Shopoholic... yes... yes I am!

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So I admit it, yes loud and proud. I am a shopaholic and before you say it YES I really do need that other pair of shoes, and YES I do need that top in a different color and and....!! I have been given a lot of umm lets say criticism of late about my shopping habits on Second Life and to be honest I don't care. They're my lindens and I can do what I please with them! I love it and I love buying all these wonderful creations that the talented, artistic and wonderful designers of Second Life create with their valuable time let alone their genius minds.

So I thought this year, seeing I do so much shopping that I would share with you every day something that I have brought and loved. I'll try to cover a broad spectrum of designers and items to keep it interesting, and if I can, I'll rope some of my lovely male friends in to show some male items. That's right I'm coming after you boys! So starting today... is me. In the photo above and below I am wearing...

SHIRT: Emery - Tee Black "Shopoholic"

PANTS: Emery - "Zoe" Denim

SHOES: Detour - "Layback" Flip Flops in black

HAIR: ETD - "Bridget" Shade of Strawberry

SKIN: Beauty Avatar Couture - "ENEA"Light Skin 3

EYES: Beauty Avatar - "Diamante" Eyes 14

Earrings: *G&S* - Prongset Black Pearl Stud Earring

Take care and have fun shopping.
Jennaa xoxo

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Nothing wrong with being a shopoholic .... love the pic with all the bags x