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So it's been a while since I have written a week summary for a while, so again I apologize but I am sure you are all used to it by now. It's been an amazing time for me and I had a fantastic holiday season. So now it's a matter of getting back into the swing of things and making 2009 an awesome year for me on Second Life.

So far this year it's been insane and I have to say I am putting it down to experience. I attended the EWING casting call for the EFA-AIFW2009 on the 4th of January. I have to say it was the worst walk I have ever done. I am not putting myself down on purpose... but geez did I blow. My HUDDLES died and luckily I had some emergency poses in the corner of my screen. It was not only this but I didn't hit any of the marks as far as I could tell and I just thought I stunk.

I really look at situations and castings like that as experience. Every single one I do is a learning curve and I think even the top models of Second Life learn something new every time they walk. I love walking on the runway and hopefully will get the chance to walk more with shows and castings. It's just a matter of practice, practice, practice and keep learning. We can all wear the prettiest outfits and look good, but when you can walk well.. you can walk well! I really have learnt a lot of recent times about castings and how they work. It is really nerve racking to put yourself out there like that. When you do well though and it shows there is no better feeling.

Here is all the information about the casting, oh and also here is a link to
Tillie Ariantho's photo stream on flickr where you can find some amazing photos she did of the casting and the models. I love Tillie's photos. She does an amazing job to capture everything so quickly!

EFA: AIFW2009 Model Casting Call Photos!

Last weekend the RL-audition for models for the EFA-AIFW2009 show took place in Amsterdam.

The Artist Advice: “For this show we need 30 models. We’re looking for tall and skinny models. The normal 1.75 - 1.80 length and sizes close to 90-60-90. We took basic pictures of the models and now we are waiting for the designers to decide which ones they like to see at the catwalk. This week the decision will be made!”

Also EFA will start to create the model team. Our team, led by top-model Rena Mascot, will consist of 8 models with more or less the same look as the RL models. Are you interested in walking on the runway during the EFA-AIFW2009 show and do you have extensive runway experience? Please read on and follow the instructions.

The audition for the EFA-AIFW2009 show will take place at 4 January 2009, 12.00 AM - 02.00 PM SLT
First of all, you must be available at these days and times (it is allowed to miss 2 practice days):

Audition: 4 January 2009, 12.00 PM - 02.00 PM SLT
1st practise: 12 January 2009, 12.00 PM - 02.00 PM SLT
2nd practise: 14 January 2009, 12.00 PM - 02.00 PM SLT
3rd practise: 16 January 2009, 12.00 PM - 02.00 PM SLT
4th practise: 18 January 2009, 12.00 PM - 02.00 PM SLT
5th practise: 20 January 2009, 12.00 PM - 02.00 PM SLT
6th practise: 22 January 2009, 12.00 PM - 02.00 PM SLT
7th practise: 24 January 2009, 12.00 PM - 02.00 PM SLT
Final rehearsal: 25 January 2009, 12.00 PM - 02.00 PM SLT
Event-day: 26 January 2009, 10.00 AM - 01.00 PM SLT
To register for the audition, you must be on or join Facebook.

So at this point in time it's a wait and see, for an announcement to who the models selected are. All I can say is to the 8 who do get it, congratulations as you truly deserve it! I wish you all the best of luck!

So if you had looked at any of my earlier posts, you would have seen I was selected to try out for the BeStyle Calender. I didn't make the cut, but had a great time trying! I also got some gorgeous outfits which is always a nice bonus! All the girls were amazing and all the contestants who were selected for a month deserved it. I can't wait to see the final product as I am sure the photographers, models and whole team will do a fantastic job!

Congratulations to the following!

BeStyle Calender
13 models for 12 months and 4 seasons for 4 photographers...

- WINTER (Ludwig Prinz)
Gamp Lane
Gemini Hennesy
Tiffany Dragonash

- SPRING (Joy Fellini)
Sharron Schuman
Lainee Baxton
Sally Yachvili
Agtaope Carter

- SUMMER (Cynthia Smit)
Wenadrenia Soderstrom
Olyvia Zenovka
Livia Mastroianni

- AUTUMN (Harry Huffman)
Krystanna Wycliffe
Ivyana Szondi
Kay Fairey

One of my outfits that I was given to wear for the casting was a dress from OC Creations. OC Creations made it for a BeStyle Calendar selection... you can have it too now! You can choose it in a heap of colours (burgundy, dark green, topaz and blue), only the purple is in the mainstore at the moment.

$620L - in the mainstore only purple at the moment. landmark to Orage Creations mainstore
Orage Creations

(Photo from OC, ORAGE Creations - Flickr link )

Oooo and I have to let you know about the LBD model call. I received this note card in world and just thought I would share it with everyone in case anyone else wanted to apply. So below is a copy and pasted version if it.

LeeZu Baxter Designs is proud to put out a call for models! With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season over, we have decided to add to our model staff at LBD. We are inviting any model interested in becoming a store model for one of Second Life’s leading designers to submit a portfolio signifying their interest in the open positions. We are asking representatives of the leading SL Model Agencies to inform your members of these job openings.

Please submit the following information on a note card to Barbara Nicholls (LeeZu Baxter Designs Store Manager).

Second Life Birth Date:
Modeling Experience:
A Short Paragraph about you:
Times of Availability:
Head shot:
Body Shot:

Applicants must only meet the qualification of being female with a love for fashion. It is our desire, at the end of this application process, to fill two positions for store models. After note cards have been received, chosen candidates will be meeting with Olyvia Zenovka (Top Model for LeeZu Baxter Designs) and Barbara Nicholls for an interview. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to IM (or drop a note card should they be offline) either Barbara or Olyvia. We look forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,
Olyvia Zenovka - LBD Top Model
Barbara Nicholls - LBD Manager

So that's all for me at the moment. I will keep you updated about the Stylista Festival when they know the final numbers! So make sure to check back! Hope you have an awesome week!
Love Jennaa xoxo

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Oh Jens, do not worry about walking funny. SL has been a mare at the moment and I cant even walk in a straight line on my own land let alone on the runway. I had a practise yday for a show Im in tomorrow and it was terrible. I dont use huddles, stopped using them about a year ago. They add to lag and I think dependant upon the poses they can make a model look wobbly when changing poses. I was all over the place just using manual poses, its the walking for me at the moment, I think there is a bug as I am constantly walking into walls. All I say to you and Chalice will agree, its in the land of the gods and how you perform on the day is purely down to the SL environment and nothing else. I have walked up and down so many runways but if lag is bad then your buggered. Keep it up hun youre doing great and what a flying start to 2009 x x x

PS - defo apply for LBD. Even if you dont get in, atleast you tried. They only want 3 people I think so competition will be tough. Go for it , dress like a goddess and win them over x x x