Gift Time From SL House & Garden

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There are so many wonderful gifts available at the moment in the SL House & Garden Group. I am so thrilled that the group has over 100 members now with some of the most talented creators & bloggers on the grid. If you would like any of these gifts just make sure to join the SL House & Garden Group inworld.

These photos were taken at the SL House & Garden Centre. This is a special location for group members and other guests as a place to come and relax, blog, build sets and to generally be a helpful tool for bloggers.

There is a warm and inviting cafe where you are welcome to socialise with other enthusiasts or simply enjoy some 'down time'. A resource room which is the perfect spot to sit down and relax while you blog.  There is also ample space for you to build your sets either for your blogs or if you are constructing but run out of room.

You will need to wear your group tag to build, other than that, the land is open to everyone. So if you want to build you are going to have to join the group sorry LOL. There is a group joiner at the landing point. You can check it out here *Visit SL House & Garden Centre*

If you need any help at all please do not hesitate to contact Jennaa Loire.

Photo 1: The Loft - Pot Chick

Photo 2: Chair - HomeKraft - adirondack chair 1. Strawberry plant in bag - monthly gift from cleo design.

Photo 3: (TLND) True Love Never Dies -  White Pergola.

Photo 4: Pixel Paperie- Mood Changing Frames.

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