Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010 and much more.

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Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010. It's nearly time!

The Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010 pageant is nearly here. The pageant will be held on September 13th, 2009 as the capstone event of The Costa Rica Sims 2nd Anniversary Celebration. I have only had the best time doing this. Every single one of the ladies deserves this title. They have all been a delight to get along with and we have had some terrific fun.

There is still time to vote for "Miss Web Photogenic" as voting closes on the 13th of September at noon SLT. Just head on over to the Costa Rica Sims website http://www.costaricasims.com
go to the resources tab and follow the link and directions.

I really wanted to tell you and well show you the stunning collection that has been made by Caithlin Carter for the pageant.

The amazing collection that will be worn by Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010 was designed and made by Caithlin Carter. On the Caithlin Carter Designs blog http://caithlincarter.wordpress.com/ she reveals the inspiration behind the design of this exclusive collection, made especially for the Miss Costa Rica Sims 2010 Pageant at the request of Sim CEO, Giancarlo Takacs and organizer of the pageant: HarMonica Aaby. Gorgeous set and can not wait to see it on the lucky winner.

The The Miss Costa Rica Sims Jewelry Collection includes:


Best of luck to every lady involved, you are all truly wonderful, unique and amazing women. I know we will have a blast on the day and we shall all embrace the wonder that is lag!

Shows... shows and oh more shows.

There are some fantastic shows coming up on SL as always. There never seems to be enough time or coffee in the world to get to all of them. I have listed a few below, but as always you can find them in my calender with a direct TP to the show.

TP To The Show: Click Here!

On September the 9th, 2009 at 1 PM SLT. This is an show to celebrate all the new designers on The Rodeo Drive Sim, recently opened by Annemarie Perenti, owner of Best Of Italian Style Sim and BeStyle Magazine.

The fashion show is organized by Agtaope Carter, BeStyle Models CEO and Dahlia Joubert, BeStyle Models Fashion Director, in collaboration with Annemarie Perenti, owner of Rodeo Drive Sim and Best Of Italian Style Sim.

Models for the show are:
Mimmi Boa
Agtaope Carter
Wenadrenia Soderstrom
Sharron Schumann
Dahlia Joubert
Labella Forcella
Toapz Saunders
Payton Heron
Tayra Dagostino
Nemi McCoy
Salvo Waydelich
Allenclive Beaumont
Jens Marksman
Tesan Lane
Phillip Dollinger
So you know it's going to be a great one!

Ok below you will find the show schedule for Modavia's Fall Fashion Week. Shows will begin on September 10 and run through September 17. A total of 36 designers will be represented in Modavia Fashion Week 2009 in 4 to 5 shows daily, beginning at 12:00 pm SLT at The Tents at Bryant Park in Second Life. In addition to the fashion shows, participating designers will have on-site boutiques, offering designs seen in their shows and there will be gifts offered to attendees by many of the designers.

Modavia Fashion Week is being sponsored by Studio Red Entertainment, Lost Angel Industries, Damiani, By Alexander Jewelry designed by Alexandar Vargas, InQConnections.com, WBA Advertising, SL Newspaper, VAIN Inc., Stiletto Moody shoes and Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington on TREET TV. Honestly this is going to be massive! All the dates are also in my calender so you can easily click on them there.

1:00pm Autumn collection from Sissy Pessoa and Digit Darkes
2:00pm Indyra Originals designed by Indyra Seigo
3:00pm .:MALT:. Fashions designed by Khea Karas
4:00pm Anubis Style designed by Anubis Hartunian

FRIDAY, 9/11
12:00pm Chantkare designed by Applonia Criss
1:00pm Mashooka designed by Aradhana Voight
2:00pm Angel Dessous designed by Nando Korobase
3:00pm Designing Nicky Ree designed by Nicky Ree
4:00pm azul designed by Mami Jewell

12:00pm a.C Store designed by CheerNo Destiny
1:00pm Kunglers designed by Barbra and AvaGardner Kungler
2:00pm LeeZu! designed by LeeZu Baxter
3:00pm Son!a designed by Sonia28 Jie
4:00pm SHIKI designed by Shinichi Mathy

SUNDAY, 9/13
12:00pm L'Abel/Ivalde designed by Neferia Abel
1:00pm ORAGE Creations designed by Elettra Gausman
2:00pm B! Fashion designed by Barbarella Cioc
3:00pm Violator designed by Soraya Vaher
4:00pm House of RFyre designed by Raven Pennyfeather

MONDAY, 9/14
1:00pm MEB Fashions designed by MariaElena Barbosa
2:00pm Lady Thera designed by Thera Taurog
3:00pm Bliss Couture designed by Amutey Decuir
4:00pm TheZoo designed by Froddo Beck

1:00pm Sweetaholic by Asalt Eames
2:00pm Modern Gypsy designed by Micah Kanto
3:00pm Aleida designed by Aleida Rhode
4:00pm DCNY designed by Dave Casanova

1:00pm A la Folie designed by pixivor Allen
2:00pm Nardcotix designed by Nardya Rousselot
3:00pm Milky House designed by Sequanna Kidd
4:00pm KA Designs designed by Kira Ahn

1:00pm Phoenix Rising designed by Ashoka Eales
2:00pm Miamai designed by Monica Outlander
3:00pm Stitch by Stitch designed by Sevenstar Amat
4:00pm Jador Fashion designed by Ziamela Loon

Starlight Exclusives Is Open!

All the featured items in these photos just below can be found at Starlight Exclusives, a new, upscale boutique featuring new, original items not found in ANY other store. Really fantastic designs! Head on over to the boutique to take a look. There are live models there to help you out, and to also let you see what the designs look like on!

Find more photos like this on MOOLTO

All these gorgeous photos were taken by: Eira Juliesse

Check out the blog here: Click here - Starlight

TP To The Starlight Exclusives Boutique: Click here!


Lastly, well for today anyway you should see tomorrow's post LOL... I am having a yard sale. Honestly my inventory was getting outta control! So I have put some items up for grabs. Head on over and have a look! If you want to put some items out to add to the yard sale just give me an IM inworld.

TP To The Yard Sale: Click Here.

Have a great week and take care.
Jennaa xoxo

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