EFA-AIFW 2009 Show Casting Results

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Good Morning, well for me good morning anyway. I just really wanted to post this to say congratulations to the chosen models for the EFA-AIFW 2009 show and to post the notice that was sent out! It was an amazing casting and the models chosen totally deserve it! So congratulations, I can not wait to go and watch the amazing show as I know EFA will put on an awesome show. So a massive congratulations goes out to the following! YAY Girls!

Notice posted:

The staff of EFA would like to thank all the models that accepted the invitation to cast for the EFA-AIFW 2009 Show. The following models have been selected to join EFA models Rena Mascot, Aleida Rhode and ZoeAnastasia Aeon to participate in this event:

Gamp Lane
Imogen Miklos
Laura18 Streeter
Mariah Urriah
Menja Slade
Mimmi Boa
Payton Heron

Once again, we would like to thank all who participated in the casting and wish you all well.

- Tiffany Dragonash

EFA also announced on their blog that RUNWAY Magazine will participate in the EFA-AIFW2009 event as official media sponsor. This will lead to a special addition of the magazine about the Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2009. With a lot of inside information and exclusive interviews from the RL- and the SL-parts, articles you can only read in RUNWAY Magazine. So make sure you grab one of those and have a look. I am sure it will be amazing!

Make sure you keep up to date with what is going on with the EFA-AIFW2009 by looking at the blog! It is sure to be one fantastic event not worth missing! Congratulations again to the models cast and looking forward to seeing you do you thing!


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