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Hey everyone, I know I have left this to the last minute to post but I had to share this! Starlight is currently doing a modeling casting. If you honestly know what is good for you, you will apply. You are running out of time so get those applications in quick smart. All the details are below and I have copied them here straight from the notecard. Starlight is founded by RubyStarlight Writer and has an amazing team on board that are the some of the best if not the best in their fields in SL!

RubyStarlight Writer - CEO/Marketing
Elysium Eilde - Creative Director
Imogen Miklos - Executive Manager
Rob1977 Moonites - Entertainment/Technical Director.

Starlight does Promotional event planning, marketing, public relations and consulting for SL businesses and individuals. I have been involved with Starlight for quiet sometime and have loved being actively involved with such an incredible group. I am really looking forward to doing many more projects with them and I can not wait to work with the models selected at the castings. Best of luck to you all!

Hello to all models!

In preparation for the launch of a new project, I am holding a casting call for new models, both MALE and FEMALE. The model position is primarily for LIVE modeling, (events or in-store work) but I will be looking for a few runway and print models as well.

The number of models to be hired are as follows:

20 Live Models
10 Runway Models
5 Print Models

Live models are considered to be in an "entry-level" position and may be graduated to Runway or Print model status at a later time, and there may be a few opportunities for both depending on needs.


-Must be at least 4 months old in SL.
-Must have attended modeling school, currently be attending modeling school, or have had at least three modeling jobs.

To Audition:

1. Join the Starlight subscriber group by using the following landmark. All call backs will be announced through this group. We cannot IM every model who receives a call back individually, so THIS STEP IS VITAL.

TP To Starlight HQ

2. Create a FOLDER titled "Starlight Model Audition - 'Your name'"

3. Place ONE headshot photo inside the folder, titled with your name, FULL PERMS. If you do not send it full perms, then I cannot put it on a board for review.

4. Include a notecard titled with your name answering the following questions:


Rez Day:

Modeling Experience:

Other SL Work Experience:

Favorite clothing stores in SL:

Favorite skin stores:

Favorite hair stores:

Current Modeling Agencies:

Modeling awards/contests won:

5. Drop the folder to Imogen Miklos NOT to RubyStarlight Writer.


Photos will be accepted through July 1st at 11:59PM SLT. After the cut off, all photos will be reviewed and we will announce call backs for a live audition as well as live audition dates and times. These days and times will be determined based on how many models are called back.

Please direct all questions to Imogen Miklos.

Good luck to everyone and I look forward to seeing all of you!

RubyStarlight Writer
Starlight CEO

(Taken from the notecard send out in SL).

Best of luck to you all, now get those applications in!

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