave*

TP To Truth

JEWELRY SET: L$275 Zaara : Kaya Onyx *FAT PACK*. Fantastic fatpack comes with gold and silver options. You get a necklace, earrings and bracelets. Love this to bits.

TP To Zaara


Have fun shopping.
Jennaa xoxo

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