Jennaa Is In Lock Down!

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Well again I finally came back to SL after a few days off sick... only to find Jennaa has been put into lock down! My account was completely disabled and I could do nothing with my account at all! So I gave up and called Linden Labs to see what the deal was, and this is not an easy or cheap task from Australia. After sorting the problem out, which didn't take that long surprisingly, I was finally told I could have my darling Jennaa back in 5 working days... ummm 5 working days are you serious! This was a rush through as well. In the first place I was told it would take a week and a half.

Now I didn't mind so much until I found out about how much money had been taken from me and we are not talking about Lindens, even though they can be put back into real life currency as we all know. Yet again some lovely hacker had manged to steal a lot of money from my accounts. This is not the first time this has happened....actually it's the third time for me, and to be honest I am over it! If something is not done to improve security I am wondering if I can possibly ever trust putting my credit info, paypal account or any other form of payment method on Second Life. When I raised my concern about this with a Linden Labs operator I was told their system was safe... so how come this has happened three times to me now?

Hopefully later this week, I will have my darling Jennaa back and can get back to work, but if this happens again I don't know what I will do. I am wondering has anyone else had this sort of problem with Second Life or even if you have had your Second Life account hacked. Honestly people pour a lot of money into this baby, there must be a better way to make it secure!

The only other thing that got me down was the fact that the Modavia castings were going to happen soon, I knew it was around the 24th of May and I wanted to know if I had made the first casting call. There was no way to tell, even from my emails as my IM's had been capped 1 day into being away. Luckily my gorgeous friend Imani told me that I had in fact made the first casting... but there was no way I was going to be able to make it because Jennaa was locked up somewhere with some nasty Linden Labs operator making her eat soup! (For people who don't know me.. not the biggest fan of soup)!

So I won't get there for the first casting and I have sent my apologies, but I want to say best of luck to every single model who was chosen for the casting. Go and walk like a superstar and kick some butt! I can't wait to see...well hear, who makes it to the 15 for the next round. I am sure you all will be amazing best of luck! We would all love to get into Modavia as well... we all know what that means, it's the cream of the crop. Good luck!

I posted my photo above of the snapshot I sent in for the Modavia casting, what a fantastic theme they chose for the first casting! I had a ball putting this together and have to say styling outfits has to be my favourite thing to do on Second Life along side modeling. I love the challenge of being given a theme and working to it. Can not wait for the next casting to give it a crack again!

So my idea is to create an alt and showcase some of the freebies and what items to grab if you are new to SL, to stop you looking like a newbie as soon as possible. We all know it's not easy when you start out on Second Life so I thought it would be fun to show you how to make the most out of your new avatar without spending one single linden. That should keep me busy until I get my Jennaa back. So check back tomorrow for that post!

Also sorry to anyone who has been trying to get hold of me for the past week and a half now.. you can send me an email at if you need to talk to me. I should be back soon...well as soon as they stop force feeding me soup *shudders*! Give it a couple more days and Second Life will not be safe from the shopaholic that is Jennaa.

Jennaa xoxo

Jennaa's Look For Today: Elysium Eilde Is Just Not An Amazing Photographer!

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SHIRT: *ely* short zip cardi- in the shade of blue.

OK so we all know Elysium Eilde is one of the best photographers on Second Life, but did you also know she has started dabbling into making clothes? If her first little creation is anything all us shoppers are all in for a massive treat. You can pick up a a fantastic 5 pack of these cute little zip cardigans at her studio. This very versatile cardigan comes in 5 colors.. blue, brown green, red and purple. The best thing is though that they are FREE! That's right at the moment at Elysium's studio at Journey you can pick these up for nothing!

I have matched it with the following, but after spending about an hour playing with various skirt, pants and even shorts options, I can tell you this little number can just about go with anything. The texture is lovely and there are no odd patches of color anywhere. Head on over to Elysium's studio and pick up this great 5 pack for free, and you may as well check out her gorgeous photography while you are there! Let's hope she releases some more gorgeous creations soon!

TP To Elysium's Studio:

Photo taken by Elysium Eilde's
Elysium Eilde's flickr:

SKIRT: Maitreya HighSkirt - In the shade of Raven. Cost $L275. They have a great selection of colors to choose from 16 in fact. Oh don't forget to check out the new hair while you are there as well.

