Naive’s Modeling Contest!

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Saw this fantastic contest this morning and just had to repost it on my blog. Get those entries in people!

Here’s your chance to do all two! Beginning on October 11, 2009, you have a chance to become a Naïve Girl/Guy! What is a Naïve Girl/Guy? As a Naïve Girl/Guy you get a chance to model new releases for Naïve in our print ads. You’re also able to blog not only Naïve clothes but other designers on our official Naïve website ( which feeds the most important SL Fashion Feeds.

The rules of the contest are simple. These are the following requirements.:

1.) You have to take at least two pictures of yourself mixing and matching clothes from Naïve so we can see your personal style. You’re allowed to use items from other stores, but the majority of the outfit must be from Naïve.

2.) You have to write a brief description of what the outfit is and why you chose to put this particular outfit together. Please also include which stores you bought the items from. After you’ve written the mock blog, include a paragraph as to why we should pick you to be a Naïve Girl/Guy. The mock blog write up and paragraph altogether should be at least 200 words. You may write it in English or Spanish.

3.) Once you’ve done all of that, title your note card as: “Naïve Girl/Guy – Your First and Last Name here” and send it Clear Canning, Naïve’s Store Manager. And yes males are allowed to enter the contest as well considering we do cater to men’s apparel.


We will announce the top three winners to become Naïve Girls/Guys as well as winning the following:

1st place winning 3K in gift cards 2nd place winning 2K in gift cards 3rd place winning 1K in gift cards

If you have any questions about the contest, please contact Clear Canning and remember to send those note cards in! Thank you!

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