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First off all let me apologize that I have not been doing nearly as much blogging as I had hoped. unfortunately at times real life gets in the way and I apologize. I have to say as well, that of late Second Life has been a pain in the butt.. and just when I had nearly finished something crash, inventory missing or stuck. I really hope Second Life get their butts into gear and sort something out, there are a heap of unhappy campers out here.

So let me tell you about some of the fantastic events that are coming up soon. I am very excited about these and had to share them, yay for you if you have not seen them on other blogs if so.. well bad luck I'm excited, lol.

First off there is the EFA-AIFW2009 show. This is being held at 11.00 AM SLT on the 26th of January 2009. This is one show not to be missed! I have just copied and pasted the following from the EFA blog, ( EFA BLOG )The Ewing Fashion Agency will once again be joining forces with the Amsterdam-based real-world talent managers, The Artist Advice for another Second Life/Real World simultaneous fashion event. During the live fashion show at Beurs van Berlage (Amsterdam - The Netherlands), the Ewing Fashion Agency will host the Second Life version of the show at its Ischia sim location, where EGG Development will reproduce the venue of the show, The Beurs van Berlage.

Building on the success of last years First Fusion show, this year each event will be viewable to the other as they occur. The Real World creations of Real World designers Jennifer Delano, Melanie Brown and Eleonore de Ruuk are being recreated for the Second Life production by a talented lineup of Second Life designers: Digit Darkes, Neferia Abel, Sascha Frangilli, Simone Stern, Sysy Chapman and Zaara Kohime.

In acknowledgement of significance of these innovative collaborations, Runway Magazine and DX Exchange have signed on as corporate sponsors for the event. Beside the fashion show, also the DJ will be presented in both world, Damien Simons will be on stage in the Beurs van Berlage and at Ischia during the show.

Do not forget either that this awesome show will lead to a special addition of the RUNWAY magazine about the Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2009. This special edition will contain a lot of inside information and exclusive interviews from the RL- and the SL-parts of this event. So make sure you get your copy and read all about it.

I also have to make another comment about the models selected for this amazing show. So here are their names again, and looking at this you can tell this is going to be one incredible show.

ZoeAnastasia Aeon
Gamp Lane
Imogen Miklos
Laura18 Streeter
Mariah Urriah
Menja Slade
Mimmi Boa
Payton Heron
Rena Mascot
Aleida Rhode

OK, the next event I want to tell you about, is the Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2009. Now I am giving you plenty of warning about this event so you can save up. I have already started putting money into my sock drawer to save up for this baby! The Skin Fair is running from March 1st to March 31st 2009 and will be held at the Vanity Universe Sim.

You may have been to other fairs held at the Sim such as the formal wear or beachwear and lingerie fair, so you can tell there is going to be a wide variety and I am sure some new and divine creations displayed. At the 2008 skin fair there was More than 65 Second Life skin designers presented their existing and new products to those visiting the fair. So again you can tell this years is going to be incredible! You can check out the Vanity Universe blog for more details as they come to hand at the link below. I am sure I will see you there!

Vanity Universe Blog!

Last but defiantly not least is the Elf Fala Lands, Grand Opening! This is being held on January 31st 2009. This show promises to be a contemporary, playful and artistic event.

This event is for the Grand Opening of a new fashion Sim, Elf Fala Lands. In celebration of the new Sim there will be a runway show starting at 12:00 p.m. SLT. This show will be featuring three designers, Nardcotix, Phoenix Rising and Chloe. Also LIONSSKINS will be presenting their range of limited edition Noir Skins. Which if the above picture is anything to go by, will be gorgeous! You can check out some of their sneak peeks and designs at their website found here.


The show is at The Patch Thibaud Auditorium which will be followed by a party hosted by Studio Red at The Main Stores. If you don't know where to go just follow the below landmark.

Mainstore Landmark for party after show.

Also do not forget about the Grand Opening Photo Contest Closing 28th Jan 2009! If you did not know the news yet, read the following for more details! You do not want to miss the contest! You can check the http://einsteinpcn.wordpress.com/ site for rules of entry, requirement details and entry details. I have listed the prizes below to give you a little motivation.

PRIZE- 1st Place
–$15,000 LINDENS to grand prize Winner
— All Clothing from Phoenix Rising and Nardcotix- Including Unreleased Line from each ( If you are a male winner we can send you all Tattoos made for men and send prize clothing to the lady of your choice) over 50,000L$ worth
— Used and Acknowledged in the Grand Opening Jan 31st
— Blog, Media and Magazine usage
— In Store Art- including credit to entry
Flickr and Catalog Use
— Possible useage for instore model or Photographer

1st and 2nd Runner UP
— Clothing from Phoenix Rising and Nardcotix ( If male contestant we can send you all Tats and send clothing to the lady of your choice)
— Used and Acknowledged in the Grand Opening Jan 31st
— Blog, Media and Magazine useage, Flickr and Catalog
— In Store Art- including credit to entry
— Possible use for instore model or Photographer

Good luck if you enter!
That is it for me for the moment, have a great week everyone and see you at these events!
Jennaa xoxo

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