TP To Maitreya:

SKIN: - BEBAE - Coral *Creme: Shade of Rouge-B1. I love these skins and can not get enough of the red lippy! You can pick up a jumbo pack of these lovely skins that honestly photograph brilliantly for L$6000 or you can pick and choose your skins from L$1000. -BABAE- has some new skins as well you can check out while at the store.


EYES: HD EDDESIGN - Gabriel Blue new series 913. I love my eyes and I will be honest I own well over 200 pairs. I have fought and fought to find some that are like my real life ones and I finally found some from this store. Any possible shade of eye you are after, you will find it here.
Will cost you L$180 a pair, but I love em to bits!


MANICURE: [Detour] Nails - French - Shade of Cream 1. These babies will cost you L$125, but they will not need adjusting at all, just wear them as gloves and socks. They are so well detailed and [Detour] have a color for every possible outfit. 52 shades are at the store!

TP To [Detour]

HAIR: (P-K) Sasha bun- in the shade of Blonde. This is honestly one of my three top favorite hairs on Second Life. I wear it all the time and it looks super cute with so many of the outfits I put together. This hair will cost you L$150 but you get 5 shades!
I picked this up from (Polina-Kaestner)-Main Store on a little table on the second level of the shop, and you can find it here.

TP To (P-K)

EARRINGS: [glow studio] ~~DeLyn~~ - Fatale Earrings. I am wearing the black option, but when you buy this pack for :$170 you get 3 color options to choose from. Red, black and purple. Fantastic earrings and she has more in her store... oh my goodness I love her eyelashes!

TP to [Glow Studio]

SHOES: Baiastice stiletto crocc in the shade of black. I can not tell you how much I squealed when I found out Baiastice made shoes, and since then I have managed to make a lovely little collection of them in my inventory. The shape of these are just amazing and from the side they really look like RL heels. They will set you back L$230 and are available in 15 great shades and make sure to try the demo before you buy.

Oh my word and don't forget Baiastice Spring Collection is in their store now!

TP To Baiastice:

Thanks and have fun shopping!
Jennaa xoxo

Blogger Appreciation Week!

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blogger appreciation week is May 11-18th and all I can say is YAY! I have been loving being part of this amazing week and group. This group is for active fashion bloggers and have we been spoiled to death, treated to some fantastic trips down memory lane and I am sure there is more to come. Thank you so much to Callie Cline for this amazing group and week! You rock my little socks!

So many wonderful bloggers spend hours upon hours, putting together outfits, finding SLURL's and working on their spell check (God bless spell check). It really does take a passion to keep writing and blogging on whatever topic you have chosen to dedicate your time too. It can go unnoticed, people can leave nasty comments and some of the time people just don't care. To me though it's all about sharing the creativity that flows from every single person who takes the time to share themselves in some form or another! It may be your own personal styling, your take on a fashion event or a new and fantastic shop you have found and are dying to share. It's all worth sharing and I thank you so so much for the hours of enjoyment you have given me and the courage you have given me to express myself more through blogging. You all are a massive inspiration to me, thank you!

Blogging a designer or a creator can make a huge difference for their sales, their status and can really be a break through moment for them. For an example over 3 years ago, SL's fist blog "Second Style", blogged Callie Cline for the first time. The blog was about one of her vintage dresses and to top it all off Callie was blogged by an Icon in SL fashion history Celebrity Trollop. You can check out the blog here.

Second Style has been around for quiet some time and is still one of the most visited sites for everything you could need to know about the Fashion Industry in SL! My personal favorite concept from this blog is the "Style Calendar". This fantastic section is written by By Rhi Rossini and details all the events happening for that day, weekend and week. Just look up the day you are after. Great for people like me who always forget to add thing to their google calendar. Oh and she adds an SLURL in case you do not already have a LM or you have accidentally deleted your invitation. Oh come on who hasn't done that! Thanks Rhi you are a life saver for me!

Well I had better get back to putting together some of these gorgeous gifts into outfits and doing some blogs about them. I really just wanted to say thank you to all the designers, creators and bloggers out there who are making this week fantastic and well lets be honest the whole damn year! Oh two more things, if you feel like checking out some of the photos of the bloggers putting their gifts to good use check out here.

Some fantastic photos and it just goes to show how creative these bloggers are!

Also I thought I might add a small list now of some of the amazing blogs of people that are in this group. It's only a small selection and I will hopefully get a bigger list put together, but well worth the time to take a peek at these select few and see what I am talking about.

Sasy Scarborough:

HoneyBear Lilliehook:

Sugarr Delight:

Terry Toland:

Ashia Tomsen:

HoneyBear Lilliehook:

Sasy Scarborough:

Thanks guys xoxo

My Love Affair With :+: Studio SIdhe :+:

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It's not secret that I have a love for visiting new and interesting places on Second Life, and I honestly can say that there are some places that I go back to again and again and one of those is :+: Studio SIdhe :+: . I first of all was introduced to the gorgeous both in body and spirit Faery Sola on Plurk. Ah wonderful Plurk I can not begin to tell you the amount of incredible people that I have had the privilege of meeting thanks to it... anyway I digress as per usual.

I was first introduced to Faery and we started chatting to each, and soon after was taken to her shop, if you can even call it that as I think it's an experience. I had never ever heard of :+: Studio SIdhe :+: before that, but I am so so glad I was introduced to it. As soon as you land you can pick up on the amazing creativity the flows from this ingenious woman. Even more so, since she has done the new build, which I didn't think was possible. Faery's store has been designed around a theme of fae, which you can tell from the moment you get there. From Faery's flickr page - "Studio Sidhe's focus has always been on creating an atmosphere that to our mind, embodies what SL is all about... imagination & creativity."

:+: Studio SIdhe :+: is a great place to hang out with friends, take photographs (personally one my favourites, she has amazing pose balls scattered everywhere), and explore. Oh did I also mention it's a great place to SHOP! :+: Studio SIdhe :+: has a large variety of items for purchase and I think you will be amazed at the diverse selection. It has everything from...

*Ladies and men's accessories
*Ladies wear
*Wall (You have to try it)
*Other Stuff.

I don't want to give to much away, as I really think you need to go and visit and explore for yourself. As there is just so much to do and explore here.

TP: :+: Studio SIdhe :+:

I use one of :+: Studio SIdhe :+: poses as one of my default poses and it works a treat. I recently also used another one in a competition that I received quiet a few compliments on my posing. I love finding different poses to try and stand out and I have found quiet a few to use from here. I also use :+: Studio SIdhe :+: Multi Pose Stairs in a heap of the photos I do. They are a great staple item to have in your inventory that I promise you will use over and over.

Talking of photography if you would like to you can share any of the photographs you take at :+: Studio SIdhe :+: you can do so by joining the Flickr group:

:+: Studio SIdhe :+: I have to mention has the most gorgeous jewelry, and I just used a piece for my Modavia casting photos. This is a stunning bracelet and you really can not appreciate the detail that goes into it, till you see it on your own hand. It's simply stunning! I personally think Faery pours her heart and soul into her creations and it shows.

(Photo taken from:

So make sure you stop by and check out the amazing store that is :+: Studio SIdhe :+:
Make sure to take some extra lindens... ooo and your camera!

Sleep is sooooo over rated!

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The past few weeks since I did a week to week catch up with you all, has just been insane for me. I have hardly had time to stop and let it all sink in. I have had a blast doing it and can not wait to see what the next few weeks have in store as there is heaps of fantastic competitions and casting calls happening at the moment. As if the last few weeks have not been crazy enough. I also have a mile long list of blogs sitting in my drafts box that I just need to add the final touches to and I will post away. It is amazing what a bout of insomnia allows you to accomplish.

Two massive things that have happened to me over the last few weeks in regards to my modeling career on SL. One is that I have been added to EWING International as a staff member. I can not put into words what this means to me. I can still feel my jaw hitting the hard wood of my desk as I spoke with Tiffany Dragonash about this. You could not get the smile off my face for quiet some time. I respect and look up to Tiffany completely as a model for her skills and her ability, dedication and ongoing work that she does. I sometimes wonder if there is a harder working model on SL.

When I first started modeling, EWING seemed completely out of my depths and I looked on in utter awe of their amazing shows, perfect models and talented staff members. I only dreamt of ever completing their model training and doing so without making a fool of myself. I never ever in my wildest dreams thought that one day I would get the privilege to be able to work amongst these elite group of people. I am even more excited if it is at all possible because there are so many amazing things happening at EWING at the moment! You can check their blog to keep up with whats going on... and you will want to do that!


The Second just amazing thing that has happened to me over the last few weeks, is that I was asked to put in an application to AVENUE, and after doing so was asked to join their simply breathtaking pool of models. When I was IM'd and dropped an application I nearly died and honestly asked where they sure they had the right person LOL. I was honestly and utterly shocked. I was even sure once I had submitted the application it was going to be knocked back.
I am just so so thrilled to be asked to join the model pool, and when I saw the names in the group I was even more flattered. I can not wait to do my first show for them, and I hope to do them proud! I really want to thank everyone that made this possible, I hope to do you proud!

AVENUE really is an amazing premier creative agency that offers so much. Everything from,

AVENUE Magazine
AVENUE Models Academy

AVENUE Magazine is a monthly magazine published by AVENUE Inc of Second Life. This magazine is the Ultimate Fashion & Lifestyle Magazine that covers fashion, architecture, business, entertainment and the arts. You can read it online here.

AVENUE is the Official Partner of the Merovingi Fashion Awards 2009, Which is so exciting! You can check out all the information on the website.

You can check out AVENUE at

website :



On these two sites, you can find everything you could possibly want to know about AVENUE. It really is amazing to show how far AVENUE has come, as when it started in 2007 with just 3 staff, that's right 3! AVENUE now manages over 130 models and staff. I am sure they will continue to change the face of the SL Fashion industry as they have done so for the past 2 years! So looking forward to this!

I have also done some major shopping, some shows that like I said are in my mile long list to publish and I finally finished my house! I really want to do a blog on my house, as I just adore it! So now to a round up of some of the major happening's lately everywhere else.


RoxyLove Darcy
(Photo: Taken from the JCNY Blog)

Well as the month of April came to a close.. where is the year going another winner was announced for Model'Fest at JCNY. This month, the very gorgeous RoxyLove Darcy takes the top spot, while Ebony Chantilly came in as runner up. Congratulations girls!

According to the JCNY blog over 22,000 entries were handed in for this month! Oh my goodness it just seems to get bigger every month. May is already under way, and if you are looking for a great competition and a fantastic way to meet some other models JCNY Model'fest is one of the oldest and the best ones around.

So head on over to JCNY and grab an application and check out the blog for regular updates as to who made it to showcase model week to week and for a summary on the winners of the month. Oh and they also announce new items for sale on this site as well... *hint hint*


(Photo by: Studio Red Events)

On May 2nd, 20 candidates from around the world took the stage at THE PATCH THIBAUD AUDITORIUM to compete for the title of MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2009! It was an intense competition from what I saw and I would personally like to congratulate each of the 20 finalist for getting that far! The handsome finalists were:

1. Phillip Dollinger - Mr. Argentina

2. Brett Diamond - Mr. Australia

3. Atillas Joszpe - Mr. Brasil

4. Stiehl Carver - Mr. Canada

5. Donald Feld - Mr. Cayman Islands

6. Bjorn Delphin - Mr. Costa Rica

7. Shane Hathaway - Mr. Denmark

8. Allenclive Beaumont - Mr. France

9. Clyde Saunders - Mr. Greece

10. Nicholai Shepherd - Mr. Ireland

11. Salvo Waydenlich - Mr. Italy

12. Jack Farella - Mr. Mexico

13. Trond Burnstein - Mr. Norway

14. Jhao Oh - Mr. Portugal

15. Simons Bleac - Mr. San Marino

16. JonmiChel Heron - Mr. Spain

17. Cody Bolero - Mr. Sweden

18. Liam Netizen - Mr. United Kingdom

19. Jarl Soderstrom - Mr. USA

20. Cazzo Decosta - Mr. Venezuela

The judges had a tough job to sort out who was going to take the top five spots... but they were as following.

Mr. Liam Netizen Mr. United Kingdom
Mr. Nicholai Shepherd Mr. Ireland
Mr. Clyde Saunders Mr. Greece
Mr. Cody Bolero Mr. Sweden
Mr. Bjorn Delphin Mr. Costa Rica

Then we sat and waited for some very nervous moments as the judges decided on who was going to be named Mr. Virtual World 2009! Here is what they decided.

4th runner up: Mr. Costa Rica
3rd runner up: Mr. Sweden
2nd runner up: Mr. Greece
1st runner up: Mr. Ireland

The Winner: Mr. United Kingdom - Liam Netizen

(Photo Taken From Liam's Flickr)

Mr. Photogenic was won by - Jarl Soderstorm. So I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing him modeling for a fashion spread on THE BEST OF SL Magazine June issue. Congratulations!

Mr. Congeniality was taken out by - Cody Bolero. This would have been such an honor to win as this particular contest was voted on by the participants themselves. Congratulations!

I have just seen how long this post is... and I think I had better leave it at that for today. Take care and more posts coming very soon!
Jennaa xoxo