Exclusive Gift From The Loft For SL House & Garden.

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In The Photo:

Pot Chick: The Loft. - Group Gift From SL House & Garden. Details on the group and how to join are below. Thank you so much Colleen for making this gorgeous gift for the group, you have no idea how much it means to me. See below for more styling credits.

About SL House & Garden:

Second Life furniture, garden, home and decor is a dynamic and ever growing industry that I am truly enthusiastic and passionate about. I have tried to keep up to date with product releases and all the incredible changes within this field, but I found myself juggling over 20 groups and quite simply, failing to succeed.

I was motivated to create a group named SL House & Garden. My ambition was for this group to be used as a resource tool for anyone who has a vested interest in this awesome industry. 
Bloggers and shoppers alike, can be informed about latest released, updates, sale notices and great gifts from our favourite Home, Decor and Garden designers in SL.

Shop owners, designers and creators can join the group to boost sales and to communicate your products and creations to the enthusiasts and GET NOTICED!

If I have raised an eyebrow, go to groups and search "SL House & Garden". I have mature content enabled in case any of the products have sex animations in them.

Feel free to IM me for any details or hit me up inworld for an invite. I have attached a copy of the group logo for you to use at your discretion.

In everyone's interest, please try and spread the word about the group. Thankyou!  

Jennaa Loire.

More Styling Credits:

Make sure you join SL House & Garden to receive this fantastic Pot Chick from the ever so amazing and talented Colleen Desmoulins of The Loft.

Lanterns: The Loft - Alex Lantern & Lantern Mini Orange. (Buy here)
Books: The LOFT - Book Stack. (Buy here)
Journal: The Loft - Dixie Journal Green. (Buy here)
Stool: The LOFT - Oriana Raw Wood Stool. (Buy here)
Bushes: FluffyGreen Meadows - Busch. FREE! (Get it here)
Grass: The Bazaar: free stuff! FREE! (Get it here)

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