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Meghindo's touch of sensuality has been a favourite of mine for quiet sometimes. I stumbled across it one day while looking for a different type of swimsuit. Since then I have just gone back over and over again to purchase her designs. They are different, glamorous and most of all just amazing qulaity. Meghindo Romano has a new shop on casablanca's and it is packed with all her gorgeous designs. Everything from ball gowns, swimsuits, casual wear and jewelry. If you want to stand out from the crowd and turn heads whereever you go.. there is only one stop Meghindo's touch of sensuality.

TP To Meghindo's At Casablanca

You can check out Meghindo's & Pig Balls mall clothes,animations &lingerie at the below link. Heaps of poses and clothes for you to have a look at as well.

TP To Meghindo's & Pig Balls mall clothes,animations,lingerie.


DRESS: L$10 {Meghindo's} Militar de frunte. This fantastic gown was only L$10 and it includes shoes. Great chance to pick up a gorgeous gown for next to nothing. I have also taken the top and mixed it with pants and a jacket and it just looks amazing!

SHOES: Included with the gown. Great little glass shoes.

TP To Meghindo's at Casablanca's

SKIN:L$0 [RockBerry] Megan A Light (won from the lucky chair). There are 5 lucky boards in this place, so if you are patient enough or standing around chatting in IM's why not stand there and take the chance to win won of these fantastic skins. Really highly detailed and just gorgeous!

HAIR: L$225 >TRUTH< Luna - in the shade of strawberry. L$225 buys you 4 fantastic shades and TRUTH hair is always highly detailed and fits perfectly.


EYES: L$0 (Miriel) Realistic Eyes - in the shade of Earth. I actually managed to pick up a pack of 19 eyes from Miriel quiet a while ago for nothing. She had a fantastic pack full of eyes for free. Miriel's eyes are just amazing in detail and the colors are just divine. Unfortunately when I went back to grab a landmark for this blog I noticed I was not allowed access to the sim... so I immediately headed to her blog and low and behold on Saturday, June 13th 2009 she posted this message. " A heads up: Saturday the 20th will be the last open day for the sim". It's heartbreaking to see such a fantastic creator close up shop. I wish Miriel Enfield the very best and may she find creative happiness in whatever she decides to do.

CROWN: L$9 DOWN DOWN DOWN, at "KAT" Small town. "Pepar crown". Heaps of fantastic odds and ends here and all at a fantastic price. Well worth a check out!




DRESS: L$450 {Meghindo's} Vintage autumn. I am so in love with these dress. The back is just divine and the detail in the skirt just makes me smile every time I look at it. It fits perfectly and moves around the body perfectly as you walk. Gorgeous creation and well well worth the L$450!

TP To Meghindo's at Casablanca's

SHOES: L$985 Stiletto Moody Pinup (Blush Patent). At the moment Stiletto Moody is all closed up until they reopen with the release of their new shoes! Omg there goes my lindens.

TP To Stiletto Moody

SKIN:L$450 [ROCKBERRY] Uma light in the shade of B. These skins are gorgeous and at a sensational price. One skin will set you back L$450 but you can pick up the fat pack in either light eyebrows or dark eyebrows for L$1250 for 6 skins. L$1250 for 6 skins... how good is that! Alot of us pay that for one skin.

HAIR: L$199 Magika Hair - Maya - Blonde in the shade of E. I love Magika hair, fantastic quality at an amazing price! L$199 brought be 5 shades of blonde's. Do not forget to check them out at the hair fair as well!

TP To Magika Body Shop & Fashion

EYES: L$200 pc eyes by LL - bright - in the shade of ice crystal and worn large. Amazing eyes and so many different colors and types to pick from at the store. These are some of my favourite eyes in SL. Lovely detail and they shine like no others.

TP To Poetic Eyes Mainstore

NAILS: L$100 [Detour] Nails - Metallics - Gold 1. There is no need to adjust at all, just wear them as gloves and socks. They are so well detailed and [Detour] have a color for every possible outfit. 52 shades are at the store!

TP To [Detour]

NECKLACE: L$450 Alienbear Designs (Feng Huang Gold Necklace (white)). We all know that Alienbear Gupte creates some of the most gorgeous and detailed items in SL. I know that whenever I am looking for a piece to finish off an outfit I can just head to her stores and pick something up. This lavish necklace comes in gold and silver and there are 4 gorgeous gem colors to choose from. Each necklace is L$450 and you can also pick up matching earrings for L$100. I am so in love with her creations, I will most likely end up getting the whole store.

TP To Alienbear Design In Bratz


Have fun shopping.
Jennaa xoxo

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