Elymode launch party and so much more.

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I know it's been ages since I blogged, but I wanted to do a really quick pose about these amazing events coming up this week. You can also find them with landmarks in my google calendar at the top of my blog. Have a great week everyone and I will try to get back to normal blogging this week.

*elymode* launch party!

(Photo taken from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ely_eilde/)

Join famed photographer and now clothing designer Elysium Eilde as she celebrates the launch of her new clothing line *elymode*! This fantastic event will run from noon to 2 p.m. SLT on Saturday, Aug. 8! The party will include a preview of her new designs, bringing the *elymode* lookbook to life with live models as well as dancing with DJ Copacetic Law and exclusive launch party gifts.

TP To The Party!

The *elymode* clothing line features separates designed with a sharp eye to texture details and offered in coordinating colors to maximize your styling options. The launch collection includes complementing cardigans, camisoles and skirts in a range of color options, plus a series of corsets, tops and skirts for dressier occasions.

The store on Crush Row will open at 5 p.m. SLT on Aug. 8.

Crush Row Shops.

With a second location at Winged Isle to follow soon after.

Congratulations Ely XoXo.

[Leezu!] 1st Annual Model Search - Finalists Selected

(Photo taken from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/studioredevents/)

The 20 finalists of the Leezu 1st Annual Model Search have been chosen! Please join us in congratulating the following women:

1. Leah Portland
2. Sugarkane Gumbo
3. Sabine Blackburn
4. Three Fall
5. Afanaisa Eames
6. sweetsmiling merlin
7. Kaitlin Peccable
8. Sally Yachvili
9. Kleos Gomes
10. Lileaka Magic
11. Jenni Eros
12. Amelie Carlucci
13. Haidyn Inglewood
14. Chanterelle Inaka
15. Bliss Windlow
16. Blythe Bracken
17. Ivyana Szondi
18. Titian Macbeth
19. Elspeth Jewell
20. Patisse Panache

This event is on August 15, 2009 at 12PM SLT. Come along to view the presentation of finalists and selection of the winners. Best of luck to everyone involved. Can not wait to go and watch!

THE BEST OF SL Magazine presents: BOSL FASHION WEEK 2009

(Photo taken from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/absintheprimrose/)

A jaw dropping event filled with new and fresh elements designed to place Second Life Fashion in a brand new light!

- 4 new and beautiful runways

- 3 very talented designers showcase their work for the first time !

- New collections from some of your favorite designers!

- A tribute to Coco Chanel closes this year's fashion week with over 20 new
Chanel inspired outfits by some of the most talented designers in Second Life.


Aug 8th - 4 pm SLT: V I O L A T O R debuts the SL runway scene!

Aug 9th - 11 am SLT: ITALIAN COUTURE takes the stage at the Renaissance Center.

Aug 11th - 3 pm SLT: Milky House - Japanese Couture at its best!
Aug 12th - 4 pm SLT: Phoenix Rising & Nardcotix's new shoe collection!

Aug 13th - 3 pm SLT: KWZ The designs of kariwanz Felisimo come to view for the first time in this provocative couture extravaganza !

August 14th - 4 pm SLT: Nonna Hedges & Mami Jewell show their new Fall collections.

August 15th - 12 pm SLT: Lady Thera lights up the stage with Couture Art!

August 16th 10 am SLT: A Tribute to COCO CHANEL - The Grand Closing event for this year's fashion week will be nothing short of spectacular! Over 20 designers will create their own fresh view on their favorite Chanel outfit, and one lucky avatar will walk away with the entire Chanel collection! Don't miss it!

Join the BEST OF SL Magazine Readers Group to stay up with what is going on. Going to be one amazing week of events.

Have a great week everyone.
Jennaa xoxo

